Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

I've had this foundation on a wish list on my notes on my iPhone for such a long time. It wasn't until a few weeks back, when I was talking to a friend who was raving about this foundation, that I was like 'right I need to try this foundation now'. I actually purchased this from Asos as they had some money off of all Rimmel products so I picked it up for £7 instead of £9, better than nothing.

I was quite sceptical about trying this foundation as it's all about the dewy looking skin which normally does not appeal to me or my oily t zone areas. But since my skin has changed recently and become more dry in areas, although I still have oily patches, I thought this could actually work. I've also tried the concealer from this range and love it so was really hoping this was going to be similar. The packaging is simple and it has a pump, what more can you ask. I picked this up in the shade True Ivory 103 which really is like a perfect match for my skin colour.

So it got to the first time I was going to use this foundation and you know when you really want to love a product but you just don't know what you're going to think about it. But I honestly applied this and was blown away! I haven't tried a foundation as good as this in such a long time. This foundation has a light/medium buildable coverage which I love. It covers my blemishes so well, I still need some concealer but sometimes a foundation can dry out my spots and this one definitely doesn't do that. It glides over them so well and it stays that way throughout the day. I was surprised that this foundation also worked so well on my oily patches. Yes I powder this in the morning after applying it but it does need some touching up a few hours later, but only on my oily t zone. The rest of my face stays in place really well throughout the day but does tend to come off slightly.

Overall I'm so pleased I finally purchased this foundation and wish I had bought it sooner! If you were like me and think that this wouldn't work on oily skin I would re-think and give it a go. It also works great on my dry patches on my face too. This is the perfect all rounder for day and/or night as it's buildable. I think this will also look really great in the summer alone for a glowing look. Let me know your thoughts on this foundation if you've tried it :-)

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara

I had wanted to try this mascara for quite some time and I received it in a beauty box quite a while back now. My last mascara ran out recently so I shopped my stash and found this one and knew it was about time I gave it a go. This has been out for quite some time now but when it first came out there was a lot of hype around the product. Bourjois are one of my favourite high street brands, I love so many of their products so I was excited to give this one a go.

The packaging is like mirrored, basically a pain in the butt to photograph so I apologise for that. But it has this nice peachy coral colour running through it. The first thing that struck me was the wand, it's so different to any others I've ever tried/seen. The brush has rubber bristles, but there are small sphere shapes on the brush in between the bristles. The spheres are designed to perfectly wrap the lashes for 360° volume, while the straight bristles create clump free definition.

This mascara is clearly all about the volume and boy does it give me some volume, yes. Within the first couple of strokes onto my eye lashes they are covered dramatically and volumised. However there is a down side to this mascara, it does seem to clump my eye lashes if I'm not careful. I basically think you have to work so quickly with this mascara otherwise that's when it starts to clump and get messy. You also need barely any product on your eye lashes otherwise that can be messy also. I do find the lengthening aspect of this mascara great too. It's definitely a dramatic mascara and not one if you prefer a more natural looking mascara as this one seriously stands out. Therefore it's perfect for nights out but I do also wear this during the day too.

Overall when used fast and correctly this mascara can work really well. I find this mascara lasts a really long time on me and I don't get any fall down/flakiness under my eyes. The volumising aspects of this mascara are on point and I love that. You can buy this from Boots here for £9.99.


Friday, 27 March 2015

Online Boots Haul

I had been collecting and saving my Boots card points for quite some time, I didn't actually realise how many I had on there until recently. When I realised that's when this haul happened, it was meant to happen. I was able to purchased all of these bits with my points and not have to pay a penny, now that's my kind of shopping! There were a few things that I had been eyeing up and it's also currently 3 for 2 on make up at Boots so worked out an even better deal.

