Thursday, 29 May 2014

Rimmel wake me up concealer

2 more weeks to go, 2 more weeks until I'm free from uni work and my first year of uni is over! I cannot seriously wait for this overload of work to be off my shoulders and I can (slightly) relax, yay! So to cheer up a somewhat miserable looking day in the UK, I'm going to share with you my new favourite concealer! Oh yes!

I actually purchased this from Asos when they had 25% off for students a few weeks back as it's not that often you get much money off make up like this and I obviously has to take advantage. I watched Zoella's video, I think it was a favourites or tutorial, and she raved about this concealer which made me wanna try it. I've always wanted to try the foundation as it's raved about but I'm never sure if it would work with my skin type so I thought I'd try the concealer first and see how I get on with it.

I can tell you now this is now my all time favourite under the eye concealer, it's so darn good. I do suffer from slight dark circles and my eyes sometime can be quite puffy underneath and this concealer just covers and brightens the whole area. It really does 'wake me up' as it suggests. The thing I also love about this is that it's really light and doesn't get cakey under the eye. Some concealers just make the under eye area look worse than when you first woke up, caking it completely, but this ones the opposite. I especially love the brightness of this concealer, as I said, it brightens the whole area and just makes it look.. good!

It's also super creamy and easy to blend, I simply just use my finger and it does the job perfectly. Obviously you could use a brush as well but I find my finger does just as good job, so I stick with that! This is also a super cheap price, I don't remember exactly, but I would say around £6.

Overall I would definitely recommend this concealer for those who want to conceal anything under your eyes and simply brighten it! It's definitely worth the small price you pay :-)

Monday, 26 May 2014

Lee Stafford breaking hair leave in treatment

Here I am again neglecting my uni work.. My excuse.. It's bank holiday (it works somehow). And with my lovely work chums giving me the week off work to concentrate on my uni work (I'll get back to it after this post, promise) I thought there's no better time than a sharing a lovely hair care treatment with you.

This Lee Stafford breaking hair treatment is brilliant for those quick hair washes when you can't really be bothered. It's a leave in treatment making it super quick to use so after washing my hair I simply pop a blob in my hand and work it through the ends of towel dried hair and then let it work it's magic. It just leaves the ends of my hair feeling silky rather than straw like which is always a bonus. It doesn't have the nicest smell to it, nothing fancy basically, not that it's a disgusting smell, ha ha! The tube is super easy to be able to squirt just the right amount out, it's quite a runny consistency so sometimes you can squirt a little too much out accidentally! Lee says:

"For that extra bit of TLC, use this deep, deep conditioning leave in treatment with Pro-Repair™ complex of Soy, Amino Acids and some replenishing lipids. This little tube of fabulousness reduces physical damage to your locks, leaving it full of strength whilst smoothing the cuticle. The best thing is that you leave it in your hair so that it really can get to work. I’ve also added a UV filter to protect your hair from UV damage, plus a dash of Jojoba Oil to quench your hair’s thirst. All in all, a perfect concoction for a seriously sleek mane."

Overall this is a lovely hair product so use on those quick hair washes when your in a rush or can't really be bothered. There are definitely more deep treatment hair products which will obviously help care for your hair more but this one definitely does the trick simply. I actually got this quite a while ago on a 3 for 2 offer at Boots, which I actually believe is on at the moment, and I believe this was around £8.

I hope you're having a lovely bank holiday weekend :-)

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Dorothy Perkins wishlist

6. Black high waist jeggings

Why whenever I try and do uni work do I get seriously distracted by online shopping?! Please say I'm not the only one, ha ha. It's lethal and although I want to purchase *cough* every time *cough* I try my very hardest not too (I think if I did then I would be broke!). So I decided to come up with a beautiful wishlist of all the things I *want* from Dorothy Perkins. 

Now a couple of years ago I used to always shop in Dorothy Perkins and I don't know why I stopped to be honest. I used to love the pieces I found and they always used to fit me nicely. So something the other day made me go onto their website and have a little browse and my oh my there are some gorgeous pieces on there that I majorly want! 

I'm really love the blue scalloped hem shorts, the colour and the scallopedness (?) just make them oh-so pretty and perfect for Spring/Summer! I also really love the look of the pumps, recently I'm a pump convert, I used to steer clear, but these are monochrome so they will go with absolutely everything and half-sandals so again perfect for Summer. 

I also love that Dorothy Perkins do a 'Tall' section. Now yes I am tall but in most things I won't shop in the tall range. The only things I normally shop in these sections for are skirts and occasionally dresses. Nowadays not too many places do have a Tall section so I love that they do :-)

Basically I cannot wait for payday to have a naughty little purchase at Dorothy Perkins! They also do pretty awesome offers a lot of the time so keep your eyes peeled for those. Hope you're all enjoying your week x

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Smashbox photo finish blemish control primer

Another Thursday post before uni when I actually should be doing uni work. But seriously motivation has hit an all time low this morning and I just couldn't focus so instead of doing the important stuff I've been lulling around basically doing jack s**t! Whoops! Hopefully when I actually get to uni this will change.

