Thursday, 30 August 2012

Want, Want and more Want

With it nearly being September, yes September, how quick has this year gone? And also with payday coming up there are so many beauty/fashion bits I want out there at the moment! So here I am sharing them with you bloggers on this horrible rainy day....

☂ River Island light denim high waisted jeans - £30 (Bargain!!)
☂ Topshop disco treggings - £28
☂ River Island acid wash jeggings - £35
☂ POP confetti glitz nail polish - £6.50
☂ Louise Gray @ Topshop brush set - £32
☂ Mavala eye-lite double lash - £9.35
☂ Benefit 'They're Real' mascara - £18.50
☂ Missguided cross print top - £13.99
☂ Miss guided galaxy peplum top - £14.99
☂ ASOS rocco print bodycon dress - £22


Friday, 24 August 2012

Everyone loves a Giveaway!

Head on over to Sophia's blog where she is very kindly giving away a MAC lippy of your choice and 2 Sophia with love goodies! It's a lovely giveaway and you have nothing to lose by entering!
GO NOW :-)

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Avon Moroccan Argan Oil Review

So I got these items a few weeks ago actually but thought I would share them with you as I really am in love with all 3 of these products! I've been using these products for about a week now and although I've also had a hair cut in this time I really have seen a difference in my hair. I brought these products on an introductory offer and they were so cheap that I couldn't just leave them! Although I can't remember exactly how much they were (sorry! It was so long ago, a downside to Avon as they take so long to deliver!) If I was guessing then I would say both the shampoo and conditioner were £1.50 each and are 250ml and the treatment I believe was about £3 give or take 50p or so. So yeah I found them really cheap especially the treatment because it works it makes it even better for the price your paying! Although I'm not sure how much they would be now as like I said I got them on offer but Avon really do do offers in pretty much every catalogue I receive. Anyway the past few hair washes I've used the shampoo and conditioner and then used the treatment afterwards. You can use it on towel dry hair and it's a leave-in treatment. Even the next day I found my hair really soft and shiny, after repeating this process a few times I found that the ends of my hair felt a lot stronger. I don't know if any of you have the same problem but I have a 'hand bag shoulder' and my hair on that side tends to get way more damaged than the other side! But I found this treatment helped this problem slightly and although my hair is still a lot thinner on this side I find that there is less split ends and much fuller. I would definitely re-purchase these items, even though I'm a girl who loves to chop and change hair products to try and see what's out there. Obviously these products are a fraction of the price of the real moroccan oil products, I can't say I've tried those ones but for the price of these Avon products I don't think I'd bother as I loved these products! 

Have you tried these moroccan oil products or any other moroccan oil products? 
What are your views on them?
Here's the link to the products:

Monday, 20 August 2012

OPI Miami Beet

Here's the second post out of three of my OPI purchases from my vaca to France. This varnish is called 'Miami Beet' and it's a really nice deep red, fuschia colour (it's really hard to explain!) But anyway it's a gorgeous colour! It took me SO long to decide which varnishes to choose as there really were so many, I just want to go on the ferry for the OPI cheap prices again ;-) I tried to remember my nail varnish bag at home whilst on the ferry as I have so many I tend to purchase colours which I already have, big mistake! Whoopsie. But I did well with this purchase as I do not have one like it! I applied a base coat, 3 coats of colour and then a top coat and inbetween using my Avon liquid freeze so that it didn't take so long to dry (always helpful). 

On another note I'm looking to do a giveaway for you lovely followers and fellow bloggers but here's where I'm stuck... what do YOU guys want to see as the prize? I'm thinking nail varnish.. OPI? Essie? Topshop? Leave a comment to let me know and I'll see what I can do :-D


My week in pictures #8

⚓ Shortbread man ⚓ Classic M&M bars ⚓ Supporting the Olympics ⚓ Cath Kidston phone case! ⚓ Pooch has her Cath Kidston collar ⚓ Sunday portrait ⚓ Peeling legs, ew ⚓ What's in my bag picture ⚓ My niece having a photoshoot ⚓


Monday, 13 August 2012

New Season Must Haves - River Island

I have fallen in love with River Island's new Autumn/Winter stock! I've always loved River Island and I really wish money would grow on trees so I could afford it all! I've picked a select few pieces for you here :-)

1. Grey studded cardigan 2. 2 in 1 PU skirt dress 3. 2 in 1 dress in different colours (same as #2) 4. Beige jeggings 5. Fur collar jacket 6. Dogtooth leggings

Saturday, 11 August 2012

My week in pictures #7

☯ Black clouds ☯ Last 50 shades book! ☯ Kisses from my pooch ☯ We won 1 ticket :-( ☯ Playing payday ☯ New shoes - In love ☯ Charity shop bargains ☯ Vintage stall purchases ☯ Nicki Minaj OPI varnish ☯

Friday, 10 August 2012

OPI Nicki Minaj Did It On 'Em

If you've read my last post you'll know that the first purchase of my holiday to France were 2 OPI varnishes.. well here's one of them! It's from the Nicki Minaj collection and is calld 'Did It On 'Em'. Ever since this collection came out I've wanted to get my hands of every single one! If you remember well then I already have one other.. It may be taking me a while but I will get there eventually, ha ha. I absolutely love this colour, it's fantastic for the summer and when better to apply when we are actually finally getting some sun in the UK! As I purchased this on the ferry as well I managed to get it at a bargain price of £7! I applied a base coat then 3 layers of the colour and then I actually ran out of top coat after about 3 nails so just bunged some base coat on top of the rest (don't think this will actually do much good!) But I'm going out tomorrow to buy some more top coat, phew. This colour is a mixture between yellow, lime and green and it's hard to explain so hopefully the pictures will do it justice for you! I have 2 more new OPI varnishes to post about for you so stay tuned as I'm now back in England for a while as yet :-)


Monday, 6 August 2012

South of France, Vacation time!

✺ Bikini  mayhem ✺ Arm candy ✺ More magazine ✺ White cliffs of Dover ✺ OPI purchases on the ferry ✺ On the ferry ✺ Swimming lake ✺ Sunset ✺

✺ Name made us laugh ✺ Kittens ✺ Sunflowers ✺ Ambulance ✺ Monsters Inc ✺ Bye bye France ✺ Hello Dover ✺ On a pedalo ✺

So the reason why I haven't posted for SO long is because I've been on vaca to the south of France! My family have a house out there so we went to visit. We drove down which took 2 days as we had to stay overnight due to it being in the south! (It was very long) Once we arrived though the weather was beautiful and hot so we were working on our tans (It worked, hehe) So I thought I would just share a selected few pictures of my trip and I'll get back to blogging normally again next week. I say 'next week' because today I am off on holiday again for a week!  Au revoir bloggers!

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