Monday, 17 September 2012

Barry M Aqua Glitter

Whenever I go into Boots I never seem to be able to pull myself away from looking at all the nail varnishes! I walk around every stand and stare.. Barry M glitters get me every time. They're so pretty and so affordable! This aqua glitter was only £2.99 and I think it's the same price for pretty much all their nail varnishes! At the same time I also purchased a new Barry M top coat as there was some sort of deal when you brought two Barry M varnishes but I have also now forgotten what it was! I'm sorry! Anyway base coat on I layered up 3 coats of the glitter varnish and then popped on a huge dose of top coat. I always put a load of top coat on with glitter nail varnishes so that they stay longer as I find if I don't put enough on they tend to peel away from the sides of my nails. I really love this glitter, it has really small flecks and then larger flecks in as well which really catch the light. It's gorgeous! I would love to get my hands on more Barry M glitters simply because they do the job - they make my nails look amazing and it's simple and cheap! Definitely reccommend these glitter varnishes :-)



  1. I'm obsessed with glitter polishes, might have to add this one to my collection! x

  2. this definitely would've poppped with a black base! so pretty :)


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