Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Review: Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy in Moon Dust

Another new nail product, yes when I see a glittery nail product I cannot go past without picking it up and then, more times than not, purchasing it. It's a bad habit for my bank balance but unresistable. Since purchasing this particular nail art duo I have seen a few other brands starting bringing out pretty much the same product. So I believe this kind of duo, from whatever brand, to be very popular in the near future.

I picked this up from my latest haul and was part of my 3 for 2 in Boots. I had never seen these before but was instantly intrigued. I also don't think I own a nail varnish from Revlon, which I don't really understand ha, but after using this duo I think that fact might change. The idea of this product is to first paint your nails with the plain colour (in this particular colour, black) and then to use the glitter side as a top coat. I love the idea of this and in the same range within Revlon there were literally so many different colour combinations to choose from! They were all so gorgeous and the only reason I went for this one is because my current black nail varnish is running out. The colours ranged from green and blue to purple and burgundy to which had the corresponding glitter on the other end.

The application was super duper easy and although I did two coats of the black nail polish, just to prolong the wear, I honestly don't think it needed two coats. I then applied one coat of the glitter top coat which I found amazingly full. Sometimes I find glitter top coats needs way more than one coat to get the 'full' look but this one was amazing and literally in one coat my nail was full of the iridescent glitter flakes. The glitter flakes shine so many different colours in the light which I love such as greens, yellows and blues. The drying time of this product was great, I can only talk for the plain black colour as on the top coat I did use my quick drying spray, on the plain black and dried super quickly which is always a massive plus point within a nail varnish.

I absolutely adore everything about this nail varnish duo and definitely will be heading back to Boots on payday and investing in a new colour! I think this is a great deal for the price you pay, £7.99 at Boots, as you're getting two colours. Obviously the plain black could be worn on it's own and the glitter top coat could be worn over the top of any other nail varnish you own so really it's a bargain that can be used again and again. If you've been deciding whether to get this product or not then I 100% recommend it, you will not be disappointed :)

Have you tried one of these nail art duos? What did you think of them? I'd love to know!


  1. I love that one and it's on my wishlist :)

  2. This is gorgeous! I really want to try some of these, just wish they were a bit cheaper :') hehe :) Such a great idea though :) xo

  3. I really want to try this! They looking really good and they seem affordable!

    You have a lovely blog.

  4. Aww this is so pretty! It reminds me of a set that Nails Inc brought (or still have out, I'm not sure) for Gossip Girl. :D

    Think I'll be picking up one of these, sooo pretty! Especially for winter. ^_^


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