Sunday, 24 November 2013

Joules wish list

So right now I should probably be writing my uni assignment but hey, here's a new blog post for you! (about time too hey!) But it's true, my blog has had to kind of take a back seat since I've started uni simply due to the work load and the lack of free time I have at the moment. Doing a placement and being at uni and having a job is rather a lot to tackle, I'm sure you'll agree if you do the same. But anyway browsing the Joules website after receiving emails from them about all their new products and offers etc but I'm only focusing on two specific items from them which I adore.

Joules range of Quilted Jackets are very well known. Everyone loves a quilted jacket from Joules, well I certainly do. They are simply timeless, they do a range of different colours in the first one pictured but I specifically liked this olive green although I was also drawn to the gorgeous raspberry colour (which you can see by clicking the link above). There's also another version of jacket which is again timeless but with a hood. No word of a lie a coat with a hood is always a winner with me, when you find yourself in that situation with no umbrella and no hood, what do you do? Wish you had both or one of those things! So the need for a hood, especially in the UK is a must! Joules jackets also have the most gorgeous lining either a pretty floral or an on trend tartan which I think tops off the look of these lovely jackets.

Joules range of Duvet Covers are simply to die for! My oh my, they are just gorgeous and would look perfect in that kind of shabby chic bedroom. Personally I love the floral ones (as you can see the two I've chosen are both floral) but there are a few other patterns to choose from. I believe these are relatively new to Joules, forgive me if I'm wrong, and they do kind of remind me of the Cath Kidston kind of style but obviously with their Joules spin on it. The other cool thing about these duvet covers is that they are reversible, which I think is a nice feature to have. So if you're not feeling the floral (in this case) then these two have a nice and simple stripe on the reverse which you can also have on show. They include tonnes of different colours within the pattern so your bedroom could really be any colour but I think I'd like it with a plain, simple wall as the duvet would then look like more of a statement piece in the room.

Overall I love Joules, especially the jackets and new home section but they obviously have a lot more to offer on their website which you can check out too! All their fashion items are pretty timeless and don't really go out of fashion which is nice when you're spending that little bit more on items of clothing. I'd love to know your favourite piece from Joules :-) Hope you're all having a nice and relaxing Sunday.. now I need to think assignment... xo

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Autumn Boots haul

As it's now fully Autumn (even though it's completely feeling like Winter) I felt the need to slightly add to my make up collection with some new autumnal bits and bobs. Boots also currently have 3 for 2 on all make up so it's even more tempting to purchase the goodies that you've wanted for a while now.

So onto what I purchased.. the first thing I really wanted was a new autumnal coloured blush and after watching Tanya Burr's autumn make up haul I opted for this one from Maybelline in the shade 'Flash Plum'. It's the most gorgeous plum colour, as the name suggests, it has a slight shimmer to it but it is the perfect autumnal blush colour in my eyes.

Next a few bits from Rimmel. When I actually purchased the Rimmel bits they were on a different offer which was when you spend £10 you got the mascara for free. So I picked up this foundation, I'm always after a foundation which will help keep me matte for as long as possible. I actually tried a sample of this from a magazine and really liked it so thought I'd give the full size a go. I also picked up the Scandal Eyes Kohl liner in Nude. I've tried using a white eyeliner before but just wasn't so keen on the outcome so heard someone say they used this nude coloured one the same way you would a white one but for more of a natural look. These are so easy to use and simply just glide onto the eyelid which I love. Once I'd got those 2 bits I got the Scandal Eyes Flex mascara which is a nice deal in my eyes, I'm yet to try the mascara but always like Rimmel mascaras so am excited too.

I then got 2 nail varnishes, one from Sinful Colors in the shade 'Envy' which is a lovely dark forest green which I thought was perfect for autumn. I love these nail varnishes as they are long lasting and a bargain at only £1.99! I then picked up Barry M in 'Raspberry' which every blogger raves about so I thought I needed to try it for myself. I also love Barry M nail polishes, again a cheap price, and I love this colour - not so autumnal but still think it would look lovely.