First thing I wanted to get my hands on was the new L'Oreal Infallible 24 hour matte foundation. I actually have the other Infallible foundation from L'Oreal which I do quite like so I was excited to see how this one turned out. I like that it's matte as I do have an oily t zone and I also like the tube packaging. Next I picked up the Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer which I have heard Amelia Liana rave about a few times. That girl knows what she's talking about so I had to give it a go for myself. I'm also nearly out of my current primer so needed to invest in a new one anyway. This one claims a lot so I'm looking forward to seeing if it lives up to all of them.

I then picked up one of the Barry M Speedy quick dry nail varnishes which again is something I have heard a lot about. The claim is that they have a really quick drying time which is what every girl wants when painting their nails hey! I do absolutely hate waiting for my nails to dry and hate even more when you're waiting for them to dry and then you smudge them. So again looking forward to see how quick this actually dries. Next I picked up the Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy colour and top coat. I've never actually tried a gel nail varnish that you do yourself at home so am intrigued to see if it actually works. I believe these are a new offering from Revlon and I've tried nail varnish from them in the past and really liked them so I'm hoping these are also just as good.

Finally I picked up a Maybelline Color Drama lipstick, again something that has been pretty hyped up recently. These all looked great colours in the swatches I saw online so was stuck between choosing a shade. I went for this nude shade but since receiving it have noticed that it has some kind of glitter in it. I really don't like the glitter concept but I will try it out and see what I think. The actual nude shade is really nice though.

And that's it for my online Boots haul! I'm really looking forward to trying everything I purchased and I'm sure in the future I will do reviews on everything I purchased so stay tuned for those. I do love a good Boots haul and their 3 for 2 on make up offer is just way too hard to resist! If you've picked up anything recently from Boots I'd love to know what :-)

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Moisturiser

I've never really taken much interest in moisturisers until a few months back when my skin decided to completely change. My skin turned really dry in patches but I still had my oily t zone as well. I actually received this for my birthday as I had heard many great reviews about it. I'm not normally one to spend a lot of money on skin care myself but it's such a lovely treat when bought for you as a present. So as I've said I've never had dry skin before so it's all new to me and I really needed something that would keep my dry patches hydrated throughout the day.

The packaging of this product is lovely, simple and classy. I've always loved Clinique's packaging, it feels luxurious which is key due to the price you pay. The product is just as luxurious as the packaging. It's such a light weight moisturiser which comes in a gel formula. It sinks into my skin fairly quickly although I do like to leave this, before applying my make up, for as long as possible. This is just because I really like to make sure that my dry patches are really hydrated before applying products which may not be as hydrating.

This product not only works wonders on my dry patches but also works well on my oily patches too. I was slightly sceptical as to whether this would work on my oily patches due to it being a hydrating moisturiser but it really does. My dry patches are relieved of most, if not all of their dryness. It leaves my skin not feeling as tight where my skin is really dry. I really love using this moisturiser daily and think it really helps my skin throughout the day. I can find that my blemishes start to become dry later on in the day but it initially lasts a really long time. When applying my make up my blemishes are hydrated and therefore easy to cover up which is perfect for me.

Overall I think this moisturiser is actually great for all skin types but especially for dry skin. I find that this works much better than any other moisturiser I've used for my dry skin and also for helping my blemishes. It is however on the expensive side, costing £34 for this size. You can buy it here from the Clinique website. I'd love to hear if you've tried this product and your thoughts :-)

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Real Techniques Lash/Brow Groomer

My beloved, old Topshop brow brush decided to die on me recently so it was time to invest in a new one. I never really see many of these brushes on the high street so there's normally a restricted amount to choose from. In my local Boots there was only two; a Boots own brand or this offering from Real Techniques. I wanted to get one that lasts and hopefully won't die on me too soon so I opted for the Real Techniques one.

