Sunday, 1 December 2013

MAC Crosswires Cremesheen Lipstick

This week seems to have felt very long so today I bring you my FIRST EVER MAC lipstick!! I finally now know what all you bloggers are chatting about when you talk about these lipsticks. What better post to bring you than a beautiful new lipstick now added to my collection.

I was very over whelmed at the MAC counter, the amount of lipsticks is just crazy and with it being my first lipstick I was unsure about what to go for. Yes I did have shades in mind which I had been looking at and previously seen so I had a rough idea. After a lot of thought I finally picked up the shade called 'Crosswires'. It's a beautiful pinky orange shade, if those colours had a baby this would be it, call it coral-y if you wish. It's a cremesheen finish so not a full on colour, more of an everyday colour for me, definitely still noticeable

The finish is gorgeous, it glides on super smoothly as the cremesheen finish would suggest. It's ever so creamy which I like especially as it's winter and my lips are very dry! Although it can tend to cling to dry patches I just scrub and moisturise my lips before applying. It has pretty good staying power and even when it does start to fade, it does so evenly and leaves a lovely tint on the lips. This also does not feel heavy on the lips, nice and light as if you're not even wearing lipstick, again perfect for everyday.

The packaging is lovely and sturdy. It doesn't feel cheap and plastic like so there's (hopefully) no prone to breaking when chucked into a handbag. It's simple chic black and silver packaging with MAC written both on the lid and inside. It's sort of bullet shaped which is a nice small touch. It doesn't feel cheap which is obviously a good thing when you're paying £15 for a lipstick which is obviously on the steep end.

Overall I'm really pleased with my first MAC purchase and will probably, more than definitely be buying more! I've definitely got a few more shades on my mental list. 
What do you think of MAC Crosswires? I'd love to know! :-)


  1. I love the sound and the look of this lipstick, so wearable specially now in winter when often your lips are dry and you need a creamy texture :)

    Ila x

  2. Aww what a gorgeous colour! :D

  3. Beautiful color! Great choice! I've got a just a couple MAC lipsticks but need more!

  4. I also only just bought my first MAC lipstick not too long ago! :). Great choice, it looks beautiful on you! x.

  5. I've never really like the Cremesheens from Mac, but this shade does look lovely!
    Daniella x


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