Friday, 1 April 2016

Ooharr Face Masks

I find face masks are quite a luxury as at the moment I just don't seem to have that down time to sit down, relax and put a face mask on. I was recently sent these three different face masks so wanted to make sure that I used them when I had time too. I basically made time to use these so I could give you guys honest reviews on these masks, it also meant I had at least 15 minutes to relax in the bath.

I was sent three different face masks; one to rejuvenate skin, one to refresh skin and one revitalise skin. The fact that these masks targeted something different was great for me but right from the off, when I received these, I was drawn to the middle one photographed. When read in more detail the middle one is targeted at blemish prone skin therefore right up my street. I do love these packet face masks as if you don't like them then you haven't spent lots of money on the full size and you actually get two face masks out of one packet.

As I mentioned I was keen to try the blemish prone skin face mask and actually this is the one I enjoyed using the most. There were particles in this one which also exfoliated your face, so kind of like a two in one face mask, and it just left my skin feeling refreshed. This one in particular actually felt like it was working on my face, it wasn't one of those face masks you could forget about once you applied, but it wasn't a horrible feeling. I found after using this mask that my current blemishes didn't look quite as red or noticeable. This mask was my favourite out of the three but I did enjoy using the other two; again the one names Rosie Glows smelt so lovely of Vanilla which is one of my favourite scents but it wasn't to overpowering.

Another great thing about all of these face masks is that they are made with naturally effective ingredients; such as pure essential oils and natural extracts. I love using more natural skin care items as I do find some of the results are much more noticeable. For example my skin just seems to really prefer it in some ways and it feels much softer.

Overall I enjoyed testing out all of these face masks and think it's a great way of testing out new skin care products which can ultimately cost a fortune in the long run. I would definitely consider repurchasing the Dead Sea Cooler mask as I really enjoyed using it :-)

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