Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo in On and on Bronze

If you read my blog often then you'll know I rather recently purchased my first ever eye shadow palette and that I'm not normally your typical eye shadow kinda girl. But since purchasing the palette I've definitely become more into using it on a daily basis. I know there was a big hype about this particular eye shadow so now since I've been using it more I thought I would expand my collection and what better way to start than with this beauty here.

Like I said I've heard so much about these from many a blogger and particularly went for this colour due to Estee from essiebutton as I'd seen it featured in a couple of her videos. Superdrug also recently had 3 for 2 across all make up so when this was on my wish list along with many other beauty items it wasn't hard to pick up 2 other items. I picked up this Maybelline color tattoo in 'On and on Bronze' which is a gorgeous metallic bronze colour which I love.

Since purchasing I've worn it nearly every day, apart from those lazy days we all have hey! It's so easy to apply and I cannot express that to you enough. It literally takes about 5 seconds and slides on super easy over your eye lid. It doesn't pull and gives an awesome coverage with barely any product. I simply just use my finger tip to apply this product and that's the easiest way I seem to have found and I think this way it gives me the coverage I'm after but also the finish, a smooth, sleek look.

It's a lovely cream eyeshadow and honestly does last all day. From the early morning and after a 9 hour day at work when I get home and take my make up off it's still in tact on my lids. It gives a nice neutral glisten to an everyday look and can definitely then go from daytime to nighttime with this eyeshadow. It also does come in a variety of different colours, some rather outrageous but that's just me sticking to what I know, but also some lovely neutrals and a lovely pinky one which I would love to try next :)

If you haven't tried these yet and are like me, just getting into eyeshadows, then these are perfect! 100% recommended and if you have tried them I'd love to know the shades you've tried and what you thought. Over and out xo


  1. I love it, very simple and easy to use! It's similar to KIKO's long lastick stick eye shadows :)

    Tania x

  2. This looks so lovely! I must try them. (:

    Sierra xx


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