Thursday, 30 July 2015

Bach Rescue Remedy Night

Some nights it can take what seems like forever to drift off to sleep once tucked up in bed. It's so frustrating when you're in bed ready to go to sleep but just continuously toss and turn for hours. I've searched pharmacies for different methods in order to help this situation and recently stumbled across this from Bach. It's from their rescue remedy range and is designed to help you drift off into a natural sleep when you're mind simply won't switch off.

Bach say:
"Rescue Night is a combination of Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum, with an additional Bach Original Flower Essence White Chestnut; White Chestnut has been used to switch off the mind from unwanted repetitive thoughts. These flower essences combine to help you enjoy a natural night's sleep. Simply place 4 drops on the tongue or in a glass of water and sip at intervals."

I didn't want to take any tablets and wanted to find an alternative way in order to help me drift off, that's when I stumbled across this. I'd heard of the brand and product before but never the night version therefore it intrigued me. Ever since I purchased this product I have used it every night since and can say that I have seen a slight difference. Before using this product, as I mentioned, it could take me hours to fall asleep. When using this product I did find that this amount of time was reduced a lot and left me less restless at night.

I found it super easy to use this product as I would just make sure that I dropped four drops on my tongue literally before I set my head down. There was a slight taste to the product but nothing overpowering or bad tasting. I have never tried it in any water simply because I found that dropping it on my tongue was easier and less hassle, not forgetting to mention that it worked that way with me.

Overall I think this is a great product and alternative to taking sleeping tablets. It's much more natural and really does help me drift off. If you have this same problem then I would definitely recommend this product from Bach. Also if you have any other tips for me that you've learnt from not being able to drift off then leave them in the comments :-)

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Primer

I found it super hard to locate a good primer that I hadn't tried before from the high street, has anyone else had this problem or is it just me? I had tried many before but none that I wanted to repurchase and was after something new. In the end I purchased this one from L'Oreal called Lumi Magique. I'd heard good things about this so thought I would give it a go and share my thoughts with you.

Firstly the packaging I love, it has a pump so you know exactly how much you need and I find that one pump is enough to cover my whole face. This primer is aimed to illuminate the skin whilst providing a base ready for your foundation. When I first pumped this out of the tube I was slightly in shock of the colour of this product. If you're after a highlighting primer then this is your guy. It is a bright white/pearl colour and has quite a runny consistency. But it honestly works wonders on my skin. Once applied it does brighten up my skin tone which I love to see especially when I've just woken up and my skin doesn't look it's best. I didn't think I would be able to see as much of a difference as I can with this product but it really does show.

I was slightly worried about using this product as I do have an oily t zone as some of you may know already. I thought I don't want to draw even more attention to my forehead especially by illuminating it and then it becoming oily. I can assure you that this is not the case which is just great. It illuminates my forehead as I do still apply it there but it doesn't make me look like a light bulb. I do however find that this primer doesn't hold my foundation in place for the longest amount of time especially in my t zone. I wasn't expecting it to be the best in that particular area so I can't say that I was completely disappointed. I do find that this product stays nicely in place around my cheek bones and jaw line which is an added bonus. It's basically like I've highlighted those areas but with a primer and then applied make up over the top yet it still illuminates through.

Overall I am enjoying using this product although it's not the best for my oily t zone I find that it does look good on my skin in other areas. Therefore I'm still on a hunt for an alternative high street primer so leave a comment below if you have any suggestions. Also let me know if you've tried this product and your thoughts on it :-)

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Sleek Face Contour Kit

I'm very much a newbie when it comes to contouring and this is the first contour kit I have ever purchased and owned. I love the contoured look when I see it on other people and celebs but I've always failed to think that I can recreate the look myself. With all that in mind I thought I needed to give it a go to find out whether or not my thoughts were true. I had heard and read a lot about this one from Sleek and it was pretty cheap so I thought this would be a good place to start.

The packaging is really compact and you get a decent sized mirror included so it's perfect for on the go. Within this kit you get the contour shade and also a highlighter, so again perfect for on the go as you have two products in one compact. I must admit I was slightly scared of the colour of the contour shade but I did opt for the lightest shade available in this kit and when swatched it really doesn't look as dark. The highlight shade is a gorgeous champagne with pink hints to it and looks lovely on the tops of your cheek bones.