This one looked much prettier although had a heftier price tag at I believe £7.99 (but don't hold me to that). One side of the brush if your normal bristle brush perfect for grooming your brows and getting those pesky ones to stay in place. The other side of this brush is like a metal comb and much better if you're after more precision. I believe this side is also more aimed at your eye lashes, tell me if I'm wrong here. I've never really been one to groom my eye lashes but this comb side glides through them super easily. It untangles your eye lashes so they are not all clumped together and fans them out. I think this is a great concept on this brush as it works like a 2 in 1 product. The metal comb side also has a protective plastic case to go over it which is perfect for travelling and simply keeping it in place.

Overall this is a great 2 in 1 product and perfect for grooming my brows which is initially why I purchased this product. But also for the eye lash side of it too, which is new to me. You can purchase this product from Boots here. I hope you've all had a lovely weekend :-)

Friday, 20 March 2015

MAC Wishlist

I actually don't think I've ever just done a MAC wish list on my blog before, so something new for you readers today. I've always loved MAC as a brand, although I've never really tried many products from them. They are a high end brand and I do find some of their products to be slightly over priced. However this does not stop me lusting over everything they have to offer. Recently they have released their new Spring Summer Cinderella collection which I must say look absolutely gorgeous. I've definitely got my eyes on the lipsticks and also the eye shadow palette. The lipsticks are both pretty neutral/pink shades which look perfect for every day wear. The palette consists of 6 neutral shades which would make one hell of a smokey eye look. Brave lipstick has also been raved about recently in the blogging world as it's linked to Kylie Jenner, but I must say the shade does look really pretty. Finally their Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation seems like a really interesting concept to me and something I would really like to try. For those can't be bothered days and just throwing on some make up then I feel this would be perfect.

Basically I need to get down to my local MAC counter, spend my voucher and lust over all of the pretty make up items! What's your holy grail MAC item? I'd love to know!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Full Coverage Foundation

For ages I always wanted to get my hands on this foundation after hearing raving reviews about it from many bloggers. As Tarte isn't a brand we can easily get our hands on in the UK, I headed to the QVC website and paid a bomb for it. I didn't mind spending the money on the foundation as it is a high end foundation. Also within the deal you get the foundation and also a foundation brush to work with it. The only downside is having to guess which shade you are as there is no counter to match you up. On the other hand a plus side to ordering from QVC is that if it is incorrect then you can return it.

Onto the product, as soon as this arrived I was super excited to try it. The next day I used this and was pleased to see that the colour I had picked out matched my skin perfectly. You don't need a lot of this foundation as a little does go quite a long way. Although if you did want more coverage then you can apply more. On first application I loved this foundation, it works really well with oily skin. I found that this foundation really keeps the oil away for so much longer than any other foundation I have tried before. The brush it comes with is amazingly soft and really blends in this foundation perfectly.

Personally I find just one application of this foundation is enough for me and I then go onto using concealer for any blemishes which still stand out. Although you could apply more, I do find that this doesn't apply as well and can look slightly cakey on myself. One slight downside I have found of this foundation is that it can stick slightly to dry patches on your face. A couple of months back when my face wasn't so dry this foundation worked perfectly. Nowadays I find that it isn't so great as I do have more dry patches. If I use a really rich moisturiser for dry skin then this foundation will work but I do need to really apply my moisturiser liberally.

Overall this is a great foundation and the best I have ever tried in terms of keeping the oil off my face for an amazing amount of time. If/when my face decides to not be so dry then this foundation will definitely become my go to again. I do wish I could use this everyday as I really do love it, but maybe if I find a similar foundation and apply them in different regions of my face. That just seems like such an effort but it would make me love my foundation look flawless (hopefully). I'd definitely recommend trying this foundation or just checking it out on the QVC website here. I'd love to know if you've tried this foundation and your thoughts, also any other Tarte products you would recommend? :-)

Monday, 16 March 2015

Makeup Revolution Concealer Brush

Until I purchased this concealer brush I've never actually owned one. I've always either used my fingers or my Real Techniques complexion sponge. I still love both of those ways but I questioned why I had never used/tried a concealer brush before. Hence why this purchase happened in my first Makeup Revolution haul. I was browsing their website when I cam across all of the brushes they have on offer and this one instantly stood out to me and the price was great so I couldn't wait to try it out and see if I liked the results.

