Thursday, 29 March 2012

River Island sale!

So you may have seen, in my older blog posts, some of these items in my River Island must haves! I was SO happy when I went onto the River Island website to find that they had an online sale (which hit in stores today I believe). I was even more happier when I found 2 of the items I'd wanted for so long, the palm tree dress and the colour block playsuit. Most of the itmes are either half price or less which is a steal! The playsuit was £30 reduced to £15, the palm tree dress was £25 reduced to £12 and the daisy dress was £25 reduced to £10!! I did also order a couple of other bits but they just didn't suit me so I did actually return those today and on my way out I spotted another dress.. it's exactly the same style as the daisy dress but a baby blue with a white aztec print and dark brown belt and this one was also only £10 so I couldn't resist! I would have taken a picture for you but am currently sat in bed with the flu so not feeling up to it! Anyway head on over to the River Island website, trust me you don't want to miss out!! xoxo

Monday, 26 March 2012

Monday nails

Todays nails - 17 lasting fix 'woo me' and OPI rainbow connection. I actually had naked nails for a day today and it felt so weird! So as soon as I got home I got my nail varnish out straight away. I hadn't used my OPI rainbow connection for so long so thought it was about time I got it out again seeing as I'm still in love with it. I didn't want to cover my complete nail in this varnish so wanted to try it with a neutral base coat underneath. So I went for 'woo me' which is a very light lilac colour and then just did two coats of the OPI. I'm still in love with this varnish as all the different colours catch the light and it looks so pretty. What nails have you got today? Happy Monday! xoxo

Shopping trip

So today I went to Norwich for a quick shopping trip with my mum. There's so many things I want at the moment but with pay day lingering and a London trip this weekend also lingering then I really want to save! I needed to buy a new work top (the white one with crochet sleeves) as one of my others went into the mid season sale and with my discount it was only £12 so I thought it would be an easy tee to wear and lovely for summer coming up. The peace earrings are also from work and I've had my eye on these for ages!! The last two pairs finally sat on a prong so I had to put a pair on hold until today and I love them. They are diamonte and really catch the light. Of course everytime you go shopping you have to stop in Primark and I found this lovely black and white aztec/geometric pattern sheer shirt which I instantly fell in love with. It's slightly oversized and I think it would look great with just a simple pair of leggings. And finally, the bag. It needs no introduction and if you follow me on Twitter then you'd know how much I wanted this. With my trip to London coming up on Saturday I thought I'd need a new bag to take as I'm sure I'd be carrying lots of bits (really this is just my excuse for buying it) ;-) xoxo

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sally Hansen HD Digital

Again this is a promised blog from a while back but I've been so busy with work I haven't had any time to blog or even paint my nails! But tonight I finally found some well needed me time. I've always used Sally Hansen nail strengthener so when I realised that she had a range of nail colours then I had to buy one to try them out. So I browsed eBay and bought this vibrant pink its called '06 digital' and I found it for a bargain 99p + postage! I absolutely LOVE this colour, it really does stand out so much and really is a hi-definition colour as the bottle states! This varnish comes in many other colours so right after I've finished this blog I'm going back on eBay to try and find some more! Have you tried any of these nail varnishes?! xoxo

Monday, 19 March 2012


After what feels like months of waiting today I finally got my brand new spanking iPhone 4S and I am literally in love with it! One of the apps I'd been wanting to get was instagram literally because I've seen so many people use it and recommended it so it was a must. And here it is, I'm only a beginner so please be nice! My name is 'natalieellis23' so please follow me :-) at the moment I'm a loner, ha ha. Don't be shy!! xoxo

LA BELLA VITA giveaway

LA BELLA VITA is having a gorgeous giveaway of a mac lipstick!! It's all very exciting so head on over to her blog and enter, it's ever so simple and you never know, may be totally worth it! :-) xoxo

Avon gleaming gold

Again as promised here's the second nail varnish I purchased from Avon. Firstly I want to apolgise for the rubbish photos but my flash stopped working on my phone so thank god I'm getting a new one today! Haha. Anyway this one is called 'Gleaming Gold' and like the other one I really do love it! It really does gleam and when it catches the light it looks gorgeous. Again I layered u 3 coats to maximise the colour. If you haven't invested in Avon nail varnishes then you really should! :-) xoxo

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Avon sequinned turquoise

As promised here's a blog about one of my new Avon nail varnishes. I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a while but I've been so busy and just literally haven't had the time! Anyway here it is, 'sequinned turquoise'. I found it hard to get a picture that really done this nail varnish some justice because it really is beautiful and has little flecks of silver in! It is a gorgeous colour and the sequinned part really catches in the light which is even better! I did layer up 3 layers of this varnish including a top and base coat! It really is a lovely varnish!! Hope you like it xoxo

