Monday, 14 October 2013

MUA Haul

Another haul I hear you say, well yes I am afraid so but I've been currently purchasing a few bits from the same shop/brand and find them a nice and easy post to do, and also hopefully you guys like reading them! This haul wasn't planned, MUA had a percentage off their whole website when you spent £15 (I think it was 15% but could have been more I've totally forgotten sorry!) so I jumped straight on as there were a few bits that I needed to add to my current make up collection (that's probably a total lie, I more than definitely have enough make up but hey ho I'm a blogger).

MUA, if you didn't know, is a very cheap and affordable make up brand which is available in Superdrug. But recently I noticed in my local Superdrug that it no longer exists, gutted. So when I saw this offer I couldn't resist. The main thing I wanted to get were some new blushers as mine recently are very shimmery and summery so I've been in the wrong season. But I couldn't only pick a couple of those up...

First I got 2 new lipsticks, MUA have recently released a new matte range and I've never tried a matte lipstick so for £1 I thought why not. I picked up the shade called 'Peachy Keen' (the matte lipstick is in the white packaging) it's a lovely peachy/pinky colour which I like but I am yet to try this yet. I'm hoping it won't be too drying as I have relatively dry lips anyway so not sure if this will work for me. The next lipstick I got was just from the normal range in 'Shade 12', it's a bright hot pink colour. I'm not completely sold on this product as it's like glittery which I really don't think I will like on the lips! You could not tell it was glittery on the website so pretty disappointed but I'll give it a go.

Next I got 2 nail varnishes again only £1 and I've tried MUA polishes before and actually really like them so couldn't resist. You'd think that I need purples in my collection, well no I don't but I really love these 2 shades. The darker purple is called 'Deepest Purple' and this is the one shade of purple I don't think I own, I have tonnes of lilac's and pastel purples but not a deep one and thought it would be perfect for autumn/winter. Next I picked up the shade called 'Frozen Yoghurt' which I absolutely love. I would say it's quite a blue toned purple and quite a pastel shade.

I then got 2 blushers, as I said this was one of the reasons this haul happened. My 2 favourite blushers at the moment are rather shimmery and summery as I've said so I wanted to branch out and try some new coloured blushers. The first I got is in 'Shade 2' this is the one on the left in the last picture. This one is the more pink blusher, matte colour so no shimmer involved. Secondly I got 'Shade 4' which I was more excited to try, the one on the right in the picture. This one is more orange/peachy and I really don't think I've ever tried a blush in this colour. For £1 you really can't go wrong and for experimenting with colours they are the perfect blushers to do so.

The final 2 things I got was a new brush, this one is called 'F4' and is the face powder brush. My current powder brush has totally gone horrible and stiff so I thought I'd try one from MUA. It's lovely and soft on the face and was only £3.75 so a total bargain. I've only used this once but I enjoyed using it, although think anything would have been better than my old one now! And last but not least I picked up the Pro-Base Fixing Mist. Recently I've been loving using a face mist to help keep my make up in place, this is only the second one I've tried as I don't seem to see them often in the drug store so thought I'd try this one. This was the most expensive at £5 but obviously you still can't complain at the price, it's also quite a large bottle so will keep me going for a while!

And that's my MUA haul complete! I love MUA for cheap and affordable make up and like I said for experimental use and if you then find a product you love then it's even better! Hopefully I've got a hidden gem in one of these items! I'd love to know if you've tried any of the items I purchased or what your favourite MUA product is? :-)


  1. I need to get more MUA, it's just ridiculously cheap! Love the look of the hot pink lipstick.


    1. It definitely is! And some of it is really good for the price :) x

  2. I love the fixing mist! :)

    1. I've been enjoying using it so far! x

  3. omg they are all so cheap!! think ill have to start trying their lipsticks for that price!!

    1. You definitely should, I love trying new shades for me to see if they suit! x

  4. Replies
    1. They are cute! Hopefully look good on :) x


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