Sunday, 4 August 2013

Bourjois Laser Toppings in Aqua Purple

After having 10 days off from work going back to it has certainly been difficult! I had a lovely time away just simply chilling with friends and family. I didn't want to go back as I'm sure many of you will understand but hey I have and am already feeling the tiredness. But anyway before I went away I quickly stopped at my local (work) Boots and picked up some goodies. Bourjois had a 3 for 2 offer on so I easily picked up three, this nail varnish top coat being one of them.

Laser Topping is a new range from Bourjois consisting of three colours and is a clear varnish which contains different coloured strips of glitter which Bourjois refer to as light reflecting fibres. The one I got is called Aqua Purple which contains flecks of pink and purple glitter. I've always been a sucker for glittery top coats and different effects so when I saw these I just had to pick one up. Mind you I was stood there for rather a long time deciding on the colour!

I paired this with my 17 Lasting Fix varnish in 'Woo Me' which is a lovely pale lilac. I really like the contrast between the two varnishes and also think over black or white this top coat would look really effective. I definitely think a nail varnish is needed underneath simply because the fibres are relatively sparse although I do think compared to other glitter top coats these do come out more so than others which surprised me. In the pictures above I used two coats of the Laser Toppings and was very happy with the outcome.

I did apply a top coat as I always do with my nail varnish as I find with this kind of top coat that it can leave a slightly rough finish on the nail. Also I found that a few of the fibres can sometimes poke straight up over the edge of your nail so I tended to try and use the brush to alter this or when it's dry just snip them off! The brush on these varnishes are quite wide which I like as it covers your whole nail in one sweep.

The other pain of glitter top coats is the removal. Now I can say this lasted up to around 6 days if I remember correctly which I was very impressed with. Then one night before I was heading out with my friends one whole nail of varnish just came off in one go! This annoys me sooo much (as I then had to pick all the others off) so I can't comment on the removal with nail varnish remover but the fact that they all peeled off nicely just before I headed out was a bonus.

Overall I really enjoyed using this top coat and found the look of it really interesting. It really caught the sunlight and glistened which was lovely. These are £5.99 in Boots which is a pretty reasonable price and would definitely recommend trying them and experimenting with what colour varnish to put underneath :)

I'd love to know if you've tried any of these polishes and if you've got any pictures on the different colours you used! xo


  1. Very pretty nails - love the colours!


  2. These look gorgeous! Makes me wish I had nice enough nails to justify investing in nail polish :)

    Sarah | Some Sparkle and Shine

  3. For some reason these remind me of hundreds and thousands? Just my mind being weird, haha. But love the colour of it xx

  4. I love these sorts of long glitters! It always looks like a party on your fingernails :)

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

  5. lovely blog!!

    would you like to follow each other?


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