I must say after receiving this brush it did kind of go to one side for a week or two. I'm not sure why but I must have just been set in my ways of using my sponge and/or fingers that I actually forgot to even give this a go. But once I told myself that I must try it I have actually been using it everyday since. The packaging is great; sleek, black and simple which I really like. The brush actually feels pretty soft considering the price I paid for it. I was expecting it to be soft but was pleasantly surprised when it arrived as to how soft it actually is. Obviously you can get softer but this is a great cheaper alternative.

I have been using this brush to blend in my face concealer, I can say that I haven't actually tried using this brush for under my eyes. I find my sponge just so easy to use for under my eyes, I just feel that a brush would be slightly more fiddly. Also I like to just use this on my face concealer as it's mainly to cover up my blemishes and I don't want to go waving that spot bacteria over the rest of my face. Doesn't sound nice but it's the honest truth, I'd rather they stay where they are and not spread! My current concealer is the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and I find when using this brush it blends really well. I kind of start using a dabbing technique to cover most of the blemish and then will blend it outwards so it blends nicely into my foundation. Although maybe not a professional technique it has been working amazingly for me.

I find that using this brush my blemishes are covered really well as this brush doesn't absorb much of the product. That is the one down side to the sponge so I'm glad that this brush doesn't do that. As I said it's really soft so also for those pesky, painful spots this isn't a problem as you can work with it gently. When blending with this brush I have seen a few stroke marks on my face (I don't know the correct term here... I mean some lines left from the brush with my concealer?), I hope you understand that! These can be a pain but are so simply fixed with either a stroke of the brush in another direction or if that doesn't work then a quick dab with your finger.

Overall I'm really pleased with how this brush has helped me cover my blemishes and how well it works. I wasn't expecting to like using a concealer brush this much so I'm really pleased that I took the plunge and changed up my routine slightly. This one is great value from Makeup Revolution, you can find it here for only £1.95. If you are like me and this would be your first concealer brush then I would definitely recommend trying this one out :-)

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

This is definitely a cult product within the blogging community and since having a sample of this product a few months back, I have never looked back. I'm sure you all know about this product and most probably tried it before yourself, it's that well known. I honestly don't think I have read a bad review on this product although I know not everyone gets on with the same products as everyone else. If only it was that simple.

So up until a few months back I wasn't really into cleansers and I will hold my hands up and say I pretty much used make up wipes to take my make up off, if not then a cleanser which you just applied to a cotton pad and wiped over your face, simple. How wrong was I to be doing this when such an amazing product was about to enter my skin care routine.

This is basically a two step cleanser which only includes all natural ingredients, plus number 1. It works by cleansing and gently exfoliating, leaving your skin looking great. The packaging is nice and simple which I love. This pack that I actually purchased is the Starter Kit which comes with the product and two muslin cloths. The product has a pump, plus number 2, so it's super easy to dispense the right amount into your finger tips ready to apply to your face. The process is simple, you massage the thick cream into your skin, all over your face using clean hands. I love that you apply this to a dry face, full of make up. I then take what's left on my finger tips and massage my eyes gently, removing all of my eye make up. This does not irritate my eyes in anyway and if I have any stubborn eye make up then it doesn't hurt to work a little harder to remove it, because this product will remove all make up. I then run one of the muslin clothes under warm to hot water and in circular motions I wipe it over my face removing all of the dirt and make up.

And that's it, if anything this is quicker than any other method of removing your make up and the results are amazing. The product is super soft on the skin and although this is such an easy step in your skin care routine, it honestly feels luxurious in your own home. This has also helped my skin a lot, the use of natural ingredients and that it's so gentle on the skin it doesn't irritate my spots. If anything it helps them fade, exfoliates the dead skin off of them and leaves them looking less red. I do just tend to use this in the evenings to remove my make up but you can also use it in the morning too.

