Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Dorothy Perkins wishlist

6. Black high waist jeggings

Why whenever I try and do uni work do I get seriously distracted by online shopping?! Please say I'm not the only one, ha ha. It's lethal and although I want to purchase *cough* every time *cough* I try my very hardest not too (I think if I did then I would be broke!). So I decided to come up with a beautiful wishlist of all the things I *want* from Dorothy Perkins. 

Now a couple of years ago I used to always shop in Dorothy Perkins and I don't know why I stopped to be honest. I used to love the pieces I found and they always used to fit me nicely. So something the other day made me go onto their website and have a little browse and my oh my there are some gorgeous pieces on there that I majorly want! 

I'm really love the blue scalloped hem shorts, the colour and the scallopedness (?) just make them oh-so pretty and perfect for Spring/Summer! I also really love the look of the pumps, recently I'm a pump convert, I used to steer clear, but these are monochrome so they will go with absolutely everything and half-sandals so again perfect for Summer. 

I also love that Dorothy Perkins do a 'Tall' section. Now yes I am tall but in most things I won't shop in the tall range. The only things I normally shop in these sections for are skirts and occasionally dresses. Nowadays not too many places do have a Tall section so I love that they do :-)

Basically I cannot wait for payday to have a naughty little purchase at Dorothy Perkins! They also do pretty awesome offers a lot of the time so keep your eyes peeled for those. Hope you're all enjoying your week x


  1. Love love love these shorts!

  2. Ive just just followed your blog, it's lovely. I really like the blue dress.


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