Wednesday, 15 May 2013

MUA Lipstick Shade 2

Where has the sun gone? It's a completely dreary day out there and windy (I hate wind!) It seems to have gone from one extreme to the other, and typical UK people here I am talking about the weather. So I'm going to brighten up the day with this gorgeous lipstick shade, what better way to do it hey?

Let me just get this out there.. I have never really been a lipstick kinda girl. Breathe. I took to asking a load of bloggers in the blogger chat on Twitter a few weeks back how you decide which colours to go for and which high street brands do the best lipsticks. I had a reply from a lovely girl saying that she opted for MUA lipsticks due to the price to then decide which colours suited her best so if she wasn't keen on one she hasn't wasted any money, well £1. I thought this was a brilliant idea as a starter point for myself so I took to my local Superdrug MUA counter and found myself purchasing this one which is Shade 2.

As every blogger would agree I came out with a hand full of swatches from different lipsticks but found myself loving this one the best. I have at the moment only purchased this one colour (I was being naughty as I am trying not to spend any money - woops!) Anyway I picked up shade 2 which is a lovely magenta colour and if you don't already know then MUA lipsticks are only £1, yes you heard correctly. You cannot really go too far wrong when only paying £1 for a lipstick and I was surprisingly impressed! I am absolutely loving the shade of this lipstick on me, I find the colour really buildable as well which is nice if you're wanting to go for a more dramatic, night time look. I prefer more of the subtle look as I'm still getting used to looking at myself in the mirror with lipstick on!

The lasting power of this lipstick isn't great but I really cannot complain due to the price tag, it's so easy to just chuck in your handbag and reapply when needed, so who's moaning? I am definitely (when payday comes, no spending here) going to be picking up more shades from the MUA range simply to hopefully find more shades which I love.

Have you tried any lipsticks from MUA? What shades are your favourite?


  1. I love that shade! I got a bit carried away and gor three of their lipsticks the first time - they're great! :)

    Tania xx


  3. I love mua lipsticks, they're such a bargain. Number 2 , on our my faves

  4. Gorgeous shade, perfect for the spring!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Happy Sunday Hun xoxo


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