Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sally Hansen HD Lite

Again it feels like forever ago that I actually purchased this varnish but I have finally tested it out (on my fingers AND my toes, ha ha) and I absolutely love it, just like I loved this varnish in the pink. Although the sun has gone in today these nails are so summery and pretty much the sunshine in my life right now! Ha ha, it's such a bright colour and really catches the light. I've wanted a yellow nail varnish for so long so to finally get my hands on this one and love it as much as I do is b-e-a-utiful! Now I'm going to continue watching 90210 (fave programme right now!) laterz bloggers xoxo

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Models Own Ibiza Mix

Just a quick post for you guys to show you the Models Own Ibiza Mix polish that I brought aaaaaages ago and as always promised you a post on, so here it is. Whenever I paint my nails nicely and then go to work, within an hour they are disgustingly chipped so I decided to not put an under colour with this glitter polish. This is because I thought if this polish chipped then it wouldn't be so noticable therefore I could get away with it at work. And it worked! It did chip, obviously, but it wasn't so noticable and with all this lovely sunshine we've been having the flecks of glitter have been catching the light and looks amazing! The flecks are all different colours, shapes and sizes and I LOVE it! Next time I use this I will put an under colour on as I think it will look better... maybe a nice new neon colour? What do you think? :-) Hope you've all been enjoying the sunshineee xo

Friday, 25 May 2012

Happy Birthday Glossybox

If you read my Glossybox posts then you'll know I was waiting for something within this box to make me want to keep my subscription and I think this box has made me want to keep going for at least one more! We got more in this box than usual and they are all things that I actually want to try for once.

  1. Noble Isle Summer Rising Bath & Shower Gel
  2. Lolita Lempicka L'Eau en Blanc & Si Lolita
  3. Weleda Face Cream/Body Milk
  4. Uniqone All in one hair treatment
  5. Let's Go Lashes
I'll keep this post quick just so you can have a nose at what I received but I'm genuinely happy with this box, I just hope it lives up to this next time :-) What did you all receive in your boxes?! Hope you're enjoying the sun! xo

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Nicole Scherzinger Impress nails

I first saw these in a Boots magazine which was laying about in the staff room at work and instantly thought they looked amazing and something I wanted to try! Nicole Scherzinger had launched all of these beautiful nails in plain colours and in prints too. I've seen so many pictures of these on people and they really do look effortless. You literally peel the sticky back off and stick them onto your nails, easy hey? It says they last a week or more which is pretty good considering my nail varnish would all be chipped within a few days. The only hold back would be that they retail at £7.99 for the plain colours and £8.99 for the prints which is quite pricey considering if they only last for a week. Saying that though I still really want to try them out basically so I can put my mind to rest about how long they last and so on! So you can purchase these in Boots and they come with a range of different sizes so you bound to find some that fit! (hopefully you'll have the right sizes left over to use again!) I'll leave you with the main website which tells you all about them! Hope you've all had a good weekend xo http://impressmanicure.com/

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Haul post #3

So this post is dedicated to showing all you fellow bloggers what I've been purchasing lately.. and yes, it's a bit too much and it's not even payday yet! (woops!) So first is my Jack Wills purchases and I literally can't express how happy I am with these! I'm part of the Jack Wills Outlet and the other day I got an email for an extra 20% off, how could I resist? Well the answer is, I couldn't! Both tops only came to £24 inc. postage which was amazinggggggg! And I'm totally in love with them.

Next is another Sally Hansen HD nail polish, I purchased the pink version of this colour and did a post on it a while back and I really did recommend it. For a while I've wanted a yellow nail varnish for the summer (if we get any) so when I found this one on eBay for 99p, again I was unable to resist and cannot wait to try it out, and when I do I promise I'll post about it.

So today I went into H&M to find a skirt which I'd seen on the internet.. and I couldn't find it. But instead I found this cute vest top and for a bargain price as well! I love the simple yet cute design and it's slightly dip hemmed at the back which adds to it. Although I didn't find my skirt, I'm pretty pleased I found this!

