Saturday, 19 March 2016

Disappointing Products #8 & #9

I purchased these two products together a while back now as they were on the new in page on Superdrug and the claims pulled me in. When I purchased the whole range had some money off so they worked out really cheap products. This is a relatively new range from Superdrug called 'Clearly Youthful' claiming a "unique anti-blemish and youth-boosting solution". As usual the anti-blemish claims pulled me in and I also noticed that both products contained Salicylic Acid which is a great spot fighting ingredient.

Firstly I'll talk about the Blemish Treatment Gel, this is the kind of product that I always have in my stash and I normally chop and change a spot gel to try and find the one for me. The packaging is simple and has a pump to dispense the product. However the pump dispenses way too much product for my liking and I end up wasting so much as there is no way you can control it. I literally only use one pump and still have a load of product left over and you cannot do 'little' pumps, it's either one pump or no product basically. I've also noticed when using this product is that is clumps a lot, which I know sounds weird for a spot gel, but often when I pump the product out I'll get a huge, hard clump of product which again is such a waste, not to mention annoying. Since using this product I haven't noticed any different in my spots at all which is such a shame considering it claims so much. I also noticed that the morning after applying this product, it's still sitting on my face and hasn't really sunk in. For me, it's just a really bad product and does nothing to help my skin/spots.

Onto the Glycolic Peel which I was really looking forward to trying as I haven't used many 'peel off' masks previously. This one has made me want to stay clear of them if I'm honest as this product is just as bad as the spot gel. This product also clumps, it comes in a squeezey tube, and often there are hard clumps in there which I have to get rid of. When this product is on my face it doesn't feel nice and is really sticky/tacky. I can't really explain the feeling but I can't say that it's an enjoyable face mask to put on and relax. Again I haven't noticed any change in my skin/spots after using this product and I have really tried to get on with this product but it's just not happening.

Overall I'm really disappointed with both of these products and will clearly not be repurchasing them or anything from this range in the future. They both have such huge claims and none of them have lived up to any claim Superdrug state. Unfortunately these products do not work for me or my skin type but there is always a chance they will work for you, this is completely just my opinion and experience with these two products.

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