Friday, 5 April 2013

My top 3 mascaras: L'Oreal, Benefit and Maybelline

Oh it's been a long day, completely dragged and as the day went on I slowly deteriorated with tiredness. But alas I am determined to finish this post tonight! I would also just like to mention that I recently just reached 300 followers on my blog!! Eeee, I was so excited and as cringe as it may sound, I am very happy about this so thank you to you all who follow and read my ramblings! :) Also this week I set up a facebook page for my blog so I would love if you would take the time to like it!

Onto the post, basically I love mascara and unless I'm having a really bad day, I don't go a day without it. So what a better post for me to write than one all about mascaras! These are my 3 most favourite mascaras of all time and like I've said before it's very hard for a mascara to impress me so these bad boys have done extra well, round of applause. So without furthur ado...

1. L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes - I first purchased this mascara many moons ago and this is the only mascara that I've ever repurchased more than once! This means it has definitely served me well and well it has. The brush is plastic and super easy to apply. I love the formula of this mascara, it's completely clump free which I love. I know some mascara's which can be clumpy but can be managed to be brushed out when you apply more coats of mascara, but this one they just don't exist. It also completely volumises my lashes, as the name of the mascara would suggest, it covers all my lashes and makes them look thick and lengthened which I love. Basically I would say this mascara is an all rounder, it does pretty much everything you would want your perfect mascara to do! Hence why I've repurchased this so many times and it's definitely my go to mascara. It retails at £9.99 I believe so can be considered at the higher end of the drug store prices but I would 100% recommend this and it's totally worth the price tag.

2. Benefit They're Real - I received this mascara for Christmas and have been using it since then. It was one of those products that you apply and instantly love. This brush is also plastic but also has a rounded end of which you can use for your bottom lashes and/or your slightly smaller lashes on the inner and outer eye. I personally don't apply mascara to my bottom lashes but I used the rounded end on my normal lashes and thought it was a rather nice touch to the brush. It was easy to use and I also used it to separate some of my lashes if they ever got stuck together or to just reposition them. The straight part of the brush is also just as good, it gives you tips on the box to wiggle the brush from side to side to get extra volume and length and I really agree and think this works a treat! If there's ever a knack for a product then this is the one, it's brilliant! Slightly more clumpy but as I said can be worked out when more layers are applied. I have found that since using it from Christmas it is slightly drying out already which is a slight downside as I believe they're meant to last 6 months at least. The price tag on this one is slightly pricey at £18.50 but there's always time to treat yourself right?

3. Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express - I recently reviewed this mascara in full on my blog (you can read that here) This is a rather recent purchase but already has made it's way into my favourites! I absolutely love it, the brush rather scared me at first but it really is simple to use and extremely voluminous! It makes my lashes look super full at the roots and then flare out which is a look I personally love. It's super easy to work with and you barely need two coats, although this product is still relatively new which may be why I don't need so many coats! But nonetheless it's brilliant. This one is the cheapest of the lot retailing at £7.99 although when I purchased it it was on offer for £5.99 which is super worth the price tag.

I hope you enjoy this post and it gives you a little insight to my 3 favourite mascaras! And I hope it inspires you to spend some wonga and purchase one of these beauties, trust me you won't regret it :) I'd love to know if you've tried any of these mascaras and what you think and also what your favourite mascaras are! Have a lovely weekend xo



  1. I haven't tried any of these, will have to give them a go x

  2. My favourite ever has been YSL false lash effect, it's been really good! :)

    Anna X


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