Monday, 30 January 2012

Dip dye

I'd been thinking about getting my hair dip dyed for a while but after asking my normal hairdresser if she could do it and then getting the reply "What is dip dye?" I was a bit aprehensive about her doing it for me! That is when my sister got involved, haha! She said she would do it for me and I had never been so nervous about dying my hair. I've always dyed my hair but never bleached it so you could guess why I was a bit scared! So we ventured down to out local Boots and got the bleach. When it was finished after endless amounts of unanswered questions neither me or my sister knew the answer to, it actually turned out suprisingly well! I was very happy with the outcome and would say to people who are wanting to do something different with their hair... to try dip dye! Whether it's blonde, ombre or even pink!! What do you think about dip dye?! xo

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  1. OMG I love it ! I wish I has brown hair so I can dip dye it . . . I have been thinking about pinking my tips . . .

    x .


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