Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots in Speckled Pink & Rain Forest Canopy

After the rather large hype of the L'Oreal Confetti top coat these beauties have now arrived on the shelves in the high street stores, Boots and Superdrug. As much as I always wanted to try the L'Oreal, I was never completely sold on it hence why it was never purchased. But as soon as these hit the shelves I went straight into my local Boots store.

When I popped into my local Boots on a lunch break only days after the launch there were only these two colour variations left. I wasn't disappointed I wanted the pink and the green just came with me also due to there being a buy one get one half price promo on Maybelline products at the time. This meant I got these two polishes for under £5, normally they are £2.99 each. The pink is called 'Speckled Pink' and the green 'Rain Forest Canopy'.

These are super duper easy to apply and although I did three coats in the pictures above you honestly could have stopped at two. It gives completely full coverage over the nail and it's not one of those nail varnishes which have the glitter bits in which you find yourself sat there for ages trying to actually get some of those bits onto your nail. The speckled parts, or polka dots, included in this nail varnish do not come out sparsely and I didn't have to do any scraping to try and get any onto the nail on the pictures above which I love about this product. You definitely get the right amount on the nail whilst still being able to see the colour included within the nail polish.

Another plus is the staying power of these polishes, usually when I paint my nails then go into work the next day they are ruined! But these seemed to last a good 3 to 4 days and even then it was only slight chipping, so I was really impressed with these. Considering the price I paid I wasn't expecting a lot from the wear but surprisingly I found it better than some of the higher end nail varnishes that I've tried.

There is one downfall to these products... the removal. At first I used my Bourjois 1 second nail varnish remover but when I pulled my finger out, the colour had removed fantastically but I was left with lovely black and white speckles all over my nail. These would literally not remove off my nails with this pot so I went to get a cotton pad and normal remover but they were still barely budging. I literally ha to scrape them off with rather a lot of force which I really didn't enjoy and it was rather time consuming.

Have you tried any of these nail polishes? I'd love to know your thoughts on them :)



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  2. These look so pretty I have been looking for them here in the U.S. but I dont think they are out yet :( Thanks for sharing love :)

    Leslie xoxo


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