Monday, 28 October 2013

Boohoo wish list

Well what a blustery morning it is for those in the UK, I've already ventured out to work whilst it was like playing dodgems on the roads avoiding fallen down trees and branches, and I've come straight back home again. Unfortunately there was absolutely no electricity at my nursery so I've got a day off, woo hoo! Although I really wished I could have stayed in bed other than getting up, using liquid eyeliner as whiskers to make me look like a cat (we were supposed to be having a Halloween party today). So overall it's been a pretty hectic morning already so what better post to do than a wishlist, actually it's pretty bad because in this mood it's twice as tempting to buy.

Normally Boohoo isn't somewhere I would normally shop, no real reason there's just so many websites I forget half of them when browsing online. But I came across it the other day and found some bloody lovely things if I do say so, I simply fell in love and then made a wish list. Boohoo is a relatively cheap online site which offers everything fashion and accessory wise so it's perfect.

Firstly the smock trend, it's been about for a little while and seems to just be everywhere, don't get me wrong I love the trend it's just one of those 'can I pull it off myself?' kinds of trends. So on Boohoo I located smock tops which I thought was different to the usual smock dresses I've seen. They had a few patterns to choose from, mostly floral, and to be honest I liked all of the patterns but this one seemed the most autumnal out of all of them colour wise.

Oversized jumpers in the Autumn/Winter is a must have for me! I literally live in them so the two in this wish list are no exception! The plain olive green one looks super chunky and again comes in many different colours so if the green isn't your favourite definitely check out to see what other colours they offer. I would definitely get these in the next size up too so that they're nice and warm but that's just how I like to wear them. The other jumper in this wish list is pretty similar but this one has a really pretty floral pattern on, I've seen this kind of jumper before and really like the pattern. Again as the other jumper there were a couple of other colours to choose from and again I'd get it nice and big for the winter.

I seem to have a bit of an obsession with midi skirts and seem to have collected a fair few since the summer, so it's no surprise that I've included one in this wish list. I love this one as it has autumnal colours in and obviously floral which again is very in for the season. I think paired with a chunky jumper and some boots it's the perfect outfit for autumn and then adding some chunky tights when it gets even colder in the winter (which it definitely will do if you're living in the UK like me, boo!)

Finally a chunky knit cardigan, they're always in because the look of them is just so effortless. Cardigans always seem to be the one thing in my wardrobe that I do not have enough of, especially chunky knitted ones like this one. It's also a gorgeous space dye print of blue, purple and red which I really like and not just your simple plain cable knit ones (which I also absolutely love). This one is also priced really well compared to other knitted cardigans I've seen which I think can sometimes be a bit too pricey so that nudged me towards this one as well I must say. Cardigans can be worn with literally everything and anything so they really are a staple piece like the chunky knit jumpers.

So that's my Boohoo wish list! I'm holding out until payday on Friday when hopefully all of these beauties will be mine, hehe :) I'd love to know what you think of Boohoo and if you've shopped there before! Now it's time to chill and watch a bit of This Morning, happy Monday!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Soap & Glory Archery Brow Tint and Pencil

So today's post is being written in bed with a hangover watching Angus, thongs and perfect snogging, so if I ramble then I'm going to apologise now.  I've been out two nights in a row (I know, rebel) and today I'm paying for it. Anyway you know those products that you want to try for ages and ages but just never seem to get your hands on? Probably mainly because you're forgetful or can't be bothered even though you want it and just want it to appear in your make up bag the next morning. Well this product was one of those for me. It was one I'd wanted for a while but never got my hands on until recently and boy am I glad I did.

I've tried quite a range of Soap & Glory make up products and honestly haven't had a bad thing to say about them and this one does not differ. It's such a versatile and easy product to use. Before using this brow product I was using my HD Brow kit which I loved but sometimes found that my brows looked maybe too dark and basically just not how I wanted them to look. So when I picked this up I was hoping that I would be able to create a more natural brow look.

