Monday, 25 June 2012

Cheeky haul

 Topshop sale £12

 Topshop sale £7
 River Island sale £10
River Island sale £10

With all the sales starting up in all my favourite shops I had to start with the top 2 and make purchases! I had a gift voucher for Topshop so was straight to the sale with that and brought a crochet vest and a metallic tunic and it only came to £19! When it would have been about £40 full price. Both River Island purchases were half price, I got mint green chino shorts and a LA oversized sweat top (perfect for lounging) I find River Island bottoms fit me really well so I tend to purchase bottoms from there and I try to get them in the sale as they can be pretty pricey! I hope you've all found some bargains in the recent sales too! xo


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My week in pictures #5

❀ Swimming pool ❀ My niece ❀ Swimming pool fun ❀ Dingy ❀ New top from my dad! ❀ Eva Mendes photo shoot ❀ Got this stuck in my nail varnish remover ❀ My dog ❀ Scary teeth ❀ My other niece, clown feet ❀ New nail varnish ❀ New want ❀

Monday, 11 June 2012

Barry M magnetic polish

As soon as this came out I immediately went to Boots to purchase! I believe these came out in 3 or 4 different shades and when I went into Boots and the only colour that was left was this one, it wouldn't have been my first choice but I wasn't unhappy. So basically you apply one coat, let it dry then apply another and immediately hover the magnet over the nail. I know what you're thinking, long process right? And yes it is.. For the second coat you have to do each nail one by one before the second coat drys. Once it's done though you really do get a great effect, unfortunately some nails come out better than others, but I guess that's just the way it goes. I believe I paid £4.99 for this varnish (can't completely remember) so I think it's pretty reasonable for the price but the only downside being that it takes quite a bit longer that I wouldn't be in a rush to do this before a night out or anything!

Have you tried any magnetic polishes? Let me know! :)

Sunday, 10 June 2012

My week in pictures #4

★ Jubilee cakes at work ★ Boyfriends jumper ★ New heart ring ★ Angelina Jolie photoshoot ★ Late night country drive ★ Sunny Sunday ★ My niece ★ Light reading ★ Freebies ★ Me and my pooch ★ OOTD ★ Bikini want ★

Mag freebies

Just a quickie to tell all you bloggers out there to go and spend your pocket money on these two beautiful magazines! I love Marie Claire mag and when I saw that there was a Ciate freebie I couldn't turn it down. I don't often buy it cause it's pretty pricey but it's worth it! Then when I saw Bazaar had a Leighton Denny freebie I couldn't leave that behind either! The Ciate polish is 'Bon Bon' and the Leighton Denny is 'Plush Pink'. They are such cute colours and I cannot wait to try them out! So get out there a purchase! :-) Happy Sunday xoxo

Thursday, 7 June 2012

June must haves

1. Ditsy floral maxi dress - New Look
2. Rainbow speckle jumper - Topshop
3. Heart cut out ring - Topshop
4. Cut out shoulder top - New Look
5. Lilac 7/8 trousers - New Look
6. Lilac peplum skirt - Missguided
7. Tan woven sandals - New Look
8. Gold nail art pen - Topshop
9. Aztec crop top - Topshop

Friday, 1 June 2012

My week in pictures #3

♔ My pooch ♔ Car washing with my nieces ♔ Buns ♔ 2 rainbows ♔ Hot air balloon ♔ Strawberry and cream coolers ♔ New tv ♔ Mollie ♔ Smarties ♔ New computer ♔ Apple and raspberry juice ♔ Haul ♔ Beach ♔ Flat tyre ♔ Choc lolly ♔ Fab ♔ Summer time ♔ Twister ♔ Dog in the sun ♔ Varnish on it's last legs

Cute ♔ sign perfect for the Jubilee weekend, hope you all have a good one! xoxo
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