Sunday, 29 April 2012

Oh so natural Glossybox

I agree with most people who are saying that it feels like ages since the last Glossybox? Well it finally arrived only a few days before it's May! Hopefully the next box will come quicker than this one. Anyway, since I first signed up for Glossybox, my first box has BY FAR always been the best box I've received, I am quite happy with this box and it has been better than some of the others I've received but I wasn't fully happy. Simply because some of the products I would just never use, for example I'm not into using styling gel or lip liner. Apart from this I'm happy with this months box. I think everytime I hope for next months box to get better and am always slightly disappointed but I still keep hoping for a box like my first one! :-)

Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum
Inika Cosmetics Certified Lip Liner 
Monu Professional Skincare Hand & Nail Cream
Fig & Rouge Lipbalm - Cherry and Vanilla
Philip B Styling Gel

What did you guys think of this months box?!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Topshop nail varnish - Eclipse

I also told you bloggers that I would finally get my hands on a Topshop nail varnish and I finally did! I picked this one up in the Norwich store, it's called Eclipse and I instantly fell in love. In my other Topshop nail varnish post I picked this one out from the internet and loved it but when I saw it in store I fell in love a little bit more. I paid £6 for this varnish which I think from a fashion retailer is pretty expensive but that wasn't going to stop me from trying it! I applied a base coat and then two coats of the Eclipse varnish and then finished with a top coat. This varnish shines so many different greens, blues, golds, yellows and black, it's amazing! I tried to capture the different tones in the pictures but it's such a hard thing to do but I promise you it's worth getting and looks so beautiful when applied onto the nail! I can also confirm that I will be purchasing another Topshop nail varnish purely because I love this one so much. It really does apply to your nail so well and easily as well which is something I love in a nail varnish. I really want to try a glittery/sparkly one next time to see what they're like :-)
Have you tried Topshop nail varnish? What are your opinions on the product?

Bourjois magic nail polish remover

One of the things I told you bloggers I would purchase yesterday was this amazing product. I found it in Boots with the Bourjois make up. It was £4.99 which is quite pricey for a nail varnish remover but I was so excited to try this product I had to buy it and try it. I actually had nail varnish on when I got home and it was slightly chipped so I thought what a perfect time to try it out. So the bottle says 1 second... it might be an amazing product but I can confirm that it takes longer than 1 second to remove. You literally put your finger in the sponge hole (the second picture) and twist it around. You can see from the second picture what the sponge looked like after I had used it to remove my nail varnish. It really is such a quick and easy way to remove your nail varnish and there's no annoyance with any cotton wool, bonus! I really would reccommend this product to anyone!! A couple of queries I have it; how long is it going to last for?! Because paying £4.99 is fine really depending on how long the product actually works for. How long do you think if you know? Also I'm wondering how well it will remove sparkly/glittery nail varnish as I always have trouble removing these!
Have you tried this product? What do you think of it?

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Heated eyelash curler

Last week when my old eye lash curler died on me I felt as id I'd lost my right arm! As soon as it broke I was straight onto eBay to buy a new one. The one I purchased isn't branded but you can find it here . Including postage it only came to something like £1.98, bargain right?! I mean who wouldn't try something for that price. I leave it heating for a couple of minutes and then it's ready to use, you don't want to let it get too hot because it really does burn trust me! So the first picture is me as soon as I'd got out of bed pretty much so I apologise, the second is after I'd used the eyelash curler and the third once I'd applied mascara.

I really do love this product so much, I literally can't survive without eyelash curlers!! It really does work really well, I know when you see the product you wouldn't believe it because I also know that it looks really cheap and tacky! It's cheap but definitely not tacky and works a treat. The only slight downside would be how quickly it eats up batteries, it requires 2 x AAA batteries and they don't seem to last that long. Well they didn't last that long on my old one and then it might have been on it's way out so I'll let you know how this ones batteries get on! Do you use eyelash curlers? If so, which ones do you use?

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Topshop nail must haves

Right I know I've said this before but this time it really is a must have this month! (And there's not much longer left in this month!) Topshop nail varnish... You would not believe how many blog posts and reviews I have seen about topshop nail varnish and every single one of them has something positive to say about them. So I'm asking myself, a girl who's obsessed with nail varnish, why I don't own one (or a few) as yet... And to that question I do not have an answer. That's why, on Thursday, I will make this happen!! Thursday I'm going on a little shopping trip with my sister, mainly for my nieces birthday present which I am yet to purchase but I think I'll quickly side track us into Topshop just for one of these! I love all of the colours I've posted the pictures of, especially the pink glitter and the two tone colour, so I'm hoping they have these in stock when I head down.