Within this kit there was a little instruction booklet which I must admit I had a little read of and pretty much stuck to when I first used this product, simply because I was pretty clueless. I had also read a lot from other beauty bloggers all about contouring so I knew roughly what I was doing. With this product I use my Real Techniques contour brush and find that they work really well together. Both shades are highly pigmented therefore you barely need any product on application. This is definitely a key tip from me if you're also new to contouring, apply lightly and build up until you have your desired look. I would definitely not apply too much product onto your brush because once it's on your face it can be difficult to then cover up.

The contour shade it completely matte in this kit which is exactly what you want when it comes to contouring. It blends seamlessly into the skin but you obviously have to work this into the correct places in order for it to look natural. When applying the contour I do the unusual but normal contouring face and suck in my cheeks looking like a fish. I then apply the product lightly into the hollows of my cheeks and build it up until I like the look of it basically. On a normal everyday make up look I probably just apply this twice lightly onto my face but if you're after a night out look then I would recommend building it up much more. With whatever product is left on my brush I then sweep this down either side of my nose. I don't apply more product for this as I find you don't need a lot in order to create the look.

When I'm happy with my contour I then go in with the highlighter and apply this on the tops of my cheek bones and down the centre of my nose. This highlighter honestly looks so lovely in the summer and when the sun light hits on it. It does contain glitter but it's not too heavy for everyday and sits nicely on the face.

This kit is just perfect for those days when you're feeling like you want to wish you looked a bit more like Kim Kardashian. I can't say I use this kit everyday but I definitely like to use it on the weekends and when I'm heading out for the evening - basically whenever I can actually spend time doing my make up and not when I'm in a rush for work. Let me know if you've tried this kit or what you're favourite contour is as I would definitely like to try some others now! :-)

Friday, 24 July 2015

L'Oreal False Lash Superstar Mascara

This mascara definitely released with a bang recently and being a fan of other L'Oreal mascaras, I couldn't help but pick this one up. When I was younger I used to own a mascara like this one in the way that it had a primer and a mascara end. I remember thinking I was so cool and when I went to school that day wearing it, my friends said to me "do you have silver mascara on?". This baffled me as I couldn't really see it but in the sun light the black mascara clearly hadn't covered the white primer enough and had made them look silver - disaster hey. But moving on and I can tell you that this mascara does not give you silver eye lashes.

I picked this up recently from Boots when they had a 2 for £12 on L'Oreal cosmetics offer on. I had seen this mascara everywhere from the TV to Instagram to all over the blogging community. The pictures I had seen looked amazing but you can never tell what a mascara is going to look like on you without trying it as they can all work differently for different people. I can say that I have loved using this mascara and can agree with all the positivity around this product. I love the unique primer and black mascara end of this product as there really aren't that many out there like this, that I know of.

I still curl my eye lashes before using this product but they go straight in to using the primer and then onto the black mascara. After applying the primer I can already see a difference in my eye lashes, even though I look slightly scary with white eye lashes I must say. I then move quickly onto applying the black mascara over the top where again I can see a difference. The length of my eye lashes has increased visibly and they also look much more voluminous.

I don't find that this mascara drops down under my eyes at all throughout the day and really does last. It holds the curl, length and volume as well which is perfect when working a long day or going out for the evening.

I would definitely recommend giving this mascara a go as it's unique and something you can easily find on your local high street. It is the higher end of the high street budget but I think it's definitely worth it and even better if you can grab it whilst it's on offer. If you've tried this mascara already then leave your thoughts below :-)

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Fashion Haul / H&M, New Look, Asos & More!

I never really do fashion hauls on my blog mainly because I never normally like the outcome of the pictures of the clothes. But here I am giving it a go because recently I have purchased so many new clothes which I have fallen in love with and wanted to share them with you. I also have a new wardrobe which I thought looked like the best place to take the photographs so I hope they look ok for you guys.

Anyway firstly is this dress from Dorothy Perkins which I have actually purchased for a wedding in a couple of weeks. It has this gorgeous floral print and neckline which I absolutely love. The fit is perfect although I did have to size down but now it's figure hugging in all the right places. I'm picturing this with nude heels and bag which I thought would look great for a summer wedding. It has a skater skirt bottom which is also great as it means I won't get too hot. I think I would be able to wear this again for other events and even daily in the future.

