Monday, 17 June 2013

Wishing the summer would come

After an evening full of reading haul posts and also watching them on YouTube, I have yet again come up with a completely full wish list of new wants added to my ever growing list. I don't think I'll ever get this list down to zero, but I can keep dreaming. Although it does sometimes keep me going at work, I'm a planner so when it comes to payday I tend to plan exactly what I'm going to treat myself too, along with a little bit of saving on the side. (Just now realising the bits and pieces I've picked above colour match well..) With it not being too long until the next payday already then I'm kinda hoping I can tick most of these beauties off my list.

The title of this post is way too true, what is wrong with the UK weather right now? Although I'm hearing promising things about tomorrows weather and it's my day off, yay! But first things first I'm going to have my mullet coloured and chopped, bye bye roots. Then I have a dentist appointment, and yes I freely admit it, I'm scared. Usually mine and my mum's appointments are at the same time but I had to change mine so I'm going it alone.. wish me luck! But hopefully once I've ticked these items off my list I may actually be able to wear them in the 'British summer'.

Also on the topic of shopping, after being ill for a few days last week and having to call in sick at work it left me placing online orders from both Topshop and H&M, woops. But I did manage to find the shoes from Topshop that I'd been wanting for ages in my size and some absolute bargains from the H&M sale. I do find H&M delivery takes an awful long time so my patience is going to be tested with these parcels, does anyone else think this?

Anyway this is a rather rambly post but I just wanted to share with you my latest summer finds and fingers crossed the weather comes to stay soon! I'd love to know your latest wants and new finds? :-)


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  2. I have that jumper in mint! Love the lilac one sooooo much, though.
    the little dress is cute, too!


  3. Literally love this whole wishlist! The colour of that jumper is gorgeous, those brogues are the cutest and loving that aztec skirt.

    Kylie x


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