Another product I WILL be purchasing on Thursday is Bourjois 1 second nail polish remover. I've seen this product on Glossybox's blog and the found it on Boot's website. You literally dip your finger in the lotion and within 1 second, without cotton wool, your nail varnish is removed... apparently. If this really works this product would really be my life saver! You know those glittery nail varnishes which literally tear the cotton wool apart? Well I'm hoping this product will help with those dilemmas. So after my shopping trip on Thursday I will do a little haul post which WILL include at least 1 topshop nail varnish and this Bourjois nail polish remover! Blogger promise xoxo

Monday, 23 April 2012

My week in pictures #2

Cross necklace ☮ New work bracelet ☮ Which dvd to watch? ☮ Thorntons chocolates ☮ Red hair ☮ Indian meal ☮ My niece and dog ☮ Savers bargains ☮ Homemade brownies ☮ My other niece ☮ Night out ☮ New nails

Champneys Collection - Ruby

First of all I'm sorry for the lack of posts in the last week (I say lack, there was none!) Work has been hectic with overtime and today my poor car has gone to the garage, 1 too many things wrong with it! So after a hectic week I finally got time to myself to re-paint my nails, yay! I always find choosing what colour to paint my nails the hardest decision of the day. Although today I was pretty quick as I'd never used this colour before even though I've had it ages and was a present given to me. I applied a base coat and 2 coats of Champneys collection in 'ruby' and then a final top coat. I must say the colour is GORGEOUS! It shimmers different colours in the light which you can slightly see in the pictures. I've never actually heard of this make before (an old relative gave it to me, bless) although I love the colour I did find that the brush was way to square for my liking, I like them to be slightly more rounded as I find it easier to apply to my nails. Now I'm absolutely shattered and going to catch up on 90210, happy Monday! :-)

Monday, 16 April 2012

White nails

Recently I've seen many people, including bloggers, paint their nails white, so I thought I'd join the crowd. I won't lie but I got this L&B nail polish in a little set from a relative as a birthday or christmas present and literally never thought I'd use it but hey it finally came into use! I did two layers of the white nail varnish as it's not a very thick varnish and if I was doing plain white nails then I probably would have done a third as they still weren't properly covered. But I then just put a quick coat of China Glaze 'Marry a Millionnaire' over the top. I'd seen people use OPI Rainbow Connection but wanted to use a different glitter and I absolutely love this China Glaze varnish!! I then slapped on my Rimmel top coat to make my nails feel smooth rather than rough from the glitter specs. And I must say I really am a fan of the white nail varnish, although I may have to purchase myself a better one than this, hehe :-) xoxo

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Models Own Coral Reef and Matte finish

So here's my final Models Own varnish that I purchased in London what seems like ages ago now. This one is called 'Coral Reef' (original hey!) but it is a lovely colour! Another varnish I purchased in London was Rimmel's Matte finish which I have seen reviewed by a fellow blogger but can't actually remember who (sorry!) Anyway I used two layers of the Models Own nail varnish and it did create a lovely, bright spring/summer colour which I loved. I am also sorry about how messy these nails look as I was in a rush trying to finish them before heading off to work. After the two layers I then used the Rimmel matte finish, one tip you really have to make sure you cover the whole of the nail where you've applied the base colour otherwise you can still see the shiny colour underneath which isn't a good look! I really do love the look you get from this top coat but I still think I prefer having nice shiny nails which glimmer in the sun light :-) xoxo

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

New Look must haves

Recently I've done my must haves from a few different high street stores so thought I'd carry on and today I've been searching the New Look website! I found these 5 gorgeous pieces and here I am sharing them with you!
  1. So as soon as this first top came out I wanted it straight away. I love the pattern, it's lovely bright colours which is perfect for the coming spring/summer. I also love the cut out detail on the back as it's something different added to a plain shaped top. And the final thing.. it's only £14.99!!
  2. New Look first brought this plain boob tube bodycon dress out a few weeks back and it sold out within days. They've now brought it back out again and it also comes in many other colours, nice pastel ones for the spring. I think one of the reasons they're going so quickly is the price, they are only £7.99 which is an absolute bargain! I think something like this in the summer is a piece you can really easily play with. A piece you can wear in so many ways, making it look different every time!
  3. I'm a sucker for patterned leggings but they always come with the same dilemma.. what do you wear on the top? I mean I'm someone who hates people who wear leggings as trousers, no we do not want to see your knicker lines and camel toe. So I often go for a longline t shirt, shirt or jumper when it's colder and obviously something that's plain as I'm not one for mixing patterns. I think these leggings are really bright again for the summer months and could be worn casually or for a night out.
  4. Yes I'm one of the girls who is yet to own a bralet and this one really caught my eye! Again the price, only £7.99. I love the faded look and I've always loved the ditsy print. I think this bralet is really cute and think this particular one would go with more things than some of the other ones I've seen. I prefer a patterned one to plain as I think they're a piece of clothing that just needs to have a sweet pattern on. I think wearing them with either high waisted jeans or a high waisted chiffon floaty skirt. This is definitely a must have for the spring/summer!!
  5. Last but not least there's this cute bird print skirt. It's a lovely pleated design with an elasticated waist which I love in high waisted skirts!! Makes the skirt easier to wear I find. It's a lovely beige colour and sorry the pictures not that clear for this one but you'll have to search the website, it's gorgeous!!

