Sunday, 19 January 2014

Maybelline Brow Drama

The last eyebrow product I spoke and raved about was Soap and Glory's Archery brow pen, I absolutely love the product and still do don't get me wrong. But those days when you're in a hurry for work and literally just want a slight filling in of your eyebrows then this product is definitely for you. It's such an effortlessly easy product to use that I can't not rave about it.

As you can see from the pictures the packaging is nothing special just black plastic but nice and compact for you if you travel a lot. It's just a simple round brush, exactly like a mascara basically, and it claims to sculpt your eyebrows into place whilst giving them colour and filling them in. I mean what more do you want with a eyebrow mascara? You want a nice cheap product too? Then this is definitely it, I can't remember the exact price but it definitely retails for under £5, bargain.

The shape of the brush is different, it has a round head at the end which did take me a while to get used to but once I did it's so much easier and saves you from getting the coloured mascara anywhere but on your eyebrows. I just simply swipe this through my eyebrows a few times, setting them in place and applying the right amount of colour I want through them. Honestly it takes no time at all to fill them in and make them look as if you've spent more time on them than you actually have, who's to know?

It keeps my eyebrows in place all day there's no question about that. If you're after more of a night time look from your day time brows then I would simply just swipe this through my eyebrows a few more times. It really does build up the colour intensity and simply just makes them more stand out and defined, something I don't need during the day but it's nice to know that you can use the same product to create a different look.

This is definitely my go to eye brow product for those days when I'm in a rush or am not feeling the fuller eyebrow look. It's so easy to use and quick! Have you tried this product? What's your favourite brow product? Hope you've all had a lovely weekend :-)

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