Sunday, 9 March 2014


What a beautiful day it is today in England! There hasn't been a cloud in sight all day and I decided to spend my day by the beach with my mum and dog - chilled. So I finally have edited a few of the pictures I took from my recent trip to Paris for my 21st birthday. I didn't want to bombard this post with pictures so just chose this select few to share with you.

I enjoyed Paris so much, everything was super pretty and for years I've wanted to see and go up the Eiffel tower so we did just that. It was so amazing, the view from half way up was incredible! We didn't go right to the top just because we didn't pick the best day for weather to go up it (it was foggy) so they told us there was reduced visibility so we just went half way. We were typical tourists including the Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe, Champs Elysees and then just general walking around. It's such a nice city to simply just walk around and see what you come across. Of course there was some shopping involved, although the exchange rate isn't that different so things didn't work out much cheaper, if any!

I hope you enjoy my Paris pictures :-)


  1. Fab pictures! I've been to Paris once, when I was 11 and I barely remember it, and it was a school trip so we had no freedom. I am dying to go again to experience it properly :) x

  2. lovely pictures! paris is such a beautiful city xx

  3. Great Pics, Paris is one of my favourite places! xo


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