Monday, 28 April 2014

Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot

After another eventful weekend I'm super excited to be sharing this post with you. I here you asking why and well I'm just about to tell you exactly that..

This is actually a re-purchase for me, when I first purchased this I started using it as it claimed a lot and it then got to the point where I had used it so much already that it just wasn't going to photograph well. So unfortunately for you guys, I've actually waited what feels a lifetime to share this post with you as it finally got to the point where I'm nearly out of my first one so it was acceptable to re-purchase.

"It offers world-class shine control and oil-absorption, is ultra-light, and gives skin a traceless, smooth, velvety finish."

So it's safe to say this product offers a lot but when I read it in Boots I was instantly drawn to it and had to try it. Having an oily t-zone is super annoying and finding the right product that will actually keep it at bay for as long as possible was proving to be a nightmare. From the build up I'm guessing you can tell I love this product! It honestly does everything it claims to do, which is amazing!
After I've finished applying my make up I just pat this powder over my forehead, down my nose and my chin (I could have just said t-zone) and away I go! Now as I've said I really do have an oily t-zone and I kid you not this beauty stays put all day! Shine be gone! I honestly have no need to re-apply this or my powder, a whole day at work and no shine is a miracle. It's a translucent powder so it doesn't affect the make up you've already applied before and it comes with a cute little puff which I actually have been using and it does it's job well. It's also super compact with a little mirror so can be applied on the go if needed.

My experience with Soap and Glory make up in the past has literally always been a delight and honest to God, I have loved every single make up item from Soap and Glory and they are all staples. I think their products have the best packaging and simply do the job which is what you want from the products. If you have an oily t-zone and your powder just isn't quite keeping it at bay, I 100% recommend this product, it seriously is amazing and I definitely will keep re-purchasing. You can get this from Boots and it retails at £12, which for what it does, is super duper cheap!

I hope I've raved about this product enough, I feel as if I have, and that I make you want to go and buy it! It's by far the best make up item from the drug store that I have purchased in a very, very long time! Enjoy and let me know if you've tried this before and your thoughts :-)

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  1. Wow that powder sounds fab! I nominated you for the Liebster Award :) You can check out the link here:


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