Sunday, 6 March 2016

Benefit Perfume Gift Set

I personally received this gift set for Christmas and thought it would be a fitting blog post to write today considering it's Mother's Day in the UK. Although if you haven't yet got your Mother a treat then I suspect it's slightly too late. However whatever the occasion I feel this gift set would be a perfect gift for any female in your life.

This Benefit perfume gift set is available from many online retailers such as; Boots, Benefit themselves and Feel Unique. It retails for around £20 which I think is such an affordable gift price for what you receive. You get three mini's of Benefit's retailing perfumes including; Eva, Lee Lee and Gina. They all come with their individual boxes too so if you were feeling really creative then you could actually separate them and give them to three people.

The only slight downside to these perfumes are that they don't have a spray on the top which annoys me slightly. It obviously doesn't take away the loveliness of the present but it's just the little things. However I think this is such a nice gift, whether you give it whole or separate them, for all you girls.

I hope you're all enjoying your Sunday whether you're spending it with your Mother's or family or not. I can't believe the weekend is nearly over already!

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