Saturday, 12 April 2014

Miranda live tour 2014

This weekend already has been one of the best weekends ever, cliche hey. Me and mum went to go and see Miranda Hart live at the O2 on her "my, what I call, live show". We'd had the tickets booked for over a year and in the end it came around super quick. I'd never been to a live comedy performance before so didn't really know what to expect, but saying that Miranda is my favourite comedian so I knew it was going to be brilliant. And boy was I right, I don't think I stopped laughing the whole way through, other than the interval of course. She looked absolutely amazing and I know it sounds silly to want to see the same show more than once but I really, really do.

They also filmed for the DVD of the tour last night, when I saw it, which is pretty cool! So come November when the DVD is finally released I can actually, in a way, relive the night! Honestly if you love Miranda (as much as I do) then you would love the tour, I definitely recommend the DVD! I have heard I don't think she's going to be touring again, which saddens me, but at least I did get to see this one. I'll leave you with a few Instagram snaps of my trip to London and the live show and one last thing....



  1. I went to see this too, when she was in Nottingham! I didn't really know what to expect either, as I've not seen much live comedy, and I'd never seen her do any stand up, but I loved it. She was hilarious, and I love her attitude to life. xx

  2. I'd love to go and see Miranda live!!! Your drink and pinkberry look delish too, triple envy alert!!!!!! x

  3. Aww, my sister really likes Miranda and I do too to be honest, she makes me laugh, I loved the Mirands series'. She kept hinting about going to see this but as I'm getting married this year other things took priority kinda thing. I'll have to get her the dvd when it's out :). Your drink (was it a cocktail?) looks lush and I didn't know there was a Pinkberry in London :/, where have I been lol.

    Gem x


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