Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Birthday celebrations 23/02/13


So it was my 20th birthday last Saturday, yes I was no longer a teenager. It feels weird to say that I'm not twenty, although obviously like every other birthday I feel absolutely no different. On the same day it was also my mum's birthday so it's always nice to do something together, as a family. Basically this is just a quick post to share with you some of the pictures I had taken throughout the day.

First is my outfit, I wore a dress from Primark which I love, I also have it in a red floral pattern which I have featured in an outfit post. I just love the shape of these dresses and there only £13 I believe which I think is a bargain! It was a pretty plain outfit just partnered with some silver accessories from Accessorize and my Michael Kors watch.

Next was my main birthday present from Mum and Dad which was a new camera! I was so excited about this, my old camera had done it's time and was on the way out simply because it was rather old. I love this one, not quite like the professional ones out there, but nonetheless is perfect for me. It also has Wi-Fi which I think is pretty darn amazing.

Then my two nieces and sister made me and my mum a birthday cake, to be honest it looked pretty amazing. We were told that once we cut it open we would be in for a 'surprise' and once we did, it was a pretty rainbow cake! It was pretty delicious too so overall they done a good job!

After that it was a quick testing out of my new camera and photo shoot for me, my two nieces and mum. My sister took a few (it's pretty hard to keep my nieces entertained with boring smiley pictures) so just thought I'd share one of those with you :)

Finally I just took a few pictures of some other bits and bobs I received in the morning from friends and family. I literally love all of my presents and again don't want these pictures to be taken the wrong way, just helping you guys be nosey ;) he he. I also must mention that my boyfriend got me converse, they are my new babies. They are also white so must be kept well away from any muddy puddles! I also went and visited my dad in hospital so was lovely to be able to see him for a couple of hours with the rest of my family, and I also received a couple of Cath Kidston bits from him which was lovely :)

Hope you enjoy this birthday post and having a nosey into my day :) See you this time next year, will be the big 21st then! xo



  1. Happy birthday :) I love your dress and that camera looks really nice x

  2. Happy Birthday! Great photos! :)

    XO, Mish @ LBD and Onesies

  3. Happy birthday! :) you got some lovely pressies!I love your dress wouldn't think it was from primark! it's so pretty:) xx

  4. Hope you had a good birthday! It looks amazing!

    I'm so jealous of your camera! I love it!

    Thanks for sending over your link, now following!


    Jenn x

  5. Beautiful photos, you got some lovely bits and your cake looks crazy! x

  6. lovely post! hope you had a lovely time

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube


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