Friday, 27 December 2013

Pandora ring wishes

So this post is a little behind schedule so first things first I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and enjoyed lots of family time and giving, I know I certainly did. With it being Christmas and all I have been extremely busy and my blog definitely took a back seat and literally nothing got done - apart from this collage of gorgeous rings above. I am definitely a ring person and even more so a silver ring person. I love wearing rings and I feel lost when I don't have them on (they are pretty much glued to me though). Hence why I created this wish list to showcase my very favourite rings to all you lovely readers.

Pandora offer some gorgeous rings and these are just a select few of my favourites. Considering this post was meant to be up before Christmas, I was actually lucky enough to get 2 of the rings from this wish list above! I got the purple amethyst birthstone ring and the one below with all the small silver hearts. They are even more beautiful in person, these pictures just don't do them justice.

I find these rings so simple and easy to wear, I mean they literally go with anything and everything. If you're a silver girl like me then you'll definitely love them. Also the 2 I got are perfect worn together and stacking them. There are so many different styles to choose from and I already want some more to jazz up more of my fingers! I definitely think the star or the plain twisted one is next on my list for my plain left hand, he he.

This is just a short and hopefully sweet post showing you my new favourite rings and a couple of which I got myself this Christmas. Again I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and break from work, of which I return tomorrow -yay :/


  1. I got the same birthstone ring but in aquamarine for March. They are gorgeous rings! xoxo

  2. I love the star one! They're not too expensive either :D x

  3. I've been eying up one of the rings, as I love my Pandora bracelet and wear it all the time! :)

    I do like the star one but my heart is set on a silver ring with a tiny gold heart inside a silver circle, it's gorgeous.


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