Monday, 11 April 2016

Tips and Tricks #8

Firstly I apologise for not posting one of these blog posts in quite a while, a long time in fact. But to be honest I think I just ran out of current ideas and didn't want to just post any willy nilly so I went away and had a good old think. I've now got another few ideas behind me so these posts will now run again, hopefully continuously but there is always the chance I could run out of ideas again. Sometimes I like it though as it actually makes me think about what I want to post on my blog, a little time to refresh my mind. Anyway I'm back with another Tips and Tricks post for you guys!

A few weeks back I was shopping with my mum and sister and my sister was saying how she swears by these gloves and they've really helped the appearance of her legs. It must be a family thing, although I know others will suffer with this too, but we tend to get dark spots on our legs particularly after shaving them. My sister said I should buy some of these exfoliating gloves as they have helped her legs and nearly stopped these patches on her legs. As soon as she said that I had them in my basket and was at the till. I do often hate the look of my legs so if this little trick helps the appearance then I'm all over it.

I've been using these gloves alongside this scrub from Garnier but you can obviously use whichever scrub you like, it doesn't have to be this one. Although I've actually really been enjoying this one, it smells great and is really invigorating. When I first started making this part of my routine, when having a bath, the first thing I noticed was how soft my skin was feeling and that was before I had even moisturised! I did then moisturise as well as I didn't want the scrub to dry out my legs even more and obviously this helped a treat. I try and do this every time I have a bath and as I said make it part of my pamper routine if you like. It's really been helping the appearance and feel of my legs and is such an easy step to add to my routine.

I absolutely am converted and love using these gloves. I will also be using them when it comes to Summer and when I begin to fake tan more than I am at the moment. These particular gloves by the way are from Superdrug but I'm sure there are many other place that sell them. I hope you enjoyed this new Tips and Tricks post :-)

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