Thursday, 26 January 2012

OPI Rainbow Connection - Muppets

As soon as I saw this nail varnish I instantly fell in love! It was an absolute mission to get my hands on one as when I went into the store I got told that they had sold out nationally :-( So this is when I turned to eBay (my secret love) and started watching about 30 different ones. Some ended up going for about £18!! But luckily I hung on in there and grabbed one for only £11.40, absolute bargain! I got it today in the post and have literally just finished painting and here I am blogging! Although you have to layer it up (about 3 layers) it's soooo worth it and I really am in love with this varnish! It is also my first OPI which made it even more exciting and I can easily say that I WILL be going back to the store and buying more :-D


  1. So cool! I must get my hands on this!

    Heres my blog :

    Follow and I'll follow back! Xx

  2. It's so worth getting your hands on! I found it on eBay in the end :-) I'm now following your blog! xx


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