This product is honestly a life changer for me and has made a safe, staple place in my skin care routine. I cannot recommend this product enough if you haven't tried it before, you will not regret buying it. Although this product is more expensive than your drug store cleansers, it's definitely worth it and there are such a variation of sizes over on the Liz Earle website so you can find the one that suits you - here.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Mark Hill No Knots

I'm always looking for a product to help me with my barnet and the knots it gets itself into. Unfortunately I have been blessed with knotty hair which can tend to turn itself into one big dread lock. I do find it hard to locate detangling sprays that aren't aimed at children, there are very limited options. This one was recently on offer in Boots for around £3, so I grabbed it and wanted to see if it would get to work on my hair.

So I've been using this ever since I purchased it actually as my previous one had completely run out. The packaging is very Mark Hill, easily recognisable, and stand out. It's not completely to my taste but as I said it fits in with the brand itself. Onto the product itself, there's no strong smell at all, if there's a smell at all. I spray this liberally onto wet hair after washing and then use my tangle teezer to brush through my hair. I do find that this product does help with some of my knots but unfortunately I'm not completely tangle free. I do have to still give my hair a bit of a tug to pull through some of the knots. This product clearly states "no tugs, no pulls, just tangle free" which I don't 100% agree with. Although it definitely does help with some of my knots as they are reduced when I use this product. I do find that I still have knots which I have to work at to free.

Overall I'm not sure I would repurchase this product as I'm not completely sold on what it offers. Although it does help the knots in my hair, I think I need to find something slightly more hard core to remove all of my tangles. I'd love to know if you've tried any that you would recommend? As I said I do find that there aren't actually that many out there in the drug stores!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Origins Face Mask Gift Set

I received this gift set for Christmas actually, which seems a lifetime ago, and I've given all three of these face masks a good going now to tell you all about them. I've always wanted to try skin care, especially face masks, from Origins. I think this is such a perfect way to get to try all three, in a smaller size and also at a smaller price. This whole set was £25 which I think is an absolute bargain considering you get three, pretty decent sized, face masks.

The first face mask included in the Clear Improvement active charcoal mask. This is aimed to unclog pores and towards combination/oily skin. This mask applies rather thick, so can take a while to dry although it does recommend 10-15 minutes. I then rinse it off and am left with soft feeling skin and can definitely see a difference in the size of my pores. I tend to get them all around my nose and they can really bother me when they are large. So using this mask can really help reduce them and it also helps with my redness and blemishes. It can help soothe them and just leave them not as dry and easier to deal with.

Secondly is the Out of Trouble 10 minute mask which is aimed at problematic skin. This one I was really drawn too as you know I suffer with blemishes. The first thing I noticed about this mask is the scent, it's quite a strong natural, herbal scent. It's not a horrible smell but it is rather strong if you're not a fan of that. But this face mask works like a treat, it really helps my blemishes, more so than the charcoal mask. Also when this face mask has been left on, it doesn't get that "hard" feeling which I think really helps those painful blemishes. It also really helps the blemishes that are painful, it soothes them and diminishes redness.

Finally the Drink Up Intensive over night face mask. Only recently has my skin taken a turn for the worst and become really dry in places. So this face mask has really been helping in that department. It can take quite a while to dry once applied, so just leave it a few minutes before plopping your head on your pillow. Again this one has a scent but no where near as strong as the previous. This works amazingly well, in the morning my face feels super hydrated. Sometime my dry skin becomes flaky and this completely stops that leaving it ready to apply make up the next day.

