Monday, 8 April 2013

Beauty Haul

A couple of days ago I went into Boots knowingly that they had a 3 for 2 offer on make up and also knowingly which three make up items I wanted to pick up. I arrived early to work so thought it would be easier to go in the morning, it was around 8:30am, rather than on my lunch as it's the dreaded Easter holidays meaning little kids galore. It was lovely and peaceful BUT two of the three items I wanted to collect were out of stock BUT I somehow still managed to do a 3 for 2 (us beauty bloggers seem to have that knack) so I thought I would show you the bits I picked up.

Firstly I was stood staring at the Revlon stand at these gorgeous nail art duos. I picked up the one called 'Moon Candy'. Now the idea of these nail varnishes are you use the solid colour, in my case black, as the under coat and then apply the glitter top coat. So I needed a new black nail varnish and I love glitter polishes, they are my two reasons for picking this item up, oh and the fact that it's totally awesome. There were so many different colour combinations to choose from I could have gone crazy! Also I had never seen these before so I was totally intrigued to try one myself.

I jumped on the lip butter bandwagon. I'm never usually a girl who wears lipstick in any form but since reading sooo many reviews and hearing people rave about these lip butters I just thought I had to try one. I swatched so many on my hand it was covered but I went for the shade 'Pink Lemonade'. It's a lovely pink shade and relatively sheer, to be honest when I swatched it, it seemed more pigmented than it is on the lips but I didn't want a fully pigmented colour as like I said I never wear lipstick so need to get used to myself wearing it. With that in mind I thought this colour would do the job, only time will tell.

In the same trip I think I also jumped on a different bandwagon, the Barry M gelly nail varnishes. Now I'm a lover of nail varnishes so I couldn't believe I hadn't already picked one of these up but whenever I went to the Barry M counter there only ever seemed to be the colours left that I didn't want to try. Now when I went this time there still were barely any on the shelves but I managed to find myself this colour, which I love. It's in the colour 'Lychee' which is a lovely beige nude and I simply wanted this colour because I don't have any others like it in my collection (that I can remember)

Finally from Boots, just as a small additional product, I picked up the Witch blemish stick. The night before I read a really good review on this product and I'm always on the look out for a new blemish treatment to fight pesky spots so when I read that this one was only £2 odd then I definitely wanted to try it myself. The packaging is rather sweet and easy to carry around for applications throughout the day, I've already started using this so fingers crossed for good results!

Whoops....So after going to Boots the next day I then went into Superdrug and ended up with another bag full. So I thought it might be nice to make this post slightly larger and do more of a beauty haul.  I only really went into Superdrug for one thing but ended up with four and I just want to express how many different offers they had on in there!! Omg literally nearly everything had money off and all the things I got were £3 and under! I definitely suggest you head down if you're interested in anything.

Anyway literally for the past week or so every now and then I've popped into my local Superdrug to see if they have the MUA Undress Me Too palette in stock and every time until yesterday they hadn't. But yesterday they were fully restocked and I couldn't have been happier. The colours in it look amazing and it's only really recently that I've been getting into eyeshadow and the real way to apply it, thank god for Pinterest! Ha ha, the colours in this palette just seemed like your everyday favourites but then a few added in for more going out colours which I love. I honestly cannot wait to try this out :)

I then got the Superdrug brightening hot cloth cleanser, I have never tried a hot cloth cleanser but have always seen raves about the Liz Earle one so instead of taking the plunge with that one I thought this one would be a great starting point to see if I get on well with it. It comes with it's own muslin cloth and the cleanser is actually a pretty large sized bottle.

Then I picked up the Clearasil rapid action pads which I have reviewed fully here. Before I picked them up for around £4 which I thought was good then as they were still on offer from around £5 but then I saw them in Superdrug for only around £2.50 which I thought was a steal so just had to have them. I think they're really handy for those pesky spots so can't wait to start using these again.

Finally I got some coconut oil, I again only saw this reviewed the other day but they said they loved it and I had also seen it in a magazine so I thought it would be worth a try. As much as I try not to put any heat on my hair other than hair drying these days the ends of my hair still feel dry and I've heard that coconut oil can help that. I believe there are many different ways in which coconut oil can be used so I may just have to have a little more of an in depth read but I'm excited to see the outcome!

So my 'small' beauty haul turned into a rather large one and I apologise for the pictures not being taken together, I had originally taken the pictures just from Boots and uploaded those then thought I'd add on Superdrug as well! I hope you enjoy reading and I'm sure I will do some more in depth reviews as time goes on and I've fully used the products. Hope you're all having a good week! xp



  1. I love the Superdrug Hot Cloth Cleanser! Reviewed it on my blog a while ago, haven't seen much else about it though? And it's so cheap. Oh You're in for a treat!..I'll stop talking now as I sound a bit mad. Would love to know what you make of it :) x

  2. Well someone's done well! Love the look of that lip butter,such a gorgeous shade. I'll be going hunting for it now! Would love to see swatches of that and the Undress Me Too palette, I have the original palette so would love to see how it compares :) xx

    sundaisy blog

  3. you got some lovely items! The lip butter looks really pretty!
    hareem x

  4. OMG please do a review on the hot cloth cleanser. I really want to try one and may have to make a trip to superdrug if it's actually good! :D xx

  5. I used to love the witch stick, will have to give it a go again. Great little haul! :)
    Megan xxx

  6. Seen adverts for the Revlon nail candy product in like every magazine, it looks really good, need to go out and buy one ASAP! Especially in the shade you got :)xxx


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