This product has two ends to it, one is the brow tint (basically a felt tip pen) and the other a precision shape pencil. The one thing I was skeptical about was the fact that it only came in two shades; one blonde and one brown, so I didn't know if the brown one was going to be the right shade for my brows. This shade is called 'Brownie Points'. But with that idea in my head when I tried it for the first time it was perfect so I think it really can work with a range of different brown coloured eye brows. The packaging is nice, simple and easy to use which is obviously a bonus and I always find that Soap & Glory have the nicest packaging on their products anyway.

Like I've said this product is easy to use, the first time I used it I first applied the tint throughout my brows and then went along with the pencil and made sure they were nice and even and I absolutely loved the look it created. At first I was unsure about which way round to use either end but found the way I done it easy enough so that's how I've been wearing it since. I also love the fact that on lazier days or working days that I can just use the tint end and be done within a matter of a minute and they simply look fuller but still completely natural. So when you're in a rush getting ready for work you know that your brows will not take you long at all. Obviously you could also just use the pencil end I just personally find it easier to use the tint as it gives more colour more quickly.

The staying power of this product is flawless, I do set them after applying this product with some clear mascara so I would guess that that helps a little bit. But with having oily skin they are not sliding down my face half way through the day, attractive. I guess one slight worry I have in the back of my head about this product is how long the tint end will last. With it being pretty much like a felt tip pen you know after a while it will dry out but hopefully not too soon, with using it everyday I'm definitely getting my use out of it! I believe this product was around the £10 mark which could be seen as rather expensive but I would 100% recommend this product to absolutely anybody, I honestly do not have a bad word to say about it. It is definitely my new all time favourite brow product.

Overall I think you'll agree that I love this product, because I haven't said that enough hey! I'd love to know if you've tried this product and your thoughts on it :) I definitely need to broaden my Soap & Glory cosmetic horizon so would also love to hear your recommended products too!? xo

Monday, 14 October 2013

MUA Haul

Another haul I hear you say, well yes I am afraid so but I've been currently purchasing a few bits from the same shop/brand and find them a nice and easy post to do, and also hopefully you guys like reading them! This haul wasn't planned, MUA had a percentage off their whole website when you spent £15 (I think it was 15% but could have been more I've totally forgotten sorry!) so I jumped straight on as there were a few bits that I needed to add to my current make up collection (that's probably a total lie, I more than definitely have enough make up but hey ho I'm a blogger).

MUA, if you didn't know, is a very cheap and affordable make up brand which is available in Superdrug. But recently I noticed in my local Superdrug that it no longer exists, gutted. So when I saw this offer I couldn't resist. The main thing I wanted to get were some new blushers as mine recently are very shimmery and summery so I've been in the wrong season. But I couldn't only pick a couple of those up...

First I got 2 new lipsticks, MUA have recently released a new matte range and I've never tried a matte lipstick so for £1 I thought why not. I picked up the shade called 'Peachy Keen' (the matte lipstick is in the white packaging) it's a lovely peachy/pinky colour which I like but I am yet to try this yet. I'm hoping it won't be too drying as I have relatively dry lips anyway so not sure if this will work for me. The next lipstick I got was just from the normal range in 'Shade 12', it's a bright hot pink colour. I'm not completely sold on this product as it's like glittery which I really don't think I will like on the lips! You could not tell it was glittery on the website so pretty disappointed but I'll give it a go.

Next I got 2 nail varnishes again only £1 and I've tried MUA polishes before and actually really like them so couldn't resist. You'd think that I need purples in my collection, well no I don't but I really love these 2 shades. The darker purple is called 'Deepest Purple' and this is the one shade of purple I don't think I own, I have tonnes of lilac's and pastel purples but not a deep one and thought it would be perfect for autumn/winter. Next I picked up the shade called 'Frozen Yoghurt' which I absolutely love. I would say it's quite a blue toned purple and quite a pastel shade.

