Friday, 27 December 2013

Pandora ring wishes

So this post is a little behind schedule so first things first I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and enjoyed lots of family time and giving, I know I certainly did. With it being Christmas and all I have been extremely busy and my blog definitely took a back seat and literally nothing got done - apart from this collage of gorgeous rings above. I am definitely a ring person and even more so a silver ring person. I love wearing rings and I feel lost when I don't have them on (they are pretty much glued to me though). Hence why I created this wish list to showcase my very favourite rings to all you lovely readers.

Pandora offer some gorgeous rings and these are just a select few of my favourites. Considering this post was meant to be up before Christmas, I was actually lucky enough to get 2 of the rings from this wish list above! I got the purple amethyst birthstone ring and the one below with all the small silver hearts. They are even more beautiful in person, these pictures just don't do them justice.

I find these rings so simple and easy to wear, I mean they literally go with anything and everything. If you're a silver girl like me then you'll definitely love them. Also the 2 I got are perfect worn together and stacking them. There are so many different styles to choose from and I already want some more to jazz up more of my fingers! I definitely think the star or the plain twisted one is next on my list for my plain left hand, he he.

This is just a short and hopefully sweet post showing you my new favourite rings and a couple of which I got myself this Christmas. Again I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and break from work, of which I return tomorrow -yay :/

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Revlon Lip Butter in Red Velvet

As promised, but slightly delayed, another lipstick post. Last week and this week are probably the busiest ever for me, the first deadlines for two uni assignments, including placement, work and a little bit of a social life. Safe to say it's been hectic but I'm sure it won't be the worst during my university years.

A while back, with thanks to Tanya Burr (you may have seen in my latest haul post), you may have seen that I purchased this Revlon lip butter in the shade Red Velvet. It's absolutely perfect for this time of the year both colour and product wise. I'd actually been looking for a dark red lipstick recently and this one fitted that slot perfectly. Again, a long while back, I reviewed a lip butter just in a different shade and said that I wanted to try one which was more pigmented. So even though it's a while back I've finally done it and I'm so pleased I did. If you did read my other lip butter post then you'll know how much I loved it then and not a lot has changed.

The Revlon lip butters are super moisturising so perfect for those drier lips in the colder months. The extra pigmentation doesn't cling to those dry patches just adds a lovely amount of colour to your lips. It has great lasting power and when it does start to fade it does so evenly and leaves your lips tinted nicely for your next application. The packaging is pretty with a quilted effect and a colour co-ordinated lid.

Overall, as with my other lip butter, I love these lipsticks and will definitely keep buying more shades! They are perfect for every season and there's definitely a colour for every season too! If you'd like to check out my other lip butter post in the shade 'Pink Lemonade' then click here :-)

Monday, 9 December 2013

Witch Anti-Blemish Skin Clearing Primer

Slightly delayed post this/last week, I would usually upload a post on a Sunday (yesterday) but I was up at the crack of dawn and on my 3 hour journey to the Clothes Show Live, which was super exciting! So that's the reason for the last post but I had such a great day at the Clothes Show yesterday so in my eyes it was all worth it! I had also originally planned a post for today but then realised it was another lipstick post and didn't want to post two of those up in a row so have delayed the lipstick until next week so keep your eyes peeled for that. Instead today I have a lovely new primer review for you.

Now I've actually had this primer for quite some time now in my make up draws but it's one of the products I really enjoy using then completely forget to blog and tell you guys about. I'm all over primers that help with my oily and spot prone skin hence why this one has been added to my collection. I love Witch's skin care range as it is aimed to help with that spot prone/anti-blemish skin type and that's exactly what this primer does.

It's a super smooth consistency and effortlessly glides over your face, it really does just feel nice to put on your skin first thing in the morning. It then also means that my foundation applies really nicely over the top. Witch products don't include any nastiness (products) so doesn't aggravate your skin and helps soothe the blemishes. I must point out though this does not get rid of your spots/blemishes, it helps your skin stop the prevention of spots and I've found it also helps cover the ones you do have up nicely.

One thing this isn't the best at is keeping my make up in place for a long period of time. Now I believe that's due to me having very oily skin but saying that it's not one of the worst primers, for staying power, that I've ever tried. It definitely gives me a good 5 hours wear before I am needing to get my blotting paper and powder out for a touch up. So it's not amazing nor is it completely naff, it's just mediocre.

Overall I really enjoy using this primer on a daily basis although I would love to find this exact formula maybe that would also help my oiliness a bit more! I'd definitely recommend this to anyone with the same skin type as me (spot prone) as it does work wonders. I'd love to know if you've tried this and your thoughts on it? Or any other Witch products you would recommend :-)

Sunday, 1 December 2013

MAC Crosswires Cremesheen Lipstick

This week seems to have felt very long so today I bring you my FIRST EVER MAC lipstick!! I finally now know what all you bloggers are chatting about when you talk about these lipsticks. What better post to bring you than a beautiful new lipstick now added to my collection.

I was very over whelmed at the MAC counter, the amount of lipsticks is just crazy and with it being my first lipstick I was unsure about what to go for. Yes I did have shades in mind which I had been looking at and previously seen so I had a rough idea. After a lot of thought I finally picked up the shade called 'Crosswires'. It's a beautiful pinky orange shade, if those colours had a baby this would be it, call it coral-y if you wish. It's a cremesheen finish so not a full on colour, more of an everyday colour for me, definitely still noticeable

The finish is gorgeous, it glides on super smoothly as the cremesheen finish would suggest. It's ever so creamy which I like especially as it's winter and my lips are very dry! Although it can tend to cling to dry patches I just scrub and moisturise my lips before applying. It has pretty good staying power and even when it does start to fade, it does so evenly and leaves a lovely tint on the lips. This also does not feel heavy on the lips, nice and light as if you're not even wearing lipstick, again perfect for everyday.

The packaging is lovely and sturdy. It doesn't feel cheap and plastic like so there's (hopefully) no prone to breaking when chucked into a handbag. It's simple chic black and silver packaging with MAC written both on the lid and inside. It's sort of bullet shaped which is a nice small touch. It doesn't feel cheap which is obviously a good thing when you're paying £15 for a lipstick which is obviously on the steep end.

Overall I'm really pleased with my first MAC purchase and will probably, more than definitely be buying more! I've definitely got a few more shades on my mental list. 
What do you think of MAC Crosswires? I'd love to know! :-)
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