Finally I had some things to return to New Look the other day and instead of just getting my money back I ended up exchanging them (not really what I wanted, I'm meant to be saving!) I've seen so many palazzo trousers recently and love the look of them but thought they'd never look right on me but I found this lovely ditsy floral print and just had to try them on. I tried them on and absolutely loved them!!!! They really are as comfortable as they look and I paired them with this blue crop tee that I found for £3 in the sale and I was so chuffed! Now all I need is the summer and I'll be happy happy happy! :D

Monday, 14 May 2012

OPI suede - Here Today Aragon Tomorrow

After watching many of these polishes on eBay I finally got my hands on one and it was pretty cheap too! I really do love this polish as I love the colour of it, it dries pretty much instantly with the suede effect which is great! (Much easier than painting your nails normally) But I did find that this varnish is basically like the Rimmel matte effect top coat which I posted on a few weeks ago and obviously with that top coat you can choose any colour you want to make this same effect. Although I love the colour, the drying time and in the end the effect I believe I could have just used my matte effect top coat. Happy Monday bloggers! xo

Monday, 7 May 2012

Leopard print nails

Today I purchsed a Models Own nail art pen, in Boots, all Models Own nail products are 2 for £8 so I thought what a better time to try a nail art pen and get myself a new nail polish! So to begin, the nail art pen, I've always REALLY wanted to try and do leopard print nails and here is my very first attempt of doing so! I first painted my nails with my lilac Rimmel London polish, I did 3 coats of this. I then waited until they were completely dry to do my doodling. I'd watched a couple of tutorials on YouTube but every different video the technique was so different so I decided to be brave and just test it out myself. At first I found it difficult to adjust to using the nail art pen but I think after a while I started getting used to it and then my nails turned out better! What do you think of my first attempt?!

Finally a couple of things I purchased today.. Obviously include the Models Own nail art pen. The polish I got was one from the Hed Kandi collection called 'Ibiza Mix'. Basically I think I'm just drawn to glitter nail varnishes and they just attract my attention and that's my decision made! But I cannot wait to try this varnish and I will do a post on it :-) And we popped into Tesco on the way home and what a surprise.. a nice little sale! I found this satin tribal print top for only £5!!! I couldn't leave it and instanly fell in love. It's a nice length and can be worn with leggings or tucked in for a baggy look into high waisted jeans or shorts!

Hope you've all had a lovely bank holiday!


Sunday, 6 May 2012

New month, new must haves

✞ I heart NY top - New Look ✞ Ombre skater skirt - Topshop ✞ White crop tee - Topshop ✞ Brown slouch bag - River Island ✞ Ear cuff - River Island ✞ Love heart tee - Topshop ✞ Contrast pleat skirt - Missguided ✞ Feather and bead crop tee - River Island ✞ Aztec bodycon dress - Topshop

Just a quick post including my new found loves! :-)

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Haul post #2

Skirt - £5, New Look
Skirt - £7, New Look
Skirt - £6, New Look
Top - £6, Primark
Vans - £45, Schuh
Nail varnish - £6, Topshop
Bourjois nail polish remover - £4.99, Boots

Better late than never I always say.. This post has been in the making for slightly too long! So I went to Norwich, SHOPPING TRIP, last Thursday and finally I've taken some photographs for you. As you already know I brought a Topshop nail varnish and the new Bourjois nail polish remover. But the rest I hope was a mystery! We popped into New Look and to our surprise it was the day that their sale launched, excited!! I wanted to buy so much more than I did but with it being the day before pay day I held back. I came out with 3 skirts for £18!!!! BARGAIN, considering one of them was priced at £20 beforehand. I absolutely love all of them (I'm so sorry the cobalt blue one is creased, yet to come out of the bag, haha) I've wanted a dipped hem skirt for so long so was so excited when I found it in the sale. I've also always been a fan of the floaty skater skirt hence why I purchased two of these! I find the elasticated waist makes them SO comfortable. Every shopping trip must consist of a Primark buy and mine this time was this galaxy dipped hem chiffon top, as soon as I saw it I instantly fell in love and had to join the massive queue to make it mine! And finally my new love... my vans! Pretty pricey but I am in love with them, they are so comfortable and I'd recently told myself I wanted a pair of trainers, so here they are! The colour is gorgeous and think it will really go with everything!

What bargains have you found recently? What fashion trends are you hung up on?
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