Sunday, 23 February 2014

Topshop is the place to be

I was actually scheduling a Paris post today as I've just got back from a few days break for my birthday treat but it's taking longer to edit than anticipated, basically I took way too many pictures and am trying to number it down but I didn't want to not post today, even though it's my birthday! WOO! ;-) But I've had this to die for Topshop wishlist waiting to post so thought I'd share this one with you today and share my love for Paris with you next time, enjoy!

Topshop really are killing it at the moment and I'm finding myself on their website more than I probably should be, it's not doing my bank balance any good. I've always had a soft spot for Topshop and this season with Spring looming, I just want everything. I'm actually not a fan of my local Topshop, I find whenever I go in there I can never find what I'm looking for, so I tend to just shop online unless I'm heading further afield to a different Topshop.

The prints and colours are super pretty and different which I love. I have to say my favourite piece is the flower print tunic with a hint of fluro colour. I can literally just imagine wearing it so many different ways either casually with jeans or leggings or tucked into a pencil skirt for a slightly more formal feel to it. Obviously I just as much love everything else, the heart print flats are so cute (they also come in red) and think they'd jazz up a plain outfit. I love it when shoes can be the focus of a somewhat 'boring' outfit. 

I've always wanted a parka and loved this lightweight one which would be perfect for the coming Spring season when (hopefully) it starts getting a bit warmer in the UK! The pretty pastels and monochrome gingham patterns are also really cool. I love the monochrome look with a pop of colour, definitely something I love to wear.

Topshop is definitely my place to be at the moment and I cannot wait until payday to get my hands on a couple more pieces, fingers crossed. What are you loving from Topshop recently?

Monday, 17 February 2014

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Retro Glam Mascara

Yay for half term! A perk of being a student is still getting all the holidays and I also booked the week of work as it's also my birthday on Sunday so this week is shaping up to be relaxing already. To add to that on Wednesday me and my mum are heading off to Paris for birthday celebrations - I simply cannot contain my excitement!

A new favourite mascara find from me today, I got this one in a goodie bag from Rimmel at the clothes show in December last year. As you may well know I'm always on the look out for a new mascara as there are so many out there to try I'm not a fan of sticking to the same one, unless it's well and truly amazing. But when this one found it's way into my stash I loved it. I love the shape of the wand, it has a slight curve and is slimmer in the middle, which at first I thought strange but it works. Sometimes I find it harder to catch those smaller eyelashes in my inner eye but due to this wand being thicker at the inner corner it's no trouble.

It really lengthens and thickens my eyelashes, it can sometimes clump but it's easy to sort out before it dries so really it's no problem. You can easily apply more coats and really build this mascara up as it's simply done. I do wear this most days as I just really like using it but I can see that some people would say that it's too thick/heavy for them everyday. But like I said you can build it up so for everyday I simply just do not apply too much and keep it light.

Overall I really enjoy this mascara and do think that Rimmel do some really great mascaras at really affordable prices. I think this one is definitely one you should try if you like the fuller lash look and it's amazing for those nights out. I'd love to know your thoughts on this if you've tried it and what your favourite Rimmel mascaras are? :-)

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Birthday wishlist

It's that time of the year again and my birthday is fast approaching, I cannot believe how quickly it has come around! This year is also a big one, I'm going to be 21! Due to it being classed as a 'big' birthday, I seem to have everyone asking what I want more so than usual. But to be honest there really isn't much I want, no word of a lie I kinda struggled to put this list together, I just pulled some things together that I've wanted for a while but kind of forgot about, whoops! He he.

Olivia Burton watches are super pretty, I mean I think there are a few that would do my wrist justice but I really like the medium dials and for me they have to have either number, numerals or some sort of indication where the numbers are (embarrassing but true!). There are also a range of different coloured straps which is nice to choose from.

These gorgeous personalised starbucks phone cases are to die for! They're from an Etsy store and they are just so darn cute! They're personalised as your name is popped down one side and you can choose which drink you would like e.g. strawberry, chocolate and green tea. They are totally girly and I think the perfect little present for friends also.

I don't own enough pairs of heels and I actually need this nude pair to finish off an outfit for a wedding that I will be attending over Easter. This pair from New Look are just your standard pair but I like that they're not too high and are a nice affordable price too at only £14.99.

Since receiving this Laura Mercier primer in a beauty box recently I seriously need the full size, it really is amazing. I like it because it's oil free and as I have oily skin this really helps keep it at bay throughout the day meaning my make up is kept in place longer. It's pretty pricey and I'm definitely more of a high street girl but when I find something I love it always finds it's way to me.

Finally a YSL lipstick, I find the packaging the most gorgeous thing EVER! Every lipstick out there I find these the prettiest and I've read so many reviews, looked at so many different shades at the counter and I feel my birthday is the time to indulge. Again not normally one to plunge and spend £24 on a lipstick but it's definitely special. I don't actually have my eye on one particular shade, I swear there's so many I like, but I do love the look of shades 12 and 15, just so darn pretty.

In two weeks today I will be celebrating my birthday, alongside my mother (yes we share a birthday, it's alright ha ha) and I'm super excited as it's on a Sunday I would really love to go for a carvery and have a good ol' roast dinner! :-)

Monday, 3 February 2014

Empties #1

My first ever empties post! I actually remembered to huddle some of my empties together to write a post on them, yay me! I always tell myself to write one of these posts but then realise that the other day I threw one in the bin, end of that post. I must say these empties are from rather a long time ago, probably December woops, but finally this post goes live.

My first empty was the Nivea express hydration primer and I really enjoyed using this. It was absolutely perfect for those 'in a rush' days before work as it moisturises and primes all in one product. It obviously isn't the most luxurious product but it did the job for a day at work and for that reason I really like this product.

Next are 2 products from Collection, first their infamous lasting something or other concealer. This was my first tube of this and it's just a little tube of perfection really. I had this in the lightest shade for under my eyes which worked absolute wonders. It was too light to use to cover my spots/imperfections and for that now I bought the next shade which I also love. I won't run on too much as I'm sure everyone reading this has most probably tried it. The other Collection item is the Fix Me Up, said to keep your make up in place for longer. First things first the bottle is pretty small, now I know Collection aren't the most expensive but this bottle barely lasted. I also didn't notice much more hold in my make up, it was nice to apply in the morning but no more than that and I doubt I'll be repurchasing again.

Aussie is one of my favourite hair care brands as they have different products for your length of hair which I like. I believe the 3 minute miracle is probably one of their best sellers, I got the one for long hair and I really enjoyed using this. It helps deeply moisturise and nourish your hair which it definitely did, it left my hair feeling super smooth and soft. I used this once or twice a week depending on how much I thought my hair needed it. It definitely did the job and I've always used Aussie products and I won't be stopping anytime soon.

Finally 2 perfumes, due to living in 2 houses I have a perfume at each and this time it just so happened that they ran out at the same time, annoying hey. First the Calvin Klein IN2U, I actually got this for my birthday from my aunt and uncle and it smells super duper good, definitely an everyday wear. I'm rubbish at describing scents I'll have you know. Next is one from Sarah Jessica Parker, this is simply an old time classic and totally reminds me of middle school. I'm not so keen on the packaging but the smell is gorgeous, I'd say this one is slightly floral but again is for everyday and this is also is super cheap, bonus.

So that's all my empties and I hope you enjoyed this post, a first for me and you as my readers! I think it's nice to get mini reviews and I enjoy them so I hope you do too :-)
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