Then as I said I'm always after products to help with my oily skin so I saw this moisturiser on offer so thought I'd give it a whirl! It's oil free so perfect for anyone with oily skin and helps keep the oiliness at bay. You can use this either in the morning or at night time which is something I really like as it doesn't mean you have to buy 2 separate moisturisers for both morning and night. Also a good moisturiser is essential for these colder months to keep your skin nice and hydrated.

As everyone has always raved about the Collection lasting perfection concealer, which I also love, I thought I would try something else from their range and I got the Illuminating Touch concealer. I needed a new concealer for under my eyes, something that is illuminating and just simply lights up the under eye area and removes those horrible looking bags. It's not the normal wand concealer, it has a brush and you twist the bottom for the product to come out which I think is quite a nice concept.

Finally I picked up another Revlon lip butter which is also another product I saw and loved from Tanya Burr's haul video. I love the Revlon lip butters but the one that I currently have doesn't have a massive colour pay off so I really wanted to try one with more colour pay off. This one in the shade 'Red Velvet' does exactly that, it's a gorgeous deep red which is perfect for this time of the year. The lip butters are so moisturising as well so they help keep your lips soft in the cold weather outside!

So that's my Boots haul finished! I have even picked up 3 more bits since as the 3 for 2 offer is just to hard too miss. I'm really excited to try all of these products and be able to get a full review together for you guys. But I feel that my make up bag is pretty set now for the autumn and winter months. I'd love to know if you've picked up anything in this Boots offer? Or if you've tried anything which I picked up and your thoughts :-) Now time for a bath before watching the X Factor! xo

Monday, 11 November 2013

Lush Bubblegum lip scrub & Tea tree toner water

 As you may well know there has been a few things from Lush that I have been lusting after for quite some time now (if you don't know then feel free to check out my latest Lush wish list). Now there is a Lush shop in my local city but it's slightly out of the way and to be honest it's not the first shop I think to visit when I am shopping. But recently when I did go shopping with my mum we happened to be the right end of the city, where Lush was, so it was the perfect time to pop in.

I do sometimes feel that when you walk into a Lush store than you can feel bombarded by the staff members and that's something that I particularly don't like. On this occasion I wasn't completely pounced on, I was approached by a guy who worked there and when I actually did need help he was very informative. Now I was looking to end up gathering a couple more items but one was out of stock and the other he ended up giving me two sample pots of so I actually didn't bother buying the full size until I had tried it. He gave me a sample of the Cupcake face mask, I have tried it once already and did really enjoy it. As it is a fresh face mask it does have to be kept in the fridge and does only have a 3 week shelf life which is the one downside to this product but I'll report back on this after using it more!

Firstly I got what everyone always always raves about.. the bubblegum lip scrub. I had an old lip scrub from Lush which I loved, it was a vanilla scent/taste but unfortunately it had passed it's date, so what a better time to invest. I'm not keen on the other lip scrubs so I instantly knew that I wanted to pick this one up. The colour obviously attracts you as it's a pretty vibrant pink! It's a bubblegum scent and taste both of which are very sweet, so if you don't have that sweet tooth then this one probably isn't for you. Like I said I've tried their lip scrub before and absolutely loved it. They are very invigorating and really help to get rid of those dry lips which I really suffer from this time of the year. All you simply do it apply it to your lips giving it a bit of a scrub then you lick the goodness off and voila! I definitely recommend this product to anyone who suffers from dry lips as it's the perfect scrub to buff those lips.