Monday, 9 April 2012

April must haves

Just a quick post about the few bits I want to get my hands on this month!

  • Accessorize chain necklace
  • River Island sweatshirt
  • Lauren Conrad 'The Fame Game'
  • Boohoo stripe leggings
  • Accessorize bow jelly shoes
  • River Island stripe shorts
  • Made In Chelsea series 2
  • Office jelly shoes

Blogger appreciation award!

I have been given the blogger appreciation award from the lovely blogger makeupisdelish

Here are the rules:
  •          Thank the person who gave you the award by linking their blog in your post.
  •          Answer the following (4) questions
  •          Award the blogger appreciation award to new followers/fellow bloggers as you like
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1. How long have you been blogging?
Since the beginning of January this year :-)
2. What are 1-2 reasons why you started blogging?    
A couple of my friends already had blogs and I was reading theres all of the time so I decided to make my own, since doing this I have become so much more into the things I blog about. 
3. What types of blogs do you like to follow/read?
Mainly fashion and cosmetics
4. What is 1 thing you would like to improve on as a blogger/on your blog?
Maybe start blogging more and trying out new products so that I'm able to give my opinions about the products (really this is just an excuse to buy new products!)

My Nominees for the Blogger Appreciation Award:

Becca Grace

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Models Own Indian Ocean

So here's my second blog about my second Models Own nail varnish that I purchased in London. This one's called 'Indian Ocean' and I must say the pictures really don't do this varnish any justice. It looks best when in the light as it glimmers all different colours such as blues, purples, pinks and silvers. And that's something which I can't capture in a picture I'm afraid! I layered up 3 coats of this nail varnish to get this look with a base and top coat. This is only my second Models Own nail varnish but already I really am in love with them, they go onto my nails so easily and I love the outcome!! If you haven't tried Models Own then you really should, I really recommend them! xoxo

Friday, 6 April 2012

My week in pictures

Chocolate milkshake Panda socks Pups Straight hair Staff room goodies Bed New bag Blossom Sleepy pup Big Ben London Models own Pizza hut New necklace

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Ciate caviar manicure

Searching blogs today I found this new type of manicure on Glossybox's blog and O M G I really want to try this! I remember seeing it on someone elses blog before today, sorry can't remember where, and I wasn't that impressed by it but seeing it again has made me really want to try it. I went onto Ciate's website to find out that all 3 of the colours are already out of stock for pre-order so all you can do is enter your email address and get them to email you when they come back into stock! They come in 3 different colours; Rainbow, Black pearls and Mother or pearl. I'm usually attracted to the colourful things but am not a fan of the Rainbow manicure and think the black and white look much more attractive and sophisticated. In the pack you get 1 x Caviar Beads, 1 x Paint Pot Nail Polish, the colour you get depends on the pack you buy. I really like the 3D look, I think it's something different, funky and will really turn heads! The pack costs £18 which is quite pricey I think as you could probably buy the caviar beads from some sort of home store or something and then even use your own nail varnish! But all in all I would love to try this look, even just once to see the look in real life and see how really long lasting it is! What do you all think about this look?! xoxo

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Models Own Disco Mix

First off.. I LOVE THIS NAIL VARNISH!! It's so funky and fun and looks absolutely great. This is my first Models Own nail varnish that I've tried out so I'm extremely glad that I really liked it, considering I did buy three!! (It was 3 for 2 :P) I applied a base coat, 3 layers of the varnish and then a top coat. The one thing I am worried about it how this nail varnish comes off. I find OPI glitter varnishes easy as I can pull them off. Deborah Lippmann was a nightmare. So I'm hoping either a good scrub or a good pull will get this nail varnish off! Have you tried a Models Own glitter varnish? How did you find getting it off?! I'd love to know! xoxo

Monday, 2 April 2012

X Factor pictures!










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