Saturday, 4 March 2017

La Roche Posay Respectissime


I was kindly sent these lovely products from La Roche Posay recently. I've mentioned my love for this brand so many times since the beginning of my blog and it still firmly remains one of my favourites. So when these unexpectedly arrived through my letter box, it's safe to say I was very excited.

Firstly the teal pouch which the two products arrived in is just beautiful! It's by Katie Loxton, who I can't say I've heard of before, but have since fallen in love with. It's such a lovely colour and such good quality! I would definitely recommend checking out her website here.

Onto the two products I received, both from La Roche Posay's Respectissime range, which is aimed at sensitive eyes. I don't have sensitive eyes when it comes to mascara, however I do when it comes to removing my eye make up.

So firstly the mascara which only has purified pigments and is nickel-controlled to avoid any irritation, it also contains an 'anti-tears formula' which ensures eyes do not react or run which I think is such a great aspect of this mascara! The brush of this mascara is relatively slim which I personally like as you can get close to the lash line, therefore creating more volume. This mascara really makes my lashes voluminous, look longer and is very black in colour. You can definitely layer this mascara for a more night out look or keep it every day with just a swipe over your lashes.

Secondly the eye make up remover which is fragrance and paraben free, which minimises the risk of intolerance and removes make up without irritating the eyes. This is like other eye make up removers where you shake the bottle to mix the product together, then put onto a cotton pad and wipe your eyes. I really like this make up remover and it does not irritate my eyes in the slightest! I don't need to drag my eye to remove the make up, I just give the cotton pad a little wiggle and go over my lashes a couple of times and it's all removed!

If you have sensitive and irritable eyes then I would definitely recommend you check out this range from La Roche Posay! I'm really enjoying both of these products and the Katie Loxton pouch now has a firm place within my everyday hand bag!

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A day at the coast

This weekend, despite the freezing cold weather, was spent at the coast. Me and my family went for a walk along Southwold's pier and then into the town center. Southwold is a lovely place to go for a walk along the beach, visit the pier and check out the chic, little shops. It really is the perfect place to go, especially on a Sunday and especially as a family. Yes it's December and yes it was absolutely freezing however, it was lovely to get out as a family as well. We had a light lunch at the Adnam's Cafe halfway, mainly in order to warm up and it worked. It also had great food! 

The pictures above are just a few I snapped whilst walking along the sea front, using my iPhone. It would have been the perfect time to take my camera however, with 4 young nieces and nephews my hands were slightly tied. So I just quickly snapped away on my phone. I do love this time of year, and despite the temperature, I really love going for walks. It's a great way to get outside, get some air and take some photos - which I don't get to do all that often!

I hope you enjoy the photos and this quick little post :-)

Saturday, 26 November 2016

My First Time Tag

It's been a busy week, this past week, so my blog unfortunately has taken a back seat. So I thought I would come back with a bit of a fun blog post, giving you a bit more of an insight into me personally. I love reading/watching these types of posts, simply because they're different to 'normal' content. Without further ado, lets get into the questions...

1. FIRST Youtube video you ever watched?
C'mon this is a tricky one, how am I supposed to remember this? I really don't know, but I'm pretty sure either a make up tutorial or a haul.
2. FIRST person you subscribed to on YouTube?
I want to say Pixiwoo.
3. Do you still talk to your FIRST love? 
Not really, no.
4. FIRST kiss?
Most definitely some dumb middle school lad, ha ha.
5. FIRST alcoholic drink? 
A Smirnoff Ice, probably given to me by my Nan.
6. FIRST car?
A Ford KA *embarrassed face*
7. FIRST job?
A hairdressers in the town I live in. I carried on working their after my high school work experience. 
8. FIRST pet?
A rabbit called Betty.
9. FIRST celebrity crush?
Usher, I had multiple posters on my wall.
10. FIRST real boyfriend?
A guy from high school, we dated for around a year.
11. Who was the FIRST person to text you today?
My sister regarding Christmas presents.
12. Who was your FIRST grade teacher? 
I think his name was Mr.Gates, he was great.
13. Where was your FIRST sleepover? 
My best friends house.
14. What was the FIRST thing you did this morning? 
Other than using the bathroom, I made myself a cup of tea.
15. FIRST concert you ever went to?
S Club 7! 
16. FIRST broken bone? 
I've never broken a bone *touches wood*
17. FIRST movie you remember seeing?
This is difficult to remember.. I believe it was the Disney film 'The Fox and the Hound'.
18. FIRST sport you were involved in?
19. FIRST tweet?
Is there a way to find this out? I'm not sure but I swear it was something dumb like "is now on Twitter!".
20. FIRST Facebook profile pic?
A pic of me and a friend on one of those Twister rides at a theme park.
21. FIRST piercing?
My ears. I'd really love to have my ears pierced more now though.

