Thursday, 8 September 2016

Tips and Tricks #10

A chore all beauty lovers hate is cleaning their brushes however, having clean brushes is just one of the best things. Considering the amount of brushes we all use, it gets to that point when you literally have no clean ones left and simply have to go through the cleaning process.

Ages ago, when I went to Paris, I picked up their Daily make up brush cleaner which has really helped cut down the time it takes to clean my make up brushes. It comes in a small handy travel size, although I believe they also do a larger bottle. It's a simple spray which you spray directly onto your make up brushes. I then use either a muslin cloth or a flannel and swish my make up brush around in circles. It's quite satisfying seeing all of the make up come off your brush onto the flannel. I keep reapplying the spray and swishing my brush round until no more make up comes off on the muslin cloth. It really is that simple and easy and honestly cuts down the time spent actually 'washing' your brushes in the sink.

I can't fully remember the price of this product, but I'm pretty sure it was really affordable. Of course the only trouble is ordering from Sephora but if you're close to making an order, then quickly pop this product in your basket, you won't regret it!

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