Monday, 16 September 2013

Cold Shoulders

Shirt - TK Maxx (Glamorous)
Jeans - Primark
Watch - Michael Kors
Ring and Bracelet - Accessorize 

The UK weather has definitely turned into Autumn now, the knit cardigans and fluffy socks have come back out for another season. So why not, on this sunny yet chilly Monday morning, take a few outfit snaps. Recently I may have been spending slightly a bit too much money, considering I feel I should be saving due to becoming a student in the next couple of weeks. But when shops have all of their new autumn/winter stock in, it's hard to resist spending. Although my outfit isn't representing autumn today it's still a new outfit I purchased over the last week.

The cut out or open shoulders trend has kind of been and gone over spring/summer but I've only just embraced it. I was browsing in TK Maxx the other day, bearing in mind I had to travel a fair way in order to go to the only good store that's within a respectful distance from me. My sister had also been in there recently and picked up some good bargains so I wanted a go! My sister was also the one to introduce me to TK Maxx, not that I hadn't heard of it, but the fact that I had never shopped in there and now I love it! So I popped in and I honestly resisted so many good bargains I can not tell you! I was a very good girl but I did get a couple of bits, this shirt being one of them. It was also a bargain at only £9.99, hence why I couldn't resist. The monochrome look is something I really like as you could also pair it with something of more colour on the bottom. It is also very versatile, I definitely think you could wear this on a night out or how I have just for an everyday casual look.

Since clearing out my wardrobe recently I realised I don't have that many tops, hence this purchase, so when I saw this shirt I loved it. I love shirts, they are definitely an all year round item, the chiffon material of some of them is what I love. They are comfortable, easy to wear, easy to layer and normally pretty patterned. So when it comes to winter it's easy to just shove on a chunky knit jumper and have the collar poking out, sorted. I teamed this shirt with my new Primark jeans. Story for you, I've had a pair of Primark jeans for literally about 5 years, they were my absolute favourite, but they've died slowly so I've had to replace with these ones. I love Primark jeans firstly for the price, I paid £10 for these beauties and they just simply do the job. Secondly is the fit I find, especially the skinny jeans, that they fit really well in all areas. I'll be very, very pleased if these ones last half as long as my previous pair.

I'm very much a fan of casual and comfy, maybe that should be my motto. It's the one thing (or two) things I think about everyday when deciding what to wear. I'm very much a jeans person due to the comfy factor and also the fact that you can then put pretty much anything on the top half. Don't worry I don't wear jeans day in and day out but I do find myself reaching for them much more than anything else. I would then pair this outfit with a chunky knit cardigan for a casual look or a blazer for a slightly more formal look.

I hope you enjoyed this outfit post, I'm now off to chuck on a chunky knit cardigan to keep me cosy and warm! I'd love to know if you're a fan of TK Maxx and what bargains you've found :)


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