And there we have it, all my FIRST times! I hope you enjoy this slightly different blog post from me today and hopefully things will un-busy themselves so I can not put my blog behind me.

This is my first Facebook profile picture I was talking about!

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Everyday Make Up | Autumn

I don't tend to change up my make up that much according to the time of year, however I also thought it was a long time since I shared my current make up routine anyway so I thought it would be a perfect time. The only thing that majorly changes is my base/foundation and mainly the colour, due to living the cold UK.

My all time favourite foundation is Rimmel Wake Me Up, currently I'm still using my 'Summer' shade but it's very nearly out now so a new one will be purchased! If you've never tried this foundation then I recommend you do, it honestly makes me feel good in my skin - even on those bad days! Another staple for me in the colder months, is a bronzer. As mentioned, I need a lighter shade of foundation but I still like to add some colour to my face. This one from Bourjois is matte which is even better for Autumn. I don't like to over do the bronzer, for my every day make up, but I definitely like to put some life back into my place.

My last post was all about my recent purchases from L'Oreal, which you can read all about here. All the products mentioned have made it into my everyday make up routine now and I'm really enjoying all three of them. L'Oreal is definitely one of my favourite high street make up brands.

As I said, not much changes in my make up routine between seasons, but all of these products photographed are really great. They all work really well for me and this every day make up line up is my favourite. Let me know what your favourite everyday products are and whether or not they are featured in my routine.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

L'Oreal Haul & Reviews

It had been a little while since I had purchased any new make up and I've been trying to 'shop my stash' a little bit more recently. However, I was in need of a new primer and mascara, as both of mine were shortly running out. So I headed to the Boots website and took advantage of the L'Oreal 3 for 2 offer. All of the products I picked up were new to me which got me excited to try them out.

Firstly I picked up, what I believe to be, their new Miss Hippie mega volume mascara. I love L'Oreal mascaras, that I have previously tried, so I had high hopes for this one also. The brush is big, which I personally like, as I feel it grabs more of your lashes in one stroke. I am enjoying using this mascara currently but it's definitely not one of my favourites from L'Oreal.

I then picked up their Infallible mattifying primer, which I had heard many good things about. I have a super oily t zone so anything that claims to mattify that is great, if it works of course. I do really like this primer and it does keep my face matte for a reasonable amount of time. However, after a few hours my t zone does become oily again and I do find the need to blot my face. This is obviously no fault of the primer, and I do really like it, I just maybe would like a primer to keep my skin matte for longer. Saying that, even though my t zone gets oily I find this primer to keep my make up in place.

Finally I picked up the True Match concealer, again as I had heard so many good things and in due course I knew I would need a new concealer. So I thought I would give this one a go. I've tested this on both my blemishes and under my eyes, and I can say that it works great on both areas. I believe I picked up the shade Vanilla, which is brightening for under my eyes and actually a good shade for my face as it's coming up to Winter. It's super blendable and lightweight which I like.

That's it for my little 3 for 2 L'Oreal haul. If I purchased any products which you have tried and tested, then let me know your thoughts on them. And also your favourite other L'Oreal products, as I love L'Oreal as a brand and would love to try different products from them.
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