Monday, 10 December 2012

Lush 'Grease Lightning' Review

I bet you're thinking... another spot lotion potion review! Hehe, well I'm a bit of a freak when it comes to spit remedy's as II find myself always picking them up when I have a break out. And my skin, unfortunately, is always prone to a break out, especially before that time of the month ladies. Also yesterday I actually picked up another spot treatment, Debenhams has 15% off so I thought it acceptable ;-) I'll leave it a mystery and do a post on it when I receive it. I've seen a few reviews on this product and basically liked what I was reading so when I was shopping one day I popped into Lush and snapped it up pronto.

I've been using this product, alongside with my Elf Zit Zapper, for a couple of weeks now and I'm pretty impressed. The first couple of times I used this I noticed amazing results, I had like 2 bruiser spots and this product reduced the redness and size over night, I was so impressed! I apply this just before I go to bed on my problem areas, it has a pump so it's super easy to get the amount you need. I just use one pump and sometimes even find that too much! It's quite a small bottle, and I paid £5.95, but considering you only need one pump I can already tell this product is going to last a long time, but with it being a Lush product it obviously has a use by date on. This product is like a gel formula and once applied to my spots within about 60 seconds that area tightens, literally it's hard to fully yawn! Haha. It then dries out that area quite a bit, but I always find the tightness and dryness feels and looks as if it's working? Don't know if that's just me but I kinda like it. 

More recently I haven't had any larger spots, I've had a couple of pimples and have a couple of scars from spots probably about a gazillion years ago so have tried this product on those as well but haven't found the results as good. I just find that it takes slightly more applications on smaller problematic areas to take action. So although I still love the product I just find the results better on larger spots and stick to my Elf Zit Zapper for my smaller spots that develop.

Overall I love this product and if you're looking for something to help with those larger break outs then this is definitely your product! It's not to inexpensive considering how long I think it will last for so it's definitely worth a try, everyone's skin is different though :-) Hope you enjoyed this review and let me know if you've tried this product and what you think, have a good week xo


  1. definitely going to give this a go! I tried the soap and glory spot treatment, and it was awful! Made them come back even worse! xx

  2. I just bought this the other day because I had a few spots but they cleared up themselves before I had chance to test it out! It sounds crazzzy but I want to get another spot now to see how good this works haha - can't believe I just said that :o x

  3. I cannot wait for my Lush store to open so I can try this! I'm always on the lookout for spot treatments since I always have one. I'm hosting a beauty giveaway {mac, nars, real techniques, & more} on my blog if you're interested you can check it out!! xx


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