Monday, 13 January 2014

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Today has been a long day of waiting around.. Waiting for no.1 my new iPhone 5S (exciting) and no.2 waiting for a new windscreen for my car (not so exciting but expensive). Also the whole day I've been without internet so the fact that I got no uni work done whilst I literally sat on my arse all day slightly pains me. But now I have internet my uni assignment is the last thing on my mind, procrastination at it's best.

A staple hair care item which I'm sure everyone either uses this product themselves or knows someone who loves and uses it. Although this seems to be a staple product that I've never blogged about! I used to just buy normal Batiste with no hint of colour and yes they had some ones with nice scents but getting rid of the white chalky residue in my hair pained me I'm not gonna lie. So a while back I noticed Batiste with a hint of colour in, problem solved.. it certainly was! I've been using this for a relatively long time now and god knows how I hadn't seen/tried this earlier.

There's no white mess with this one, it is simply just a brown which matches perfectly with my hair colour. You still need to do the normal massaging it in after spraying it on etc but you don't have to do it half as much as you do with normal Batiste. It really is a life saver product for in between hair washes and really refreshes it. I wouldn't be without this product and am constantly repurchasing it. I believe it's £1 more than normal Batiste making it £3.99 (I think) so it's a bargain.

Batiste isn't going anywhere for me, what's your favourite dry shampoo?

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