Overall I am really enjoying using these face masks. I love that all the Origins products include natural ingredients as someone with blemish prone skin it's nice to know I'm not putting anything nasty on my face. This is a great gift set to be able to try out all three face masks, I'm just unsure as to whether it's available anymore or not. I'd definitely recommend trying these out if you haven't already. I'd love to hear your favourite Origins product that you would recommend? :-)

Friday, 6 March 2015

Olay Essentials Complete Care Day Lotion

Recently I was in serious need of a new moisturiser. My skin was just not happy and in the past couple of months has completely changed. Yes I still have an oily t zone but the rest of my face, in patches, had become severely dry. Everything skin care I owned was based for my oily t zone, so I didn't own anything to help me with my dry patches. Therefore I think this made my skin look even worse than it maybe was due to using the wrong products.

This is when I took to Boots in need of a new moisturiser. I still wanted one which was going to cater for my oily patches but obviously something to help with my dryness too. Boy, this was a hard job I found! I was scouring the Boots website for quite some time until I came across this offering from Olay. It's basically a moisturiser for normal to dry to combination skin which covered what my skin was like at the moment. So after being on the Boots website for so long I put this into my basket as it was the only offering I could find that suited my skin type.

I really like the packaging of this product, it has a pump which is great for easy application as I know I only need one pump to cover my entire face. The rest is pretty sleek and simple which I like, it's basically not to showy. The formula of this moisturiser is nice and light, when applied to the skin it really sinks in quickly. There's none of that faffing around waiting for your face to dry before you can carry on with the rest of your make up etc. This product also includes SPF which is great for the summer months, if we get any here in the UK!

I find that this moisturiser does work well with my dry patches but also my oily t zone. I do find that half way through the day I am needing to sort my oily t zone out but that's quite normal I think. As for the dry patches, which mainly build up around my blemish areas, I do find that they do dry out as the day goes on. I find that my dryness doesn't look as good as it did in the morning, but what does? But I did find the areas to look really dry again and back to how it looked before using this product. So although this product works amazingly for so long, after a while I did find that the hydration part didn't last so long as I was hoping.

Overall this is a great all round moisturiser for all skin types. I find that it does work really well but does start to lag as the day goes on. I know that it could be other products on my face which may also be tampering with my dry patches but I do find this moisturiser works for so long. It really is difficult to find a moisturiser catering for both oily and dry skin, if you have any recommendations then please let me know as I'd love to have a read about them. Let me know if you've tried this product and your thoughts. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Makeup Revolution Ultra All Day Prime & Anti-Shine Balm

Back to the beauty reviews today and another item from my recent Makeup Revolution haul. I do love buying a few make up items at once and going through the one by one discovering their bad and good points. I know that may sound slightly lame but well it's true and who doesn't like trying a load of new products? I guess I'm meaning more when they are from a new brand you've never tried before, like I was with Makeup Revolution, until now.

Onto the review, this product really caught my eye on the website mainly because I didn't really know what to expect. I was really intrigued when this arrived in my parcel and was the first thing I went ahead and opened. It certainly surprised me slightly but it definitely made me want to try it out as soon as possible. It's basically a white balm which you apply to your face as a primer before make up, although it does say you can apply it over make up too. I've only ever used it under my make up as a primer but it does work well. To begin with I was a bit baffled as how to apply it, as normally I don't like using the pads they come with, but with this product I did. I found it the easiest way to get the product out of the packaging and onto my face.

The product applies really easily actually, when using the sponge pad, and there's no need to really work it into the skin. Once smoothed over the skin it sinks in easily and is then prepped ready for foundation. This product does really mattify my t zone pretty much immediately. I do have a really oily t zone, which builds up throughout the day, so for this to instantly mattify my face is a winner. I will say the lasting power is pretty good although I have used better in the past. Come midday my face is definitely in need of a blot and re powder, so it's pretty good but nothing amazing. The packaging is also nice and sleek which I like. It comes compact with a good sized mirror and the sponge pad is great as it's all in one place. One other thing I've realised is that I don't think it's going to last me very long. Since receiving this item I have used it everyday and have already hit pan after not having it for very long. I know you don't pay an extortionate amount of money but I would like to see it last slightly longer than maybe it does already.