This top is from New Look and I am in love with it! I love the fringing as it means it doesn't show off too much of your tummy as the top is cropped. I think paired with denim shorts this is going to look great when the sun decides to come back out and also for when I go on holiday. I've always wanted an item of clothing with fringing so am super pleased I've found something I love with it.

This is a very basic top from H&M but it was such a bargain that I couldn't resist. It was only £4 and I also realised that I actually don't own any navy tops in my wardrobe so thought that was a good enough reason. I love the lattice top part of this vest and I think this would look great tucked into a pair of denim shorts or something for the summer.

First things first I am just in love with the pattern of this top, it's just so perfect for summer. It's hard to tell in this photograph but this top has slinky straps and then the t shirt part so that you have cut out shoulders.... if you understand that. Again this style of top is something I've wanted for a long time and I am pleased that I have finally found one I like. This is from New Look and was super reasonably priced I couldn't not pick it up.

Another New Look top and another style of top that I have wanted to purchase for a while. This is a Bardot style top which has been everywhere this summer and I am a big fan of it. I love that this one in particular just floats perfectly and has 3/4 length sleeves. I love the monochrome stripes (and anything with stripes on) and I think it will go with a lot of bottoms I have currently in my wardrobe. I think a simple pair of jeans and this would look well put together.

And here are the pair of denim shorts I keep going on about, would you believe that until this pair I actually didn't own a simple pair of denim shorts, crazy I know! I found these on New Look in the sale for around £10 which I thought was a bargain. They are not too short which is what I love about these as I am rather tall so can find it hard. As I've mentioned these are perfect for the summer and I will definitely get my wear out of them.

This pair of shorts are from H&M and again I found these in the sale. I absolutely love the pattern of these and think with a simple white tee, vest or crop top these would look great. Again they are not too short which is great for me and you other tall girls out there! They have a stretchy waist which is perfect and comfortable too.

This denim skirt is from Asos and I am absolutely in love with it. This style of skirt has been everywhere recently and I really love it. This is from the tall section on the Asos website and is the perfect length for me. It sits just above my hips and I find that it makes it super comfortable. It can be paired with pretty much any top and is so versatile.

And finally this top is from Asos also and is a staple in anyone's wardrobe I find. As I've mentioned I love anything with stripes on and a long sleeved stripe top is a must. This is a great style and is again from the tall section. It's still slightly cropped on me but not too much and can still be tucked into skirts and shorts etc. The material is super soft which makes this even nicer.

That's everything from my recent fashion haul and I hope you've seen something that you like or something that's given you some inspiration. There are so many inspirational styles out there at the moment which make me want to buy even more clothes. I am hoping the UK see some more sun in our "summer" if not then I cannot wait to get away on holiday in August :-)

Monday, 20 July 2015

Witch Overnight Clearing Serum

I've been pretty loyal to the Freederm Overnight Clearing Serum for quite some time but when this Witch one came out recently I couldn't help but pick it up considering I had just used up my Freederm one. This was recently on offer in Boots for around £4 which was a bit cheaper than the Freederm one so I couldn't help but give it a go.

Witch say "Witch Overnight Clearing Serum is designed to help reduce the appearance of blemishes and spots while helping to prevent future break outs. Your skin is visibly hydrated and looks more radiant and clear." I've previously used other products from Witch and have loved them so was really excited to give this one a go. The claims Witch make were exactly what I was after taking into consideration my blemishes, oily t zone and dry patches.

I apply this product last thing at night before my head hits the pillow and I'm asleep. The consistency is a light serum/cream and doesn't take long at all to settle into the skin. The pump makes it super easy to know how much product to apply to the skin and this product does go a long way. I find that I don't even need a full pump for it to cover my entire face. Due to the light consistency it doesn't feel heavy on the skin which is the last thing you want before going to sleep. It doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or irritate my current blemishes which I have found can sometimes happen with other blemish products.

