Monday, 15 September 2014

Dr Nick Lowe Sebum Control Cleanser Anti Blemish

Oh yes another skin care product from me that include the words 'anti blemish', hooray! I actually purchased this a while back from a store where I live called The Factory Shop which really isn't that amazing but occasionally do stock some great beauty bits. So I found this little beauty and prior to seeing it there I had actually been looking at it on Feel Unique where it RRP's for £12. Well in this shop it was only around £6 I believe so was a bargain I had to grab it.

It claims:
'A one-step, alcohol free anti-bacterial cleanser to refine, purify and deeply cleanse pores without stripping skin of vital moisture. Regular use of Dr. Nick Lowe Anti Blemish Sebum Control Cleanser will help reduce the triggers for spots and breakouts to leave skin thoroughly cleansed and revitalised.'

This is a lovely cleanser and really does leave your skin feeling fresh and clean whether it's day or night. I have been using this both in the mornings and the evenings and most of the time it tends to find something on my face that shouldn't be there and removes it. It definitely doesn't strip your skin, it feels smooth and also removes all the oil from my oily t-zone.

This cleanser claims to helps reduce the triggers for spots which I do agree with to some extent. It doesn't seem to help with existing spots which for an anti blemish product for me is a slight downer as I mainly purchase to get rid of the ones I'm currently suffering with as they're the present and not the future. But going to the future for a second here I believe this product only seems to occasionally work for reducing future spots. Now yes the claim does say help reduce not completely stop so in a way it really does work. And yes I do not use this cleanser every single day twice (most but not all) so not sure if that could be a factor. But obviously I can't single handedly hold this product responsible for my spot prone skin. Yes it does work but yes I do also still get pesky spots (what is doing it to me!)

Overall it's a lovely fresh cleanser suitable for day and night which does fight some of those pesky blemishes we have to suffer from! You can buy it here from Feel Unique for £12. And on a slightly different note I am jetting away on holiday as of Wednesday this week so there might be a lack of posts over the next 10 days whilst I soak up the sun in Greece! But don't worry I'll soon be back to blogging once I've had my belated summer holiday :-)

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