Monday, 25 June 2012

Cheeky haul

 Topshop sale £12

 Topshop sale £7
 River Island sale £10
River Island sale £10

With all the sales starting up in all my favourite shops I had to start with the top 2 and make purchases! I had a gift voucher for Topshop so was straight to the sale with that and brought a crochet vest and a metallic tunic and it only came to £19! When it would have been about £40 full price. Both River Island purchases were half price, I got mint green chino shorts and a LA oversized sweat top (perfect for lounging) I find River Island bottoms fit me really well so I tend to purchase bottoms from there and I try to get them in the sale as they can be pretty pricey! I hope you've all found some bargains in the recent sales too! xo



  1. I really wanted that metallic dress too! But it wasn't in my local shop :( it looks lovely on you though



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