I've been using this product most nights ever since I purchased and can say that I have seen results. I find this product dries up my blemishes and reduces the redness of them overnight. I can't say that the actual appearance of my blemishes are reduced but it does change the look of them in some way. The blemishes are still visible, and I know this product isn't going to clear them up completely, but they look better than they did the night before applying this product. They have dried out which is an annoying stage of blemishes but a stage in the right direction of getting rid of them. I can't say I agree with the claim about looking more radiant and only slightly agree with the hydration. On application the serum feels hydrating but come the morning I find that it's disappeared and where I have dry patches it doesn't help that out a lot. Not to say that it completely doesn't work, because it does, it just only hydrates for a short period of time.

Overall this is a great, cheaper alternative to the Freederm serum but if it was a toss up between the two I think I would opt for the Freederm one. However I will continue to enjoy this product and use it up as I am enjoying using it. If you've tried this product or any similar then leave the links below and let me know what they are :-)

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Bucket List

Image sourced from Google

There are many things I would love to do within my lifetime, as I'm sure many of you would agree. I would love to actually write them down and share them with you guys and also hear yours too. I'm not sure this is quite a bucket list but it's the things I've always thought I would love to do, achieve and complete. I've never actually written them all down anywhere before so you heard it here first guys. Therefore this might be more of a "20 things to do before a certain amount of time" but what a naff blog post title that would be hey!

1. Go to LA
2. Complete my third year University
3. Be more positive
4. Visit a place I've never been to before
5. See my friends more often
6. Worry less about the little things
7. Go to a festival
8. Move out
9. Be proud of what I've achieved
10. Love my blog
11. Exercise more
12. Continue to eat healthily (with the odd exception)
13. Spend more time with my family
14. Meet new people
15. Hunt down Lauren Conrad
16. Enjoy some time without wi-fi
17. Go on a large family holiday
18. Do something that's out of my comfort zone
19. Take more photographs
20. Buy something I've always wanted (preferably a high whizz camera to complete #19)
So there goes I've shared mine with you and let me hear one or a few of yours in the comments :-)

Thursday, 16 July 2015

My Week In Pictures #16

It's been such a busy couple of weeks with both work and outside of work socialising that I feel I haven't had time to stop. Work has been super busy as always, which as much as I can moan about I actually quite like as it keeps my mind off of other things that maybe aren't worth thinking about. My weekends have been jam packed with birthdays, seeing friends and a hen party. Again busy weekends mean keeping my mind off of the stressful things. But I do like, every now and then, to have those relaxing weekends where I basically do nothing. Or if I am doing something that I make sure it's something relaxed either with friends or family.

Speaking of stressful I had a meeting with my university about my third and final year, I came out totally drained. I was only there for about an hour but it was the longest, most in depth hour of my year so far. It has actually made me fear third year slightly and constantly think "how on earth am I going to complete it?". I know I shouldn't be thinking like this, considering I haven't even started the year yet, but it is difficult. I want to be positive and deep down I know I will be able to complete it but after that meeting it was hard to think like that. My friends have got me through the past two years so I think they will keep me going through this final year.

Continuing the uni theme but on a much, much happier note I received my final letter from university to say that I officially passed my foundation degree (hence the third year meeting). This was such a relief for my personally as I have completed it. Something I was never going to do from sixth form, I went back and completed. Yes I have third year to go but for now I have a foundation degree, before it turns into a BA Honours degree. Personally I am pleased with myself as it was difficult but I think I have it all to come in third year.

I seem to have been purchasing a lot of beauty products over the past few weeks to by the look of these pictures. I definitely didn't realise this until putting this post together so clearly I've just been spending here and there without really paying much attention. Which is actually pretty naughty but hey ho as I mentioned work has been busy and I passed uni so if they're not good excuses I don't know what are.

Hopefully the next couple of weeks will be slightly more chilled although I'm feeling they might not be. This weekend is the only weekend where I don't have crazy plans so I'm going to make the most of it seeing both my family and friends :-)

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

I feel like I've spoken about this product a lot recently on my blog but not in a post on it's own. It's been in one of my Tips & Tricks posts and also I purchased this brand new one photographed in a recent haul. But I thought it was definitely worthy of a post to itself as for months now this is the only beauty tool I've been using for my base make up.

This sponge has various functions due to it's abnormal shape which I find work really well. There are rounded sides which can be used for blending large areas of the face. The precision tip which can be used for blemishes and imperfections. Finally the flat edge which contours around the eyes and nose. I completely agree with Real Techniques and use each side of the sponge where they have said to use them and find that it works flawlessly.