I then got 2 blushers, as I said this was one of the reasons this haul happened. My 2 favourite blushers at the moment are rather shimmery and summery as I've said so I wanted to branch out and try some new coloured blushers. The first I got is in 'Shade 2' this is the one on the left in the last picture. This one is the more pink blusher, matte colour so no shimmer involved. Secondly I got 'Shade 4' which I was more excited to try, the one on the right in the picture. This one is more orange/peachy and I really don't think I've ever tried a blush in this colour. For £1 you really can't go wrong and for experimenting with colours they are the perfect blushers to do so.

The final 2 things I got was a new brush, this one is called 'F4' and is the face powder brush. My current powder brush has totally gone horrible and stiff so I thought I'd try one from MUA. It's lovely and soft on the face and was only £3.75 so a total bargain. I've only used this once but I enjoyed using it, although think anything would have been better than my old one now! And last but not least I picked up the Pro-Base Fixing Mist. Recently I've been loving using a face mist to help keep my make up in place, this is only the second one I've tried as I don't seem to see them often in the drug store so thought I'd try this one. This was the most expensive at £5 but obviously you still can't complain at the price, it's also quite a large bottle so will keep me going for a while!

And that's my MUA haul complete! I love MUA for cheap and affordable make up and like I said for experimental use and if you then find a product you love then it's even better! Hopefully I've got a hidden gem in one of these items! I'd love to know if you've tried any of the items I purchased or what your favourite MUA product is? :-)

Monday, 7 October 2013

High end beauty wish list


Hello! It's been another busy week for me again and yesterday was my first day off in two weeks! My god I was (and most probably still am) shattered, the whole uni, placement and work is getting to me but fingers crossed hopefully I will soon get into the swing of things and keep posting regularly. Since having a few evenings free I simply find myself lusting over new things and now I'm not working full time due to uni, I find myself with less money = problem. So I've built up a small high end beauty wish list.

1. Origins clear improvement mask is something I have wanted to try for a very long time, having that problematic skin prone to break outs I've heard this clay mask works wonders for this. I've never tried an Origins product but it's always the website I check up on and always a brand I've wanted to try as they are so lusted over. Alongside this mask I'd love to try the spot treatment which many people rave over too.

2. Benefit hydra smooth lip colour is a relatively new product from benefit. They are lipsticks which come in different coverages such as sheer, medium and full. As soon as I saw these hit the internet they instantly caught my eye due to the unique packaging and range of colours across different coverages. Although the packaging looks very unique and different I feel it could be a bit clumpy and large but that doesn't stop me wanting to try it! It has a slightly special feeling about it and I've tried many benefit products before and loved all of them.

3. Benefit stay flawless primer, another Benefit product! Since this primer was released I've tried to reason with myself about whether or not to purchase but to be honest I really just want to try it! Again another pretty packaging from Benefit and I like the fact that it's a primer on a stick and not a liquid based primer. I think this is one of the reasons as to why I'm intrigued into trying it!

4. MAC Crosswires lipstick, I can't tell you how long I've wanted to purchase this particular lipstick or simply just any other lipstick from MAC. Yes you heard right, I've never tried a MAC lipstick and my lord I so want to. They are obviously so raved about everywhere in the blogging world and out. Since I haven't really been into lipstick for that long, I now think I need to purchase one to see what all of the fuss is about! I've had my eye on Crosswires but I can't get over how many there are to choose from! I think I really need to head down to my nearest counter and have a real nosey! That is one downside to MAC for me, there is only one counter which isn't too close to me so it's rather annoying to get my hands on!

So there we have it, probably only a slice of my beauty wish list right now! There probably are many more but these are the four I've wanted to try for the longest amount of time and which I've heard the best about :-) Let me know if you've tried any of the products that I've mentioned and what you think about them, I'd love to know! xo
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