Monday, 1 October 2012

Haul post #4

I know I haven't done a proper haul post in a VERY long time but recently I've been purchasing so many bits and bobs that I thought it'd be lovely to share it all with you guys!

First is a Primark bargain.. I spotted this from afar and absolutely fell in love. It's just such a cute shirt and includes lovely warm, autumn colours. It was a steal at only £10 and I think it can either be dressed up or down and probably worn with absolutely anything, so versatile :-) I was trying to budget and my hands were pretty full so I left a couple of other things, unfortunately, but couldn't leave this cute number!

The Models Own 50% off summer sale.. If you haven't been there already then go NOW! I know there's not much time left to purchase half price. I did so pretty much straight away, as you probably all know I do love my nail varnishes. From left to right I purchased: Bare Beauty, Soda Pop Pink, Magenta Divine, Hed Kandi Beach Party and then some make up sponges. I could have purchased so many more but I restrained myself as I still have probably 3 other new nail varnishes which I am yet to even try! Oops! I heard so many good reviews about the Head Kandi Beach Party that I really wanted to get my hands on it and for all nail polishes at £2.50 I couldn't leave it. I'm intrigued about the make up sponges as I've always wanted to try these as the smaller end is meant to get to the 'hard to reach places' and the wider end for the rest of your face.

Boots next, I finally purchased this Collection 2000 mascara which so many people had raved about to me! I have tried it once already and wasn't completely sold but you never know it may grow on me with time to come so I'm not going to give up now! Secondly I purchased the beautiful skin day cream in normal to oily skin. I purchased the night cream version of this a while back and absolutely loved it but already had a day moisuriser so didn't purchase this one until my current one had, nearly, all gone. I was so excited as I am in love with the night cream. It makes my skin so soft so can't wait to try the day cream too :-)

I LOVE MY RUSSIAN HAT! Ever since this beauty arrived in stock at work I'd been trying to think of reasons not to buy it... and to be honest I couldn't actually think of any! So come pay day this hat was mine. It's so warm and cosy and cute! I don't have much else to say about this... I'm just in love, that is all.

More work purchases here.. Jewellery! Working where I work I always love experimenting with new bits of jewellery. I don't actually wear that much myself but am desperatly trying to make myself wear more. I always wear my essential watch and 2 rings and that's pretty much it. So I purchased a long gold chain which I thought I could just chuck on with pretty much any item of clothing.. top button of a shirt done up and chain on. Then I purchased a silver bobbly bracelet, it's really cute.. and silver as I secretly prefer silver jewellery personally. I think this again can just be a chuck on bracelet with yet again pretty much anything!

Finally, this morning before work I got a little bit distracted in Topshop with thanks to Kayleigh @ Couture Girl. I only saw this top on her blog last night and I instantly fell in love so I couldn't resist! I love the way she styled it so I really wanted to try it for myself. I believe you can either dress it up or down on a slouchy sofa day, it's great! And a bargain at only £16 (well slightly priced) but who cares I really love it :-)

Hope you liked my haul, don't forget to leave a comment! xoxo


  1. Thanks for the mention hun! Love everything you bought :) especially the models own polishes! Lush!! Xx.

  2. Love the bird print!


  3. Great haul - I am in love with the bird print shirt, I've seen a few bloggers post about things from Primark recently that I've loved!! The Models Own polishes were a bargain!! x

  4. Officially want to go shopping now! x

  5. I NEED that bird shirt in my life! x


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