Secondly I picked up the tea tree toner water, also featured in my wish list, I've had my eye on it for a while. Also as my frequent readers may know, I suffer from oily and spot prone skin so am always on the look out for something to set the oiliness back for a while and to help with those pesky spots. This toner water claims to do exactly that so of course it was right up my street and I couldn't leave it. Also with the price tag of only £3.95 it was a bargain price too (this price is for the smaller sized bottle). I've been using this ever since I purchased it and I absolutely love it. It's super duper simple to use which is also a bonus, you can either spray this onto a cotton pad to wipe over your face or simply just spray it straight onto your face ensuring that your eyes are tightly shut of course. I spray this onto my face morning (before my make up) and night after washing my face and it really does help my skin. You can pretty much tell instantly, after the product has dried on your face, that the oiliness has reduced super fast, yes it really is that noticeable. So in the morning when applying my make up after it really helps as oiliness is obviously the main thing that makes my make up slide through out the day. I can't say whether it has improved the look of my spots but it definitely helps calm them whenever you have a big bruiser. Obviously this product contains tea tree which is an amazing ingredient when it comes to spot prone skin.

Overall I do love Lush's products and highly recommend everyone to try them out as there really is something for everyone and everything! I love these two products I purchased and they probably will be purchased again sometime in the future. I'd love to know if you've tried either of these products? Or what your favourite Lush product is? :-)


Monday, 4 November 2013

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation

Well hello November! It seems to have come around so quickly and Christmas just seems super close now which is a pretty scary thought! (and also exciting) It's also now just gone quarter to 5 and it's dark outside, I mean that's depressing in itself.

I've actually had this foundation for quite some time now and can't seem to think of a good enough reason as to why I haven't reviewed it on my blog yet because ever since I purchased it, I fell in love with it. I picked up the shade 52 Vanilla which is pretty much perfect for my skin colour. I know Bourjois don't have the biggest range of colours in their foundations but this shade suited me perfectly and I think the other shades could be worked with if there's not a perfect match for you.

The formula of this foundation is a bit different to other normal foundations as it is gel based. It's simply just a thickened liquid which I rather like as when pumped onto the back of your hand it doesn't run everywhere, ha ha! (you can see this in the last picture) It's a super easy formula to work with and I pair this with my Real Techniques expert face brush and I love the finished look. The coverage is light to medium but can be buildable depending on your desired coverage. One hint is to not apply too much of this foundation just to avoid cakeyness due to the gel formula but when buffed into the skin it leaves a lovely natural look.

I have oily skin and due to this foundation being semi-matte it's neither here nor there really but I find it works well with my skin type. It doesn't come out fully matte but not super shiny either which I actually really like, I didn't think I would due to having oily skin but it works. It gives a nice healthy glow which if you also have oily skin then you know how hard it is to find a foundation with the best of both worlds. My skin is also due to imperfections/blemishes and I find this foundation doesn't cover them completely. If that's something you're looking for then this foundation wouldn't be the right coverage for you but once I've finished my foundation and applied my concealer the imperfections have pretty much disappeared.

Also due to having oily skin this foundation doesn't last me all day, it claims to last 16 hours but whether that's just due to my skin type I don't know. In the morning I apply this as I said with my Real Techniques expert face brush, using a primer before, powder after and then a make up setting spray. I would say it needs a touch up after maybe 6-8 hours for me personally but that's my lovely oily skin kicking in unfortunately.

This foundation does have a scent to it and it's rather floral/fruity and it's not over powering. It's actually a rather nice smell and doesn't affect the foundation at all. None of my other foundations have a scent so I didn't think it would be something I would like but honestly it's rather pleasant. The packaging is ok, like other drug store foundation it's nothing spectacular but it has a pump. A foundation without a pump is pretty useless to me.

Overall I really enjoy using this foundation on an everyday basis as it's not too heavy but covers what I want to cover! It's an enjoyable foundation to use due to the scent and how it's easy to apply making it quick and easy if you're ever in a rush for work :)

I'd definitely recommend this foundation to anyone with any skin type as I think it's suitable for all! It's an all rounder foundation, one for everyday and one for any time of the year. I will definitely repurchase (and as you can see from the state of my bottle in my pictures it has been a well loved foundation in my make up bag, he he) Bourjois foundation's are definitely one of my favourites from the high street! I'd love to know if you've tried this foundation or any other foundation from Bourjois? And your thoughts on them? :) xo
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