Monday, 29 July 2013

eBay bargains

1. I love these heated eye lash curlers, I've had about 3 now and although they don't last the longest amount of time they are so cheap that it doesn't even matter! They curl your eyelashes within seconds and you honestly cannot go wrong buying these. You can get them here

2. I've seen these Pop nail varnishes floating around the blogging atmosphere for quite some time but have never actually tried one myself. But I've found them on eBay at such a cheap price and the range of colours you can choose from is huge! You can get them here

3. For quite some time now I've needed to find a new way of storing my necklaces, they can't hang on the side of my mirror forever (trust me, I think it might topple soon). So the hunting on eBay continued until I found this cute shabby chic necklace holder. It fits in perfectly with the theme of my room and I think it's a great way to keep your necklaces looking pretty and tangle free. You can get it here

4. How cute is this case? My friend had one a little while back but I never actually ended up purchasing one, until now. I don't know why but I seem to go through phases with phone cases and for ages now I haven't purchased a new one and for 99p I couldn't exactly say no. They also come in a range of pretty colours! You can get them here

5. Again I've seen these phone cases around for quite some time but again never taken the plunge. I absolutely love the look of these ones but just keep thinking 'it must break?' But I don't care, Millie Mackintosh has got one so why not, ha ha. Also in a range of cool metallic colours. You can get them here

6. Finally I've wanted to purchase some nail wheels for such a long time! And I finally did so. It's such an easy way for us bloggers to really show what a nail colour looks like, when it's actually not on your nails. I picked up 10 wheels which I think will last me a pretty long time and I'm excited to try them! You can get them here

I hope you enjoyed this quick post and find yourself some eBay bargains! I absolutely love eBay for all these cheap bits but also for finding clothes too. I also love selling bits on eBay too for that extra bit of money (I'm actually selling some bits on there now if you would like to check them out: here) Are you a fan of eBay? What bargains have you found on there recently?


  1. Oh yes I really need some nail wheels as well!

    Water Painted Dreams

  2. I've also been troubled over my necklace storage recently, they hang on worlds smallest mannequin which is forever toppling over and the long ones on my wardrobe handle! Not good! That necklace hanger is so cute I may have to have a look :)xx

  3. I adore eBay bargains posts, keep them up! :) Also, can't wait to get a new phone and then shop for cases like crazy! :D
    xx, moonchild beauty blog

  4. i LOVE the phone case! but ive smashed my iphone and broke it so many times ive decided to invest in a really rubbery protective case to keep it safe. im just too clumsy for the pretty things!

    Sophie |

  5. I love this kind of posts. Keep doing it!

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