Anyway onto the review of this Smashbox primer, I picked this up when I was in Paris a couple of months back and have really been enjoying using it since so I thought I would share my thoughts with you. I know now that you probably all know I suffer from blemishes so this product instantly stood out to me. The woman in Sephora actually took my make up off and re-applied with this as the base and I instantly loved how smooth it was on application, leaving my skin super soft. Smashbox say:

"Banish blemishes! Makeup meets skincare with this perfecting primer that treats breakouts, provides oil-free hydration and keeps skin clearer over time. Apply to bare skin for best results"

I always find it really hard to know what products help my blemishes, I use quite a few blemish products each day so to know which ones are working the best can sometimes be tricky. As I have been using this every day I can say I think this has really helped my blemishes. It contains 2% salicylic acid which really helps treat breakouts which unfortunately I suffer from.

I apply this after my moisturiser in the mornings and it leaves my skin feeling nice and is a really nice base for my foundation. One slight downer of this product is it, only sometimes, seems quite watery. I find I have to shake the tube before using it as sometimes it's like the product comes out separated. You have a watery substance and then what looks like the primer. Obviously you can rub your hands together then mixing the product together but when you're paying £28 for a primer, I know I'd quite like it to do it's job.

Overall it's a lovely primer and definitely helps the look of my skin when I'm having a bad blemish day! There it one slight con but it can be overcome so it's not the end of the world. I've heard lots about Smashbox's other primers so I'd definitely love to hear if any of you have tried those and your thoughts?! Also your thoughts on this particular one :-) I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

YouTube newbie

What a god darn miserable weekend were having in the UK (you'll understand if you live here) it's completely chucked it down all weekend which isn't fun. But hopefully what I have to share with you is fun.. (it rather is for me anyway) so Thursday just gone I took the plunge and started my own YouTube channel! It's all very new to me and rather overwhelming. I was super duper scared to hit that upload button and even after I'd hit it I then left it hours before announcing to anyone that I'd actually uploaded it. And even after telling people I was still nervous and thinking about removing it but I didn't! I figured I needed to get over that step and fingers crossed, after a few more videos, I will get into the swing of things.

Now this video is no where near perfect and I'll be the first person to tell you that but practice makes perfect right?! This was the first ever video I've filmed and edited so for me it was quite an accomplishment considering I had never done one before. But in the future, yes I hope my editing and everything does improve not only for me but for you guys watching.

So yes this post is kinda a plug/give a girl a helping hand if you will. I'd absolutely love for you to check out my channel and first video! It's a fashion haul including Topshop, Primark, H&M, New Look etc so you check out what I've purchased recently. I'm hoping to also put a new video up tomorrow evening or Tuesday so go ahead and subscribe to watch that too :-)

Thank you for reading this post and I hope to see some of you over on my channel too, please be kind, he he! :-)
The link to my channel is:

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm

I love having time to write a mid week post on my blog! It's been too long. But when I say 'having time' I basically mean I'm procrastinating as I have soo much uni work that I should be doing right now other than writing this but hey ho off we go!

In my Escentual french pharmacy haul I picked up this product, the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm which everybody raves about and for the past few months my lips have been suffering so I needed to try something new. I believe this was around £9 which is pretty steep for a lip balm but so far this product is absolutely amazing. It's also made out of natural ingredients which makes it smell gorgeous and leaves your lips feeling super nourished.

"When lips are dry and are in need of some intensive nourishment, this rich and restorative balm with restore suppleness."

Since purchasing this product I've honestly been using it everyday since! It's quite a thick consistency which is what I currently need but it's not too thick to applying throughout the day as well. I really like applying this just before I go to bed and in the morning my lips feel super soft and lovely. It really does help sort out my dry lips as they can get really sore but after applying this it instantly helps. It stops the soreness and keeps them nourished. The smell as well is amazing, it smells like honey. There's only so much you can say about a lip balm but like I said this ones by far my favourite go to now and I definitely recommend it!

It honestly is now my cult go to lip product, topping all the rest! I'd love to know if you've tried this product and your thoughts on it?! You can buy it from many online places such as Escentual and Feel Unique :-)

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sebamed clear face care gel

Current status: first day of a full on cold and first day wearing my beautiful new mom jeans = good and bad.

On the other good side I'm going to tell you all about this lovely skin care item from Sebamed. Since running out of my Murad face gel I was in need of a new one and I came across this one on Feel Unique and thought I'd give it a whirl. I enjoy using face gels, not for the luxury factor as I don't feel they're that kind of product, but because I feel that they're actually working on your face and not just another product building up on top of your skin. This product is aimed at acne prone skin and claims too..

'Combat pimples, blackheads and skin impurities'

There are also many 'product features' listed about this product which I will leave for you to read if you're interested. You literally only need the smallest amount to cover your whole face, a little definitely does go a long way with this product. Now this one doesn't dry up your face and doesn't leave it feeling stiff in areas (like some acne/spot treatments can). It glides on nice and easily and I apply this every morning and evening.

I haven't noticed a huge difference in my skin but I have noticed a lot less breakouts and I really think this product is helping to keep them at bay. I'm not saying that I'm not getting any spots but I'm just not getting as many spots as I normally do and I think this product is definitely helping with that. This beauty is such a nice and simple addition to my skin care routine that I'll definitely be sticking to.

If you'd like to try this product you can buy it from Feel Unique for just over £5 which is an absolute bargain :-) Hope you're all having a lovely extended weekend!
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