Sunday, 27 May 2012

Models Own Ibiza Mix

Just a quick post for you guys to show you the Models Own Ibiza Mix polish that I brought aaaaaages ago and as always promised you a post on, so here it is. Whenever I paint my nails nicely and then go to work, within an hour they are disgustingly chipped so I decided to not put an under colour with this glitter polish. This is because I thought if this polish chipped then it wouldn't be so noticable therefore I could get away with it at work. And it worked! It did chip, obviously, but it wasn't so noticable and with all this lovely sunshine we've been having the flecks of glitter have been catching the light and looks amazing! The flecks are all different colours, shapes and sizes and I LOVE it! Next time I use this I will put an under colour on as I think it will look better... maybe a nice new neon colour? What do you think? :-) Hope you've all been enjoying the sunshineee xo

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