Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Revlon Lip Butter in Red Velvet

As promised, but slightly delayed, another lipstick post. Last week and this week are probably the busiest ever for me, the first deadlines for two uni assignments, including placement, work and a little bit of a social life. Safe to say it's been hectic but I'm sure it won't be the worst during my university years.

A while back, with thanks to Tanya Burr (you may have seen in my latest haul post), you may have seen that I purchased this Revlon lip butter in the shade Red Velvet. It's absolutely perfect for this time of the year both colour and product wise. I'd actually been looking for a dark red lipstick recently and this one fitted that slot perfectly. Again, a long while back, I reviewed a lip butter just in a different shade and said that I wanted to try one which was more pigmented. So even though it's a while back I've finally done it and I'm so pleased I did. If you did read my other lip butter post then you'll know how much I loved it then and not a lot has changed.

The Revlon lip butters are super moisturising so perfect for those drier lips in the colder months. The extra pigmentation doesn't cling to those dry patches just adds a lovely amount of colour to your lips. It has great lasting power and when it does start to fade it does so evenly and leaves your lips tinted nicely for your next application. The packaging is pretty with a quilted effect and a colour co-ordinated lid.

Overall, as with my other lip butter, I love these lipsticks and will definitely keep buying more shades! They are perfect for every season and there's definitely a colour for every season too! If you'd like to check out my other lip butter post in the shade 'Pink Lemonade' then click here :-)


  1. I now NEED this lip butter! All my red lipsticks are matte and i've been wanting to find one in a more moisturising formula and this may well be it! xx


  2. They might be exactly what I need! So tired of dry lips lately and this shade is lovely!

  3. I never see this shade blogged about much and it is a shame as I think it is lovely! Definitely one to put on my list :)
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

  4. I've been looking at this shade and this one definitely looks gorgeous! It suits you so much, think I may need to pick it up in the New Year. :D



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