Monday, 28 October 2013

Boohoo wish list

Well what a blustery morning it is for those in the UK, I've already ventured out to work whilst it was like playing dodgems on the roads avoiding fallen down trees and branches, and I've come straight back home again. Unfortunately there was absolutely no electricity at my nursery so I've got a day off, woo hoo! Although I really wished I could have stayed in bed other than getting up, using liquid eyeliner as whiskers to make me look like a cat (we were supposed to be having a Halloween party today). So overall it's been a pretty hectic morning already so what better post to do than a wishlist, actually it's pretty bad because in this mood it's twice as tempting to buy.

Normally Boohoo isn't somewhere I would normally shop, no real reason there's just so many websites I forget half of them when browsing online. But I came across it the other day and found some bloody lovely things if I do say so, I simply fell in love and then made a wish list. Boohoo is a relatively cheap online site which offers everything fashion and accessory wise so it's perfect.

Firstly the smock trend, it's been about for a little while and seems to just be everywhere, don't get me wrong I love the trend it's just one of those 'can I pull it off myself?' kinds of trends. So on Boohoo I located smock tops which I thought was different to the usual smock dresses I've seen. They had a few patterns to choose from, mostly floral, and to be honest I liked all of the patterns but this one seemed the most autumnal out of all of them colour wise.

Oversized jumpers in the Autumn/Winter is a must have for me! I literally live in them so the two in this wish list are no exception! The plain olive green one looks super chunky and again comes in many different colours so if the green isn't your favourite definitely check out to see what other colours they offer. I would definitely get these in the next size up too so that they're nice and warm but that's just how I like to wear them. The other jumper in this wish list is pretty similar but this one has a really pretty floral pattern on, I've seen this kind of jumper before and really like the pattern. Again as the other jumper there were a couple of other colours to choose from and again I'd get it nice and big for the winter.

I seem to have a bit of an obsession with midi skirts and seem to have collected a fair few since the summer, so it's no surprise that I've included one in this wish list. I love this one as it has autumnal colours in and obviously floral which again is very in for the season. I think paired with a chunky jumper and some boots it's the perfect outfit for autumn and then adding some chunky tights when it gets even colder in the winter (which it definitely will do if you're living in the UK like me, boo!)

Finally a chunky knit cardigan, they're always in because the look of them is just so effortless. Cardigans always seem to be the one thing in my wardrobe that I do not have enough of, especially chunky knitted ones like this one. It's also a gorgeous space dye print of blue, purple and red which I really like and not just your simple plain cable knit ones (which I also absolutely love). This one is also priced really well compared to other knitted cardigans I've seen which I think can sometimes be a bit too pricey so that nudged me towards this one as well I must say. Cardigans can be worn with literally everything and anything so they really are a staple piece like the chunky knit jumpers.

So that's my Boohoo wish list! I'm holding out until payday on Friday when hopefully all of these beauties will be mine, hehe :) I'd love to know what you think of Boohoo and if you've shopped there before! Now it's time to chill and watch a bit of This Morning, happy Monday!


  1. I bought a smock dress from BooHoo this week and I'm absolutely in love with it. Now I want to buy so much more from them. I love that skirt.

    Water Painted Dreams xxx

    1. I do love the smock style and keep thinking whether I should be brave enough to try a dress! x

  2. Boohoo are constantly getting it right lately. Love that rose jumper x

  3. LOVE number 2 & 5 so snuggly



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