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Topshop must haves

Following tradition with my 'must have' posts from different shops I just had to do a Topshop one! First the sundress I found on a fellow bloggers website and instantly fell in love. It's one of those cute dressed which is just PERFECT for the summer! The pattern is bold and beautiful and I may just have to invest for the coming summer. Next the grandad shirt, I believe this comes in different colours but I prefer to keep to the simple white and then accessorize! Since working within retail I've found this so much easier to do and a coincidence seeing as I work in Accessorize ;-) hehe. The bright animal cami.. What do I have to say about this? I just look at it and love it. I love all different animal prints in the normal neutral colours so I think this one in the lovely bright colours used stands out and really catches not only my eye but yours as well! Now I've never tried a nail varnish from Topshop but the ratings and reviews I have seen have all been positive meaning.. I NEED to try one! And I will.. from my last post you've seen that I invested in a gold varnish so I think it's just about right that I invest in a silver one alongside it. Finally this b.e.a.utiful slip dress. Again I don't have many words. I initially found this when flicking through this weeks More magazine and they showed 4 completely different ways in which you can wear it and I must say this dress is one very versatile dress and I will definitely be buying this! Might have to wait until my next pay day though.. although it is only £38! Oh my god, I keep looking at it and I literally can't wait, hehe! What are your Topshop must haves lately? Xoxo

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Delivery day

A while back I ordered a few bits from the Avon catalogue that my mum receives. They had an offer on on the two coloured varnishes, 2 for £5. I love the two colours I received, the sequinned turquoise is lovely, you can't really tell in the photo but it has beautiful sequinned parts in it. The gold is also gorgeous, it's a shimmery nail varnish and I've wanted a gold varnish for ages!! The nail hardener was a bargain of £1.50 in the clearance section!! I always use my current Sally Hansen nail hardener so thought I might as well try this one seeing as it's such an amazing price. Have you ever tried nail varnishes from Avon?

Since having my Sally Hansen nail hardender which I use an awful lot I thought I should check out the other varnishes within this range. I actually didn't know there was a full range of actual coloured varnishes until I searched on eBay. Whilst searching I can across this HD range which comes in a variety of different colours. I only have one other pink nail varnish so thought I'd try the pink one first and seeing as I snatched it up for only 99p and £1.40 postage, it was well and truely a bargain! Have you tried any varnishes from this collection?

The final parcel I received today was my jewellery from 'Wavy Jewellery'. I came across this website from a fellow blogger and absolutely fell in love. All of the items are handmade and at such a cheap price that I couldn't stop myself from browsing without purchasing!! These 3 items came to a total of about £8 including postage! This is the link to her twitter page and from there you can then go onto the website and make a purchase! > WavyJewellery < I cannot wait to wear the earrings tomorrow and tie the cross bracelet around my wrist! I'm already eyeing up the cross necklace to match the earrings :-) Have you brought any jewellery from this website, if so what? xoxo

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

New piercing

For those of you who know me you'll know I'm a total wimp! As little as this piercing may seem I was totally scared and I really wanted to get it done for so long but I really was just too scared. Then when a salon in my home town started to do ear piercing only a couple of weeks ago, I knew I had to go and get it done. So I plucked the up the courage to ring and book an appointment, made sure my friend was free to come with me for support and away I was. I didn't tell my boyfriend because I remembered him telling me he wasn't keen on it so kept it a secret until I saw him and yes it took him about 2 hours to notice and say "how long have you had that pierced?!" ha ha. So I got this done last Wednesday and I can honestly say the actual piercing hurt no more than the bottom ones (and I've had my first and second holes done) it literally just made my ear go hot and slightly stung after. Now for the painful part... the gun got stuck and wouldn't come apart from the earring so the lady was tugging away trying to release it and poor me eyes squeezed shut.. that was the most painful part obviously due to the piercing only being done for about 2 seconds and it already being tugged at! But hey that was over and nearly a week later I am in love with it.. and can NEARLY sleep on my right side in bed again, ha ha! But if any of you are thinking about getting it done then do! It only cost me £14 as well which is so cheap :-)

Monday, 12 March 2012

17 lasting fix 2

Here as promised.. I've always wanted an orange nail varnish and as pastel colours are a big thing this spring/summer that's the tone of orange I went for! And I must say I really do love this colour, the flash on my camera makes it seem slightly brighter than it actually is. I did take a picture of the label (again like last time but it came out blurry) but this varnish is called 'orange soda'. Again I had to put 3 coats on to maximise the colour and I think I'll definitely be buying more of these nail varnishes in different colours! :-)

March Glossybox - The Harrods Edition

After all the hype for this box it has finally arrived! Although we pretty much knew what was going to be in the boxes, I guess it was still a little bit exciting due to the fact that it's the Harrods Edition! After the February box being a let down I think this box was more exciting due to everyone talking about it but I do like the surprise of not knowing what products are actually going to be in the box! So the products I received in this box are:

1. Narcuso Rodriguez - For Her perfume
2. Molton Brown - Heavenly ginger lily moisture bath & shower
3. YSL - Forever youth liberator serum
4. Burberry beauty - Lip mist copper no.202
5. Clarins - Extra firming body cream

I must say my favourite products are the perfume (it smells gorgeous) and the Molton Brown bath & shower, most probably because of the lovely smell again! Although I love these products I'm excited for the next box as I love surprises!

Are you impressed with the special edition box? xoxo
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