I find the most important thing about this sponge is to use it damp! This is especially for those, alike me, who have dry skin. It keeps the moisture locked in and puts some moisture back into the drier areas of your face. As I've mentioned I haven't used anything else other than this sponge to apply my foundation since my skin became much more dry. It has honestly worked wonders on my skin and leaves my foundation looking ten times better than when I used to use my hands before to apply it.

For £6 I could not recommend a better tool to apply foundation and I really am in love with it. Hence why I have repurchased it again and will continue to do so in the future. If you have dry skin and haven't tried this then I definitely recommend it and you can purchase it from many different online websites such as Feel Unique and Boots. Let me know if you've tried this and your thoughts on it :-)

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Feel Unique & Boots Haul

It's time for another haul and when I received an email from Feel Unique with a £5 off voucher I just couldn't resist browsing their website. Then a new release which is exclusive to Boots made me purchase that as well. I always find when buying beauty products, unless it's something 100% specific that I'm after, that I always end up buying more than one thing. It also normally ends up being things that I don't even need, I just purchase because they're there and something that I haven't tried before.

Firstly the Feel Unique bits and I picked up the Urban Decay Naked Skin Full Coverage Concealer which I've had my eye on for quite some time now. I had heard that this is similar to the Nars famous concealer but not as heavy on the skin and also slightly cheaper. As much as I love my Nars concealer I can find it cakey on my really dry spots therefore this one sounded right up my street. The packaging is cute and compact which I like and I'm super excited to try this and see if it lives up to my expectations.

Next I picked up a new one of my favourite Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponges. Simply because my current one is very tatty and old therefore thought I needed to pick up a new one. I absolutely love this and swear by it, I use mine damp everyday and could not be without it. I then picked up the Redken Pillow Proof Express Primer which was recommended to me so of course I purchased it. The main thing that attracted me to this product was that it supposedly cuts down the time it takes to blow dry your hair. I have pretty long, thick hair which takes absolutely ages to dry so this product sounded perfect for me.

Onto the one product from Boots which is the St Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan which is being pretty raved about over the blogging world right now. It was out of stock on Boots for quite some time which made me want it even more and as soon as it came back in stock I purchased it online fast. I am so excited to start using this product as the concept of it amazes me and if it works then it will be an amazing product. You simply apply it in the shower, wait 3 minutes and then wash it off. It all sounds bizarre but I will give it a go for a while and then report back.

Overall I'm super excited to try all of these products I purchased and love buying new beauty bits. Let me know if you've tried any of the products above that I bought and your thoughts on them, I'd love to hear :-)

Friday, 10 July 2015

Simply Pure Hydrating Serum

I picked this up randomly in Superdrug recently whilst browsing for something else actually but this really caught my attention. As if I haven't rabbited on about it enough but my skin has turned much more dry in areas recently so I'm always on the hunt now for products to help that. This was a new in product from Superdrug and was on offer for around £2 so I couldn't resist. This is their Simply Pure range which is aimed at sensitive skin which I loved the sound of. Also as I suffer from blemishes products for sensitive skin I find can help that aspect too.

Superdrug claim this product nourishes and replenishes skin which is dehydrated. I've been using this every morning ever since I purchased it, before my moisturiser as an extra boost, and I can honestly say I have really been enjoying using it. I really think this helps locks in my moisture and puts the moisture back into my really dry areas. I find that this doesn't effect my normal skin care routine and fits in perfectly. My current moisturiser works really well over the top of this product and doesn't counteract with it which is a plus. The consistency of this product isn't too thick or too watery which is perfect as it doesn't take too long to sink into the skin. Therefore even when I am in a rush for work I can still apply this product without having to wait for it to dry.

Not only does this work super well with my dry skin but I also have an oily t zone and was slightly worried what this product would do to that area. But I can say that it doesn't really effect those areas at all. I simply just make sure that I powder my face once I've applied all my make up to ensure that it's not shiny as that is the only ever so slight down side - that my t zone is slightly more shiny than normal. I don't particularly see this as a down side though as the product is actually really good and I'm super impressed.

