Monday, 3 December 2012

Divaderme Lash Extender Review

Recently a friend of mine posted about this product and as soon as I read all about it I had to go and purchase one for myself! Any products to do with eyelashes I LOVE! There's barely a day that I won't go without mascara and/or using my eyelash curlers. Basically I wouldn't be able to live without these two things!

Anyway after reading her post (you can read it here: I instantly wanted to try it out, anything to make my lashes look that little bit longer and thicker I'm willing to try. I actually picked this product up off eBay, they had buy it now prices of around £8 but I was lucky enough to win an auction and got it for just over £4 including postage so I was very happy. I believe the RRP price to be around £20, so definitely a bargain. It's really easy to use and it is a rather quick process, so you have to be fast! Ha ha.

All you have to do is 1. Apply a first coat of mascara to wet your eyelashes 2. Then apply the lash extender fibers using a rolling motion 3. Apply another coat of mascara to set the fibers in place and voila! It's complete. It's really easy and I love the results. As you can see I've tried to take a photo of my eyelashes after I've finished the process. I wanted to take a picture step by step but as you have to set the fibers quickly it wasn't possible. The picture doesn't do this product justice, it really does lengthen and thicken your lashes and it definitely is buildable if you wanted to repeat the process. I only do it once as I am happy with the results.My eyelashes are pretty long anyway and I still love it but if you have shorter eyelashes then this product is definitely for you. The product comes with a small little brush which is extra helpful as once you have applied the product you can sometimes get some small fibers under your eye so you can simply just brush them away once you have finished the process.

Personally I believe this works slightly better on wetter eyelashes so preferably the newer the mascara you're using, the better. I used my elf mascara as it was brand new and I had literally just pulled this out of the packaging and it worked amazingly. But I have also used it on a slightly older mascara, it did work just as well just the fibers didn't tend to stick as well as it wasn't as wet. I find this product to make your lashes look long and full but very naturally which makes me love it even more.

Overall it's definitely worth the price tag, even better if you can get it as cheap as I did! So if you're an eBay whiz then head on over and search for it! If you know of any other lengthening eyelash products then I'd love to know about them and I'd love to know if you've tried this product and what you think of it! Hope you have a good week xoxo


  1. Wow would love to try this! There seems to be quite a few products out like this but they are wayyy overpriced.. Can't wait to get my hands on this one! haha :) xox

  2. Great post hun. Love ur blog btw. Its so cute :)



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