Overall this is a slightly unusual product but I have very much enjoyed using it and trying it out. At only £5 it's a great bargain and if you are as intrigued as I am then I would definitely recommend giving it a go. You can buy it here from the Makeup Revolution website. Let me know if you've tried this or your favourite products from Makeup Revolution you would recommend. Happy mid week :-)

Monday, 2 March 2015

Life Lately

Image sourced from Pinterest

I didn't want to do a normal beauty review today, I'm not quite sure as to why so instead I thought I would give you a little update. Again not really sure what I'm actually going to talk about in this post, so I will warn you I may ramble. We will just see where this post takes us. I do really enjoy reading and writing lifestyle blog posts hence why I wanted to do another. I don't do them that often as I don't see my life as the most interesting thing on the planet, I mean you can go and browse Asos for that. It's just nice sometimes to step away from the beauty aspect of my blog and do some free writing, in this case typing.

This leads me on greatly to a new investment I purchased this week. After battling with my old one for so long which was just clearly dying on me, I caved and purchased myself a brand spanking new laptop. It's so darn pretty, it's white! I now own a white iPhone, a white iPad and a white laptop. I love white clearly. It dawned on me when writing my most recent essay for university that my old laptop was a pile of shite and soooooo slooooooow it was something that had to be done. The sooner the better, so I did it, the next day. I'm so glad I did, even though I parted with quite a lot of money, it will be worth it in the long run. Since then we've had payday which helped out, it just means no beauty or random purchases until next payday. I wonder if I will be able to do it, challenge accepted.

Now I say not to buy random things which I think I need but clearly don't. My car also went to the garage at the weekend and cost slightly more than I was anticipating. It was the last service, as such, before I finally take the plunge and purchased myself a brand new car. It's been on the side lines for a little while now and I think I just need to take that plunge and do it. I don't see how anyone can regret buying a brand new car with lots of gadgets to play with. I know not all girls will feel the same way, I've just always had an interest in cars. Don't get me wrong, I do not mean the mechanics of it or anything. But I do like to drive a nice car myself and I've always been like that since my first car. I've been through a fair amount of cars since I passed my test, I must point out this is not due to crashing them *touches wood*. Two of my previous cars I had to change as they were broken and would have cost some dollar to fix. So anyway back on track, I've always wanted a brand new car that I will actually stick with and I think I'm in a good position to do so. This excites me very much!

Another excitement is that there is only just over two months before another summer starts and four months off of university. I cannot wait for this year to be over and then I can finally say that I'm in my last year which is crazy. This is something I should maybe save until I've completely finished university but the journey I have been on is surreal. The friends I've made, mainly in the past year, have driven me through and I can honestly say I couldn't have done it without them *soppy*. But it is true and the friendships really do make the whole experience worthwhile.

Moving on it was recently my birthday a week ago today. It was a very chilled day, which was fine by me, and consisted of work then seeing family and friends. Then also a delicious meal out with my family. I am grateful for everything I received and was very lucky. I got some skin care bits including Liz Earle and Clinique, some clothing items, a Joules scarf and then some vouchers and money. This clearly means I need to go on a shopping spree soon. This may just be me but whenever I get vouchers I feel as if I need to spend them right away before I forget about them.

Anyway I feel like I have rambled enough so I hope you had your cuppa's at the ready for this post. I apologise if you didn't. I will say I loved typing all of this post on my new laptop, it feels so nice and new! I'm now off to go and read some more of my current book: Summer and the City by Candace Bushnell which is amazing by the way. There's a book prior to this one called Sex in the City and I 100% recommend both if you're into easy reading books, I may well do a review on them soon. This is something else I want to get into doing more often on my blog too - book reviews, I read so often that I feel I should. Rambling again... I hope you all had a lovely weekend :-)
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