Overall I didn't initially think this product was going to be as good as it has turned out to be so therefore I am really impressed. I would really recommend this product as a starter if you haven't tried a serum before and have dehydrated skin. I think I will definitely repurchase this product and you can check it out here on the Superdrug website. Let me know your favourite serums for dry skin below :-)

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Pure Colour Lip Liner in Shell Pink

Whilst doing some online shopping a few weeks back on New Look, I came across their new beauty range. I'm not sure how long it has actually been out but it was the first time I was aware that it was a whole beauty range. They had a bit of everything on offer which I loved and couldn't resist popping something into my basket to give a go. After humming and haring for a short while I ended up with this lip liner in Shell Pink. I picked this shade as it looked very similar to Rimmel's Eastend Snob lip liner which is a supposed dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lip liner. Therefore I was thinking this could have the potential to be another dupe.

The packaging is pretty standard and is the normal sharpening lip liner as opposed to the ones you can twist up and down. When swatching this product it looks great and really quite similar to the Rimmel one but I do find the Rimmel one slightly more pink toned to this particular one. This product does glide onto the lips easily and smoothly. It doesn't catch on the lips whilst your applying which is always a bonus. I would however definitely recommend applying a lip balm before using this product as I do find it rather drying. I know lip pencils are not the most hydrating lip product but I do find this one to be particularly drying.

I have tried using this product in both ways; one simply as a lip liner and using a lip stick afterwards but also using it all over my lips too. I find this product is definitely 100% more suited to the first option. When using this product alone I found it to really bleed and go patchy after a short period of time which we know doesn't look at all attractive. When using it simply to line your lips it works well, I've been using it with my MAC lip stick in Twig and I love the results. Both products work well together and it makes my lip stick last a lot longer.

Overall this is a great, cheap lip liner if you simply just want it to do the job it is intended to do and nothing else. I love the nude shade and it works perfectly with many of my lip sticks which I already own which is great. You can buy this lip stick here from the New Look website and it's worth checking out the rest of their Pure Colour beauty range. Let me know if you've tried anything from their range and what you think :-)

Monday, 6 July 2015

Amphora Aromatics Seaweed & Aloe Refreshing Eye Gel

As I mentioned in a recent post the weather in the UK has finally become very hot indeed and with that I much prefer lighter skin care products and make up too. As much as I would love to go out and buy a whole new skin care routine and a whole new make up range that is slightly out of my reach right now, especially considering I have so many other products that need using. Anyway I have been rummaging through my collection to find products which will be more weather appropriate. Recently Amphora Aromatics sent me their new refreshing eye gel which I thought would be absolutely perfect for this hot weather we've been having.

Firstly let me start with the packaging which I absolutely love. I know bloggers always say it shouldn't always matter about the packaging and it's about the product but c'mon, the packaging is always a bonus. The packaging of this product feels really high end which I love. The pump is great especially on an eye gel as one pump is just the right amount for both eyes. This product can be used in a few different ways which I also love, a versatile product is always right up my street. This eye gel can remove your eye make up, help hydrate and restore the eye area and also help cool the eye area after sun exposure. Another thing I love about this product is that it is full of all natural ingredients including aloe and seaweed which both have their positives. Both of these ingredients can help improve the appearance of the eye area in general.

Anyway enough about the packaging, onto the product. I must say normally an eye gel is the one skin care product that I'm the most lazy with if I'm honest. This one seems to have changed that due to it being so versatile and I seem to now be using this particular eye gel more and more. It definitely seems like it has become a staple in my skin care routine. As soon as I apply this product it makes my eyes feel 100% refreshed, more awake and helps hide my dark circles. I have used this product also to remove my make up and I can say that I was really impressed. I normally have quite sensitive eyes but I found this was perfect due to the natural ingredients that it's full of. The results were great and it effortlessly removed my eye make up which can normally be very stubborn.

Overall I'm super impressed with this product as I love that you can use it in a variety of different ways. I love the packaging and the fact that it's all natural ingredients for my sensitive eye area. I would definitely recommend checking out Amphora Aromatics for this product and everything else they have to offer. They are a great brand and I will definitely continue using this product :-)

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Disappointing Products #1

Not only do I like to share the products that I love with you guys but I also find it helpful when reading other blogs about disappointing products that haven't lived up to fellow bloggers expectations. I find that after reading the reviews from other blogs will determine whether or not I want to buy that particular product. I know sometimes this will be more helpful when it comes to higher end/more expensive products but even some of the drug store/high street products these days can be slightly pricey if you are only just starting out with make up. Even so if a disappointing product post helps you save a few pennies in the drug store then that's a positive too. Hence why I'm going to start this little series called Disappointing Products and just post them as and when I come across a product that I don't get on with myself. I will add that this is obviously only my opinion and what doesn't work for me may necessarily work for you.

So without further ado the first product featured in this series is this matte serum primer from Bourjois. Recently I had been hunting for a new drug store primer and to be honest I really struggled. I wanted something I hadn't tried before and there just really weren't that many out there that appealed to me. In the end I took to Asos as they had money off their beauty range and ended up purchasing this one from Bourjois a bit cheaper than priced in your typical store.

What appealed to me was the mattifying aspect of the product as I have an oily t zone which I would like to keep under control for longer throughout the day. I knew this wasn't going to be the perfect product for my drier patches but I thought it may be ok to just glide over to hold my make up in place for slightly longer than without any primer. Unfortunately when I applied this product my skin just completely started flaking everywhere possible, even my oily t zone. I clearly applied the primer after my moisturiser but when applying the primer I found that it stripped my face of my moisturiser and just left my face with those of flaky patches. It made my skin look terrible and there was nothing I could do other than to take it off and start completely over again with my moisturiser. It was such a pain considering most days I tried to make this work I was actually in a rush for work, typical me.

Overall this product was just really disappointing for my skin type and completely dried it up. It makes me question which skin type this would actually work for as I have both dry and oily and it didn't work for either of those, therefore you must have to have quite normal skin I suppose. I love Bourjois as a brand and have so many other products from them which I love, it just so happens that this one did not work for me unfortunately. I hope this helps at least one of you guys out there before purchasing this particular product and I'll keep you updated on other disappointing products I may come across. Let me know your thoughts on this product if you've previously tried it :-)

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Vichy Dermablend Foundation & Concealer

My oh my it's been a long time since I purchased these products and am only now getting around to writing about them on here, whoops! I purchased these from Escentual a while back when they were on offer as I had been dying to get my hands on them for quite some time. As you may well know I suffer with blemish prone skin so any product that's going to help that and conceal it is a winner for me if it works well. I wanted to do a post combining both of these products as they are aimed to work together so here goes..

I'm going to start with the concealer as it's the one of the two products that I don't really get on with. I have quite dry skin therefore find the formula of this concealer too drying for my skin. It doesn't quite sit right on my skin and when applied to my blemishes it just simply makes them look cakey and even worse than they did before hand. So unfortunately this product really isn't for me but if you don't have dry skin then you should probably check this one out as it may suit your skin type better than mine.

On the other hand I got on really well with the foundation from this Dermablend range. I think it must be the formula as this is a liquid foundation therefore not so drying as the concealer thankfully. This is a very high coverage foundation people and although yes it can be drying probably after a while of wear it just works. Although I do find it can be to overbearing in the summer months therefore what I tend to do is use this foundation as a concealer. I find this is the perfect way to conceal my spots/blemishes when I don't want that full coverage make up look. It conceals everything perfectly and as I mentioned doesn't dry them out. The staying power on this foundation is great, as you can imagine, I do however need to touch up with some powder on my oily t zone maybe half way through the day. Other than that, which is pretty normal, it's pretty set in stone and perfect for those long working days. The colour match to my skin is perfect, I have the shade 15 Opal which I believe is the lightest shade they have on offer. My preferred way of using this product is definitely as a concealer as I find that it just works so much better and is such a great product. Although I would say it's like a 2 in 1 product as it is aimed as a foundation which it also works well as.

Overall I'm super impressed with the foundation as it works amazingly at covering up those pesky blemishes. It is a shame about the concealer but that's just my skin type unfortunately and I'm sure it would work really well on other skin types. If you're after that super full on coverage foundation then definitely check this one out from Vichy, you can buy it on Escentual website but also from Boots. It is slightly on the pricier side but worth it if you suffer with blemish prone skin. Let me know if you've tried either of these products and your thoughts :-)
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