Wednesday, 19 December 2012

You're a troublemaker

Dress: Primark
Cardigan: eBay
Necklace: Cath Kidston
Tights: Primark
Watch: Michael Kors

Hello! And sorry for the slight delay in posts over the past couple of weeks, working in Retail over Christmas is HELL as those of you who do will understand. It's been crazy busy and have been working 9 hour shifts 5/6 days a week is slowly making me crazy and absolutely knackered! I've had posts lined up for a while as well but just haven't even had the chance to turn on my laptop, let alone write the actual post, ha ha.

Anyway I'll get on with it. On my one day off last week I thought I would steer away from the mass of reviews I've been doing lately and do another OOTD post (although this is only my second one ever!) When I went to London at the end of October (you can read the post here: London Antics) I was allowed to do a small amount of shopping. The reason I couldn't do much unfortunately was because my brother had tagged along and I'll tell you this, he is not a fan of shopping. So I wasn't allowed in many shops but you can't go to Oxford street without stopping in Primark. So we went in, ending up spending aaages in there, as it was also a Saturday, and obviously I picked up so many things and this dress was one of them. I loved everything about this dress, the colour, shape, pattern, length, you name it I loved it. And I believe it was only like £13 or around that price which again is amazing. They also had this same dress is a royal blue colour, which looking back I also wish I had picked up but my basket was particularly full. My tights are also from Primark and they're the super cosy ones which all bloggers seem to be talking about lately as they are SO soft!! I just got them in black but they're also available in different colours which I may have to go back and purchase.

The cardigan I paired with this dress is one I could literally live in, I'm that in love with it. I got this off eBay yonks ago, it's a size large but I like the oversized look and I only paid around £4 for it which is an absolute bargain!! I've worn it that much that it did develop a hole but I pulled out my trusty needle and thread and I was away! Since finding this bargain and trying to go back and find more I can never find one similar for that cheap anymore they always seems to go for quite a bit of money but I think it's all about the timing. I love eBay as you can find so many good bargains on there for pretty much anything you're looking for! 

Finally my necklace from Cath Kidston. My boyfriend got this for me for my birthday a couple of years ago and I think it was around the mid £30's-£40 which is rather expensive but it's also a clock and has a lovely floral print behind which is so pretty. It's literally one of those chuck on necklaces that's so easy to wear. Although I do find it weird wearing that and my watch.. time freak? (I'm more in love with my Michael Kors watch than anything, sshh)

And that's it! I was just heading to the hairdressers in this outfit to finally get rid of my dark roots just in time for Christmas which was a nice treat for myself! This outfit just a daytime casual look but I would think that the dress can also be worn with some beautiful heels for a night out too which is amazing for the price I paid! :-) I hope you enjoyed my outfit post, let me know if you do and whether I should do more! Hope you all have a good week xoxo

P.s. Sorry about the picture quality, camera